Former President Koroma meets British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone

Office of Former President Koroma: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 October 2021:

Former President Ernest Bai Koroma has today Tuesday, 12th October, held a closed – door meeting with the British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, Ms Lisa Chesney. This afternoon’s meeting is part of a flurry of diplomatic engagements the former president has embarked upon with the international community in Freetown.

Britain is Sierra Leone’s major bilateral and development partner – with a wide variety of social, economic and cultural links. The British have also heavily invested in restoring democracy, in building peace and in supporting the country’s development agenda.

The former President is particularly pleased with the “forthright discussion” he had with the British High Commissioner.

Like his previous engagements with the UNSRSG for West Africa and the Sahel and the European Union Ambassador to Sierra Leone, the discussion was centred around the need to consolidate peace, strengthen democracy, good governance and rule of law in Sierra Leone.

Although it is not immediately clear what road map would be utilised in pursuit of those shared objectives, the well – regarded statesman has once again put on offer his distinguished peace and democratic credentials to help bolster Sierra Leone’s beleaguered peace, democracy and good governance records.



  1. He is playing with fire. It is better to be a respected elderly statesman than make a fool of yourself. He has already demonstrated his incompetence during the election fiasco. His ill-gotten gains are running out and he will no longer be able to financially support his accomplices, then it will be a matter of time. Make no mistake, his hold on the party is based on money, not loyalty or fear, which speaks volumes about his character.

  2. There is something strange occurring here with all these foreign dignitaries visiting former President Earnest Koroma. We don’t know the specifics of the meetings beyond being told that they centre on the consolidation of peace in the country. The nation is therefore reduced to speculation. One such speculation is that a powerful segment of the international community has lost much confidence in President Bio’s leadership without telling him so directly. When it comes to high stakes diplomacy these dignitaries , like the British and European Union are subtle , effective and deadly. And let’s not forget that wherever you see the British in international diplomacy, the Americans are there, visible or otherwise.

    Another speculation is that by enabling Earnest to remain in the limelight both locally and internationally, they’re sending a message to the Bio government to refrain from arresting him over any corruption allegations stemming from the Commission of Inquiry, having observed how corrupt Bio himself and his gang have become. Of course this speculation means that once again the people of Sierra Leone have lost, all the monies stolen by the Koroma government cannot now be recovered. The nation is in a deadly cycle. The same thing will happen again when Bio and his thieving outlaws leave office. Mother Sierra Leone is going nowhere.

    We shall go nowhere until we break out of the spell and curse which SLPP and APC have over us in which they fan the flames of regional and tribal sentiments to corrupt our brains so as keep power revolving around the two of them. Let us give NGC a chance. If we give SLPP and APC another sixty plus years ,most of us will be observers of the political scene from the grave, including those who have just broken into their teens this minute. Let’s think about it.

  3. Bilal Coleman, You are spot on. My concern is that his supporters always take his words seriously and as a policy statement. During the 2018 presidential election campaign, he came up with the “TOLONGBO” ideology and it became the mantra of the APC party campaign. Now it’s pretty obvious that the new APC party constitution orchestrated by the young generation within has changed the narrative. The court cases are now piling up against him and his party executives, and the fundamental question is, can his diehard supporters follow through with his “ Jihad” threat? President Bio has been vindicated by naming his party as a sponsor of terrorist activities, but thankfully his recent statement was focused on the “MUNKU” , which I believe will replace the “TOLONGBO NOR GO SIDOM YA AGAIN BECOS OF MAMMY CUSS” during the upcoming 2023 / 2024 presidential election campaign.
    Finally I will commend the lifetime leader for not inviting his “ CHIEF FOOLU MUNKU” Sam Sumana up stage during his “ MUNKU CLOWN SHOW” based on the fact that the 5 years clause has automatically prevented him from contesting against “DRUNKARD” Samura Kamara. Hopefully he and his supporters have already got “EVERYTHING SORTED”, otherwise they have to return to the C4C party.

  4. Alusine Fallay, Ernest Bai Koroma is an impulsive guy when it comes to power and the attention that goes with it. This impulsiveness has led to the total destruction of the political party over which he keeps lording in the sorry capacity of lifetime leader and chairman. And interestingly, his followers have learned to put up with his psychotic behavior simply because he controls the purse strings that allow the APC to keep living in its self-induced comatose state.

    You simply cannot revolt against a guy that presided over the most corrupt regime in West Africa, a guy that emptied the coffers of a struggling nation for personal gain, a guy that lavishly spends his stolen resources on you. So, for Ernest Bai Koroma to maintain his floundering relevance in politics while keeping his party in check, he must continue prostrating before legitimate and dignified global folks. What a sorry excuse of a former head of state.

  5. Clearly the writing is on the wall for this out of touch bling, bling presidency . For Bio, and his government is high noon for them. Sunset for his government is increasingly likely. For all his blustering, Bio might just be a one term president. He has been a massive disappointment. Finally the scales in the eyes of our development partners are starting to fall off. Any hopes that Bio and his government ministers are the transformational leaders our country was crying out for, is becoming blatantly clearly, the Bio experiments have failed both our people and our international partners that have put all their eggs in basket, hoping against hope he will engaged in meaningful changes for our country. The British and other international partners have invested so much in monetary and security issues in the country , to enable us to maintain our hard won security and peace. It will be naive of anyone to think that the British government will sit back and watch this out of touch Bio government squander our hardwon peace.

    The lack of any economic development, and a clear path on the way forward, with grim economics fundamentals appearing in the horizonb any changes now will make very little to change our direction of travel . Despite all the international good will gestures, Bio and his government have failed us. Yes some might say covid19 have played a huge part in diminishing our hopes for an early ecomomic recovery, but Bionomics has also played its own part, in extinguished any future developments prospects for the near term. Many commentators were on record that Bio was imposed on us by the British government and other western partners, because former president Bia Koroma’s government was getting too close to China. And Bio was on record that state, under the APC government, we are getting a raw deal for our natural resources, and being shortchanged by l would be international investors.

    And if elected he will not only renegotiate or suspend some of those agreements, but will not hesitate to pull the plug from any deals that he deemed is not good for our country.The British and the European Union have already started sounding the early warning system.

  6. This man is “SUPER WEIRD”. I have never heard that former President Trump is visiting diplomats since his party lost the presidential election. The lifetime leader and chairman of the APC party has been a “LOOSE CANNON” since his party and handpicked stooge unexpectedly lost the 2018 presidential election. He first accused the former British High Commissioner Guy Warrington of rigging the election in favor of President Bio. Last year when he was invited by the ACC Commissioner to give account of his 11 years of stewardship, he invited members of our respected and unique secret society ( Sokobana) that has affiliation with all political parties to protect him from facing justice after his loot.

    The former High Commissioner Simon Mustard convinced him to stop his madness and abide by the rule of law. Now instead of first clarifying his “JIHAD” statement to the nation through the 4th estate and civil societies, he is trying to “Hoodwink” the current High Commissioner that he is the “World’s best” . The reality is, although our nation is 60% Muslim, 30% Christian , 10% Animist, yet, there is religious tolerance . Unfortunately, he succeeded in brainwashing some of the Animists in Makeni and I hope and pray that some of the muslims of the APC party will not misconstrue his utterances.

  7. During his tenure, especially in the period running into his final years, many of us independent minded citizens hold the view that Ernest Bai Koroma was a terrible leader due to the high level of corruption taking place under his watch. Fast forward 4years later, with a new regime and president, along with an unprecedented assault into our democracy, with corruptions and hardship skyrocketing the likes of never we have seen before, citizens and our international partners have now realizes that, our nation indeed made a change for the worse. While Ernest Koroma was by no means an exemplary leader, when compare to our current man at state house, he is a saint when it comes to democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.

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