Freetown City Council presents City’s Climate Action Plan to World Bank’s Climate Action Mission

Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 February 2023:

Today we received the World Bank Country Manager Abdu Muwonge and a visiting World Bank mission team focusing on Climate Action. It was a great opportunity to share with them FCC’s Climate Action Plan which was launched just three weeks ago.

With climate adaptation and mitigation interventions ranging from planting one million trees in order to stabilize slopes, protect water sources and reduce temperatures, to introducing a mass transit cable car system to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, the Climate Action Plan provides a sustainable medium term pathway to our city’s resilience.

The market shade cover project, annual flood mitigation activities, the development of fertilizer and cooking briquettes as by-products of the faecal sludge treatment plant, strengthening of Community Disaster Management Committees within vulnerable communities and several other FCC interventions were highlighted during our discussions and the World Bank delegation’s review of FCC’s Climate Action Plan exhibition in the fourth lobby of the New City Hall.

The World Bank Country Manager and the mission team members reiterated the World Bank’s commitment to facilitating the provision of much needed climate action finance and to continuing to working with FCC as we implement our Climate Action Plan.

Everyone has a role to play in the fight against climate change so I am pleased to share here some actions we might be able to take as individual Freetonians. The full Climate Action Plan is also provided below. We can do this together!

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