EU Ambassador holds consultative meeting with former President Koroma of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 October 2021:

The newly appointed European Union (EU) Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Manuel Muller, has today, Tuesday 12th October, paid a courtesy call on Sierra Leone’s former President Ernest Bai Koroma, at his Goderich residence in Freetown.

The EU is one of Sierra Leone’s strongest partners and over the years, particularly during the ten years of President Koroma’s tenure, have made substantial contribution to the country’s governance and development aspirations.

The former President’s meeting with the EU Ambassador which was centred around good governance, the rule of law, peace and national cohesion, was very timely in view of the current circumstances in the country.

Of note, the EU Ambassador recognized the important role of the opposition in a democratic state in so far as inclusive participation in national development, peace consolidation are concerned.

He also acknowledged what he described as President Koroma’s remarkable peace and democratic credentials, both while in office and in his current international role with ECOWAS and the African Union.

Ambassador Muller said he believes that President Koroma’s experience and influence should be better tapped, in fostering Sierra Leone’s democratic progress and development aspirations.

Former President Koroma said he was pleased with the EU Ambassador’s visit, as he reaffirmed his commitment to the promotion of democracy, good governance, peace and stability in Sierra Leone.

“I am always open to constructive dialogue because this is the bedrock to consensus building, effective cooperation, sustainable peace and national cohesion,” said president Koroma.

Ambassador Muller’s visit comes on the heels of a similar engagement with the UN Special Representative to the Secretary General for West Africa and Sahel, Ambassador Mahamet Saleh Annadif.


  1. Sierra Leone enjoyed peace and stability for 11 years under the leadership of former President Earnest Koroma due to the fact that late President Tejan Kabba and Vice President Solomon Berewa decided to retire from politics and played the role of Elderly Statesmen. In the contrary, former President Koroma blatantly LIED to the world that he will do the same within 3 months. Fortunately,his former Vice President Victor Foh followed the footsteps of his predecessor. Even after the 2012 presidential election, then SLPP presidential candidate Retired Brigadier Maada Bio departed the country to further his education just to maintain the peace and stability of our nation and acted as’ Mumu” for the governing and developmental processes to unfold.

    Unfortunately, all this diplomatic engagement is due to some of the rhetorical statements like “ Mammy Cuss” , Inciting social media messages , violence and destruction against the New Direction government. since the APC party lost power. Even a top member of the APC party has revealed that the lifetime chairman and leader of the their party is sponsoring all these activities. He has even set the stage to copycat the attitude of former President Jacob Zuma of South Africa to defy Court Order against the ruling of a judge about the just concluded APC constitutional convention in Makeni. He is now trying to attack the credibility of the NEC commissioner in advance of the 2023 presidential elections. Let’s continue to hope and pray that the almighty will soon show him the LIGHT .

  2. As a youths having my country at heart, nevertheless no jobs opportunities for some of we the youths in the currently currently and things are really not easy for we. Please Ambassador Muller do your best to unite our leaders in the country, really they are not unite, give the wrong to the one that deserve the wrong for our country development or else EU is just wasting it resources and energy, while we the poor will continue to suffer, the politicians will continue to be richer and their families. I have a National Diploma in electrical and electronics engineering and technically incline but I never have any support from anyone, I got that Diploma out of struggle, currently I am lecturing electrical engineering principles at Sierra Leone Opportunities Industrialization center SLOIC Makeni campus with no salary only stipend that is not even sum up to five hundred thousand Leone, I take that venture simply because of the love I have for my country. I want to see my country like any other European countries. From Engineer Mohamed Fatu kargbo Sierra Leone west Africa Makeni.

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