Ex-Liberian president Sirleaf in talks with former President of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 June 2019:

Liberia’s former president – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is in Makeni, Northern Sierra Leone today, where she is holding talks with the former president of Sierra Leone – Ernest Bai Koroma.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is in Sierra Leone this weekend to attend tomorrow Sunday’s launching of the Tejan Kabba Foundation for Peace and Democracy in Freetown.

It is not clear why the former Liberian president is visiting Ernest Bai Koroma, but there are speculations her visit may not be unconnected with the rising political tension and recent violence in Sierra Leone, following the defeat of the Ernest Bai Koroma’s APC party at the polls last March.

Relations between the Bio-led SLPP government and the APC turned sour, after the election of the country’s speaker of parliament, which the APC says was unconstitutional, given the APC’s majority in parliament at the time.

Then came election petitions and disqualification of a whole swathe of elected APC members of parliament, accused by the ruling SLPP of electoral malpractice. The decision to exclude them from parliament has recently been endorsed by the judiciary.

The opposition APC have made their complaints known to the West African regional body – ECOWAS, including the sacking of hundreds of public servants by the SLPP government believed to be appointees of the former APC government, as well as violence against their supporters which they say have been carried out by the SLPP.

APC have also expressed deep concern over the removal of the security detail of former president Koroma, without consultation with the former president.

President Bio has recently been invited for talks in Senegal and Guinea with the aim of finding a peaceful resolution to the political impasse that has engulfed Sierra Leone.

It is understood that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will be hoping to help ease tension between the Bio-led SLPP government and the APC, by holding talks with the APC chain of command in Makeni.

Arriving in Makeni, the former Liberian President said: “I cannot come to Sierra Leone and leave without seeing my brother”.

According to report from the Office of former president Koroma, Ernest Bai Koroma has been invited to attend tomorrow’s launch of the Ahmed Tejan Kabba Foundation, but said he will attend subject to the government restoring his personal security.

The government had said it had withdrawn the state security attached to former president Koroma on the grounds of ‘routine security rotation’.

But the former president objected to what he regarded as the unceremonious manner in which “such so-called routine security rotation” was done, saying it was “suspect, discourteous and unacceptable”.

The office of former president Koroma says that despite Koroma’s protests and his expressed concern for his safety, the government has failed to restore the former president’s state security, which will make it impossible for Koroma to attend tomorrow’s launch of the Tejan Kabbah Foundation in Freetown.

It is expected that both the former Liberian president and Ernest Bai Koroma, may travel together in the former Liberian president’s convoy to Freetown to attend the launch.

But supporters and senior executives of the ruling SLPP are calling for former president Koroma to step down from active national politics.

“Until he does, he will not receive the respect deserving of a former president,” says one senior government minister.


  1. Strange is it not, that the unsmiling British have still not outgrown their old underhanded, criminal, deceitful ways? A century ago, they were Merchants trading in slaves, stealing men women and children from their peaceful homes to be sold in slave markets, at exorbitant prices across the globe.

    You would think they would have rehabilitated themselves. Nope, it did not end there – their thieving, fidgeting hands, stole gold and diamonds as countless and as high as great pyramids made of sand and carried them unremorsefully away. As if that was not enough, those Pinocchios, could not help themselves, but kept on poking their inquisitive noses in our last Election.

    The truth of the matter is that, had it not been for outright daylight robbery and theft we would not be having this conversation today. It is silly to even compare a withering, temporal, fading Palm tree to the Eternal sun, whose dazzling array of lights fill our universe with magical displays of splendour. Please keep the name of the Almighty out of your crooked ways, thefts and robberies, for that is offensive to me.

    Come next election, we will hew and cut down your old Palm tree for good, and leave it to rot out in the open under the fury of the Everlasting Sun…Ya heard! Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  2. Sometimes while we are in a mode of parody our lack of circumspection is revealed in all its stark realities – we allow emotions to seize us. The sun does not always rise,it does set,telling most of us that it is time to wrap up the day for much needed rest for purposes of rejuvenation in preparation of a new dawn.

    The palm tree has captured the new dawn as “shrivelled,withering and old”as it is.Over a year ago it overshadowed the all-powerful sun and almost dislodged it from its axis as designed by the Almighty.But for the Merciful Hand of the Almighty the solar system would have disintegrated as all the planets lose their relationship with the sun in their everyday rotation. We would have all died.

    Out of the dawn rose Maada Bio whose activities to eradicate corruption in our dear country has earned him the unspeakable wrath of APC who had transformed the nation to their personal property in keeping with their DNA slant,which first raised its ugly head with intensity during the Siaka Stevens/Joseph Momoh misrule,a period in which all our institutions which were once the envy of the sub-region lost their sparkle.

    What the nation is now witnessing is a bantamweght standing over a heavyweight whom he floored in the second round and sent him into what the late legendary boxer,Mohamad Ali,called the “half-dream room”,a room full of strange things and events.Unless one knows how to act one’s way out of this room the fight is over.

    APC are punch-drunk and in a confused state.They are not even sure what their role in society should be anymore.

  3. I still wonder why the APC Chairman has decided to abandon his dream house that the Chinese rewarded him with after demolishing his house that he built from scratch through honest and hard labor before he became president. I was hoping that common sense should have taught him that the house he demolished should have been his pride and monument.

    I hope that the COI will investigate the terms and conditions under which the Chinese rewarded him this millions of dollars house; and if it was through corruption, then the government should convert that house to a community hospital.

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