Government of Sierra Leone steps up witch-hunting of Freetown Mayor

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 July 2021:

Investigation conducted by the Sierra Leone Telegraph reveals mounting evidence of witch-hunting against the mayor of Freetown by the ministry of local government. But what is even more troubling is the allegation of corruption now being fabricated against the mayor.

Two days ago, Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr was unexpectedly and surprisingly invited by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to its office to answer questions about alleged mismanagement of public funds at the Freetown City Council (FCC), a move seen by many in Freetown as ‘cooked-up retaliation’ after a formal letter was written by elected councillors calling on the minister of local government to remove the council’s chief administrator who is accused of sabotaging the work of the mayor – putting millions of lives at risk.

Responding to the elected councillors’ demand, minister of local government Mr Tamba Lamina said he will be investigating the running of the Freetown City Council. This is his letter to the councillors and the terms of reference of his proposed investigation:

But minister Lamina is himself today being accused of dereliction of duty, after failing to either suspend or remove the council’s chief administrator in line with HR policy standards, in light of the seriousness and gravity of the allegations, pending conclusion of the investigation into the elected councillors’ claims of sabotage by the chief administrator.

According to an audio recording making the rounds on social media, the FCC chief administrator is believed to have said that he has refused to sign two documents because he is not aware of the council’s projects in question.

But according to records seen by the Sierra Leone Telegraph, this is not true. On Monday 12th July, a meeting was held with FCDO (formerly DFID), MOPED, FCC and the project implementing partners IGC, CRS and GOAL, where specific reference is made in the minutes to the need for the online subscription payment for the “iCloud” hosting of MOPTAX, the new property rate system and to the requirement to purchase tractors and trailers for the operation of the Waste Transfer Stations – all of which the chief administrator has failed to sign cheques to ensure the implementation of these projects.

The Sierra Leone Telegraph has also seen evidence of several documents that have not been signed by the chief administrator, including June’s payments to the tricycle groups that wake up very early each morning to sweep the streets of Freetown – they are the true heroes and partners in the mayor’s journey to Transform Freetown, who do not deserve to be victimized by the appalling behaviour of the chief administrator.

What is even more shocking is that the meeting set up by the ministry of local government to discuss the waste management situation in Freetown, will now take place on 23rd July 2021 – in the absence of the mayor who is on holiday. This, points to further evidence of the government’s determination to usurp and diminish the role of the mayor of Freetown. See letter below:

Notwithstanding the fact that the chief administrator has refused to pay the tricycle workers and failed also to sign cheque for the purchase of the equipment for the waste transfer stations operations, from all evidence it is obvious the council is trying its best to ensure that the streets of Freetown are swept daily.

The council’s successful integrated waste management approach has received local and international recognition. The Mayor of Kanifing in The Gambia recently visited Freetown to study the Freetown city council’s waste management system. The Mayor of Monrovia, Liberia invited Mayor Aki-Sawyerr and delegation to Monrovia to share knowledge about her council’s waste management system and experiences with the authorities in Monrovia.

The Sierra Leone Telegraph has seen evidence of the serious challenges being experienced by the Freetown City Council sanitation system that are stifling its ongoing effectiveness:

The tricycle groups that sweep 105 streets daily have not been paid for June because the chief administrator has refused to sign their payments, despite the payments have been approved by a resolution of council members and are included in council’s budget.

With FCDO (formerly DFID) funding, the council has constructed six Waste Transfer Stations across Freetown that will be used by the tricycle groups to deposit waste. This will allow the tricycles to collect more waste in a shorter time because they would not have to travel long distances to empty their carts. It will also prevent the frequent damage and breakdowns currently experienced by the tricycles when they empty their carts at the Kissy and Kingtom dumpsites which have very muddy, uneven and hazardous surfaces.

The Transfer Stations were officially handed over to the council about two months ago, but the stations remain closed because the chief administrator has blocked the process of procuring the six tractors and trailers required to operate the Transfer Stations. He reportedly claims that he knows nothing about the Transfer Stations – a claim the Sierra Leone Telegraph refutes, based on evidence.

According to records seen by the Sierra Leone Telegraph, he has been involved since the inception of the project, including leading meetings with Ministry of Works and Ministry of Lands to secure project sites in 2019, sending the City Engineer to represent the council in the CRS procurement panel that selected the contractor for the works, participating in internal meetings with other core staff, Sanitation Committee Councillors and MDU members in which the operating model for the Transfer Stations was agreed.

The Sierra Leone Telegraph understands that the Freetown Waste Transfer Stations are now being vandalized because the chief administrator has also prevented the hiring of security as was previously agreed. The deliberate obstruction of the Transfer Stations’ operation is preventing the tricycle groups from collecting waste from many households, which increases the risk of illegal dumping by households across the city.

Evidence obtained by the Sierra Loene Telegraph, shows that the ministry of local government itself is guilty of sabotaging the work of the council by refusing to grant a duty waiver for three sanitation vehicles (a compactor, bull dozer and front end loader) donated to the council by the Japanese government which are urgently required for the council’s waste management programme.

Records seen by the Siera Leone Telegraph shows that the council had applied for the duty waiver as far back as February, and it was not granted until June after the diplomatic intervention of the Minister of Planning. Despite this undue delay, the chief administrator has been very slow in the execution of relevant documents, so the vehicles are still at the ports incurring demurrage costs.

World Bank funding was secured for a televised “Sanitation Hour” program to sensitize residents in Freetown about the need to change their behaviour and attitude towards public sanitation in line with the council’s Bylaws. Sadly, the program has been jeopardized because the chief administrator has again refused to sign the cheques for the programme panellists since April, despite the cheques having been signed by the mayor and the council’s finance officer in accordance with the terms of the World Bank funding.

The appalling practice of various utility agencies such as EDSA, SALCAB and SLRA digging the roads and pavements for utility works and then leaving the debris and dirt on the roads (Photo above), is a huge problem for pedestrians and road users across the city. The Sierra Leone Telegraph understands that the mayor had requested the chief administrator to engage with the utility agencies as far back as January, but he has failed to act. The mayor herself wrote to the utility agencies in March (EDSA) and again in June (all of them), asking for the removal of the debris from the pavements and for their future cooperation and collaboration. None of her letters have been responded to.

Cheques signed in April in favour of media houses to provide media time for promoting the council’s messages are still with the Finance Officer.

One of the successes of the mayor’s Transform Freetown vision is the council’s flood mitigation programme which has been delivered in the past three years with funding received from donors in 2018 and 2020, and with funding from RMFA in 2019. RMFA funding was included in the council’s 2021 budget. However, there is a big problem.

The council wrote to RMFA in May with the detailed Flood Mitigation Implementation Plans, requesting that the FCC funding be urgently released to avoid flooding. There was also a constructive meeting with RMFA at which they agreed to write to the ministry of finance for the funds to be released. Although the council and the Mayor herself (Photo) have made many follow up calls, the funds have still not been released.

The smooth operation of the council’s waste collection and sanitation vehicle fleet is key to ensuring that the garbage is collected in markets daily. Because of the age of some of the fleet and their heavy use, there are frequent breakdowns. As the fleet is growing, a month ago the council identified an electronic fleet management system that will ensure better management of repairs, fuel consumption and driver performance. Sadly, the chief administrator did not participate in the meetings with the fleet management system providers (The Sierra Leone Telegraph learnt that he has not joined any meetings with the mayor for over two months) and has therefore frustrated the process of securing the fleet management system which other relevant core staff believe is key to improving the efficiency of the council’s sanitation service delivery.

The Sierra Leone Telegraph has also learnt that the council’s Cleanest Zone Competition – a key intervention designed by the council to positively promote ‘active good citizenship’ is in serious jeopardy, as the suspension of the council’s property rates collection in 2020 drastically reduced its income, thus making it impossible for the prizes for the 2019 competition to be awarded. This was a major disappointment to the winning communities, eroding the value of the council’s much advocated behaviour change process.

Additionally, the winning prize for the 2018 Cleanest Zone Competition has still not been awarded. The contractor was paid over Le450 million and when he didn’t deliver, the Sierra Leone Telegraph understands that the mayor reported the matter to the police and the contractor was arrested.

But the next day, the seemingly all-too-powerful chief administrator, went to Central Police and secured the release of the contractor – claiming that the materials would be given to the council. As we go to press, the contractor is yet to deliver, and worse – the chief administrator has made no attempts to follow up, despite numerous requests by the mayor.

It is clear from all the overwhelming evidence gained from investigation carried out by the Sierra Leone Telegraph into the alleged disruptive behaviour of the chief administrator of the Freetown City Council and its impact on vital service delivery, that such gross misconduct must be a matter of grave concern to international donors, partners, and the tax payers of Freetown.

By allowing the chief administrator to continue in office instead of removing or suspending him in line with HR policy standards, pending the conclusion of the ministry’s investigation, suggests that there is a much bigger political campaign to sabotage the work of the mayor of Freetown. And this, is most worrying for the democratic credentials of Sierra Leone.


  1. Stargazer – wise men speak in parables; Here’s a story that will make things quite easy for Mr Matturi to understand who you are; There is a time for all things under the sun,a time to sing, and a time to dance,a time to teach and a time
    to tell stories – Gentlemen,this is the time for story telling; Once upon a time a young puppy came across a brave young lion and thought they looked alike; ” No,no,no…the Lion insisted we are not the same,go home,you are just an adorable harmless puppy and you are not like me; Return quickly while there is still time to your owner and play on your soft green lawns in peace and quiet,this Jungle is not for you.” Then the puppy barked out loud and showed the lion its teeth saying; “See, I can Growl also.” he boasted to the Lion. “No,no,no,no know the difference that is a Bark and not a Growl, you must try and know the difference,the two are not the same things.” And then a hungry pack of hungry wolves slowly appeared out of the shadows showing their fangs – the puppy ran to hide behind the wild shrubs,tail between his legs; But the lion stood unfazed,unafraid and GROWLED until the ground shook and vibrated as if an earthquake was imminent; The Wolves ran away faster than a bullet not looking back, out of fear for their lives.(lol) Then the puppy came out of its hiding place and said to the lion;” So that’s what a GROWL sounds like? Oh My God I am nothing like you but I will be very proud to become your friend.” he ended with a gentle smile on his face.

    Sincerest thanks to Hon. Abdul R.Thomas for bringing us together on this glorious forum so that our Sierra Leone will come to the realization that a fearless Lion cub and even the bravest young puppy are not the same thing.(lol)

  2. With all sincerity, the incessant harassment and obsession by key players within the ruling party in undermining the exemplary leadership qualities of our current mayor speaks volumes of their unpatriotism and archaic mentality. With Freetown doubling as the seat of government while serving as the main commercial hub for all economics activities, one will think any serious government will prioritizes it’s infrastructural development, and work hand in glove with the local government in ensuring that, basic amenities are in place that will attract foreign investment and tourism. Instead, what we have observed during the past 3 years is constant harassment and stifling of development goals being put forward by the mayor, for the good of all Freetownians and the nation at large. It’s absurd!!

    On the area of allege corruption or so called auditing of FCC financials dealings, if the regime is so serious about fighting corruptions and instilling transparency, why not start from the office of president, first lady, ministry of health, ministry of education, ministry of mineral resources, and a host of other MDAs, found wanting and alleged to have siphon billions of Leones in several audit reports? Are these folks telling us the FCC is the only corrupt entity in the nation to warrant such raucousness and absurdity? With all the unexplained wealth and the hundreds of mansions being erected across the nation by top officials within the regime, why is the ACC not inviting such individuals?

    For quite sometime, we have been praying for individuals with leadership qualities like our current mayor to partake in steering our nation towards the right trajectory. What in the hell are we frustrating such people? Upon my arrival few weeks ago in Freetown, i was elated to discovered a solid plastic trash can with a quality higher than any of the trash cans i have used here in America for trash removal. When i query my younger brother, he told me it’s subscription from FCC, courtesy of the mayor’s garbage collection initiative. As we speaks, Each Monday in my area, FCC garbage collection agents comes to my yard to empty the container, all for a monthly fees of Le100,000 ($10). I was so happy with the scheme that, i have decided to pay for a whole year subscriptions. Unlike before when my relatives will liter rubbish at the back of my house, my compound now remains clean, helping to maintain a healthy environment desire for modern living. Why can’t we support such leadership? Sickening!!

  3. Gentlemen – The Hopping Grasshopper Squad has been given Orders from Above to pry into the financial affairs of the FCC and scrutinise it intensely with their tainted lenses of tribalism and malicious intent only for the purposes of settling scores with the hardworking Mayor of Freetown.But what’s sad and perplexing about such a foolhardy request is that the clueless man in State House still isn’t fully aware that grasshoppers do not have hands to PRY into anything, they are helpless creatures that can only HOP around. I cannot help but to laugh at how delusional this President and his puppet Tamba Lamina can be. I mean seriously, folks are these people serious? Goodness gracious, Is it now that you are going to impertinently investigate the inner workings and dealings of the FCC? 2023 is just around the corner.

    Geez! After the birds have returned to their nests and the full moon has retired to its place of rest, its now that the long night of Progress has totally been wasted in profitless endeavors that you want to impertinently investigate the affairs of the FCC? You guys can’t really be serious. Are you really serious Mr Tamba Lamina? But…but Great Sayedna its fine,its alright but if they are going to investigate the Mayor let them also cast a net over the “First Gold Digger” of our poor,struggling Sierra Leone. Fair enough my friend, the Gold Digger,Sierra Leones first in that office of influence should also be duly investigated and tested with fires of intense scrutiny. Now lets wait and see if the ACC can wave their magic wand and make us believe in them.(lol)

  4. The dynamic, irrepressible and tireless Mayor-Warrior is being victimised because of the positive strides she has taken to make the lives of the inhabitants of her city worth living. She finds herself in that rather curious position in which most illogically and due to the warped imagination and the toxic and devious party-political manoeuvring of the Bio administration, her strides of positivity and success look suspect. Indeed, The Bio administration’s poisonous, partisan mindset and the destructive acts of sabotage it generates bear the marks of a malignant tumour, eating into and corrupting a genuine, sane and result-orientated approach to municipal governance espoused by the Mayor.

    When a country such as ours elects to office narrow minded individuals to run its affairs, it has only itself to blame if what it gets as a reward is stagnation, not to say retrogression, where the delivery of much needed public services is concerned. The Mayor’s powers and efforts are being openly and deliberately targeted by a party and an administration whose nature and actions boiled down to one thing only: negativity, the very opposite of what the Mayor is and stands for. Keep fighting, Mayor, for the city you love and that loves you.

  5. “Those who live in class houses should not throw stones”. If all Sierra Leoneans are longing for is standard living of life and a prosperous nation then there should be a distinction between political atonement and that of development. Politics is meant for the politicians while development is meant for the mass population of the country. I am very pleased with the comment of her worship the mayor of Freetown in which she categorically mentioned that she is aware of the ACC issue and she is willing to adhere to the process. Meaning, she is not the only person mentioned in the audit report. And she is not the only person who have been called to the ACC to explain.
    Sometimes ago, when the audit report was published, a good number of our audience casted the blame on the Bio led government. Least we forgot to note that our civil service employees have been in service from one government to another with little to notice about how effective and efficient they were in these offices. Now that audit reports are genuinely attended to by the Bio led government by instituting the commission of inquiry and getting a dynamic ACC commissioner at work fairly without political interference, we need to commend the efforts being made rather than associating it to political parties. Our grandparents and parents failed this nation in the sixty years of existence all because they were hiding behind political parties and doing those things which were deteriorating the development of our democracy. If we want development for our country Sierra Leone, we need to change our mentality from party stewardship to something better.

  6. Mental problems occur and manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Some of them can be quite disabling. To the ordinary eye, the patient is perfectly normal if they don’t disclose their condition. This was what happened when I came across a man a number of years ago who said to me “war is not good; when the shooting begins it’s not about flag and country, it’s about saving your so and so (I won’t repeat the words) and that of your brother – in – arms. He developed a mental problem as a result of a war he fought in. Tamba Lamina, his boss, Maada Bio, the chief administrator at FCC, have a mental problem, the source of which is obscure. Bio’s mental problem cannot be attributed to the rebel war because all available information does not place him on any front with heavy fighting. It’s quite likely, therefore, that his mental problem is innate. Tamba Lamina and the chief administrator fall into the same category. We need a psychiatrist to help them.

    What else can explain why these people and their party (SLPP) are always after Mayor Aki-Sawyer? They’re always hatching plots to totally destroy her in any way that offers hope for them. The hatred which they habour for her is not political, it’s personal since they cannot defeat her in the political arena. She is far too intelligent than all of them put together. She doesn’t even have to think to outflank them in any given situation. Politically she is cleaner than the Ministry of Health and the House of Parliament. Nearly everyday we hear of billions of Leones going missing at various government institutions.

    At the moment Parliament wants to know what keeps happening to the millions of dollars coming in as grants and loans to help us. Somehow they just disappear. Bio, Tamba Lamina and the chief administrator at FCC are a sorrowful lot, they deserve sympathy and intense psychiatric care. Directing anger at them would make them worse. It’s rumoured that one of the symptoms of their psychiatric condition is that they suffer from some strange spasms which makes them unable to spell their names, not to mention their reverse perception of the progress the Major is determined to make. Many many thanks to the Telegraph for such superb investigative journalism.

  7. Mr Matturi – It will be pretentious of me to not say the truth because I am canvassing for the votes of disgruntled SLPP supporters; That’s just not my style. I will tone down the rhetoric as Mr Thomas has advised but never ever in any regard compromise on the Truth. I am not that kind of leader that will play dubious games with our people just to achieve a desired goal.

    There’s no reason for the APC to lose to this President in 2023 – he has proven himself to be corrupt to the bone and marrow. It can be an easy win for the APC if only the most effective winning strategies are in their rightful places. Let’s call things as they are without bias and pretentiousness. Viva! Sierra Leone.(lol)

    • Thank you very much, Mr Stargazer, for your insight. The APC can’t win the next general elections by the APC only. The party that is going to win must reach out to every corner of society. There must be no complacency by anyone, in my view. Nothing should be taken for granted, and nothing must be ruled out. As you noted, President Bio and some of his men might be corrupt, but not all SLPP or Bio supporters are crooks or corrupt. That is a fact. Every political party has their ups and downs. There is no compromise of any truth whatsoever by asking people to reach out to others fed up with a system and want change. Let’s focus our arguments on the issues at hand and “back off” the insults, as Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas rightly said.

      Anyway, my emotions will never carry me away to do things that Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas sees as unacceptable, leading to my expulsion from this glorious platform. If you can remember Mr Stargazer, Mr Saidu Conteh was expelled from this glorious platform for insulting public figures and colleagues. He was so annoying, and Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas had no alternative but to remove Mr Saidu Conteh from this glorious platform. We all pleaded with Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas, but no one could make him reverse his decision. So, everyone on this platform should do whatever is necessary not to be in the same position as Mr Saidu Conteh.

      I would not like to be in that position because I want to be Mr Sahr Matturi all the time, and I want my name to remain like that. If I misbehaved on this glorious platform and get out, I will have to change my name to continue making comments, which I am not prepared to do and will never do. So, let’s be careful. Thank you very much, Mr Stargazer, for your insight. God bless Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas for his timely interventions when we cross the line, and may God bless all forumites on this glorious platform.

      • Mr Matturi – It doesn’t matter what name I use on this glorious forum or on any other; A GENIUS doesn’t need to let the world know his real name.The facts of the matter being discussed here has nothing to do with names:Here you are trying to encourage underhanded ways of winning the votes of SLPP supporters just to get into State House – YO that’s not a real credible strategy,that’s an attitude masked by outright pretense.(lol)Count me out; Let me reiterate once again – I have always been an APC supporter to the bone and marrow and I was raised by fearless Lions who stand up for the truth – Hey! If your way is to use trickery to coerce people in order to achieve victory without doubt you are also part of the problem in Sierra Leone – Dishonest,unethical,and insincere yet acting like a saint.Change your ways man now that there is still time…Absolutely power corrupts absolutely.Words to the wise.(lol)

  8. There are two things at play here. The Bio government failure to deliver for the people of Sierra Leone, can be associated with public economics failure,not market economics failure, caused by government intervention and having your priorities the wrong way around. In it place, failed governments always tries to blame others for their lack of efficiency and delivery of their promises to their people . So anyone with better experience than them, is label enemy of the state. Instead of coming up with sound economics policies, when things are not going their way, they restore to Vendetta politics, character assassination, because of their to failure to grasp the real economic issues that is affecting the country. And what’s needed to be done to correct it, is potentially creating the perfect storm for more uncertainties in the country.

    So because he hasn’t delivered for the people, what better to crown his failures than go after the Mayor that is working tirelessly to improve the lives of Freetown city residents. Going after Mayor Akin Sawyer, is the latest adventure of this failed Bio government. This latest intervention in the way Freetown city council should be run, is not in anyway associated with Bio’s suddenly waking up one morning thinking he is shinning knight in armour galloping on a horse back from Tower Hill to save the hapless Freetown residents looking for a saviour , far from it. This Bio’s actions is not the actions of a government that wants to create winners and Losers, rather should be seen as throwing a spanner in the good works of the Mayor, so everyone is a looser.

    This dogmatic approach Bio and his ministers and councillors in the city council have taken, is more or less transplanting there inefficiency approach of national governance for the interest of the country, and their lack of knowledge of what governance for the people by the people, is all about. Is high time Bio put back his kaki uniform and go back to the barracks.

  9. My sincerest thanks to you Kadiatu for those kind, thoughtful words of yours. Since I began participating on this glorious forum I have never seen or heard any woman or girl that has openly tendered their support for Madam Sawyer except you. You are indeed one of a kind. Again, I have never met or seen Mayor Sawyer in person but I have older sisters that are competent professionals just like her and I have always advised them to stand up for the rights and integrity of women no matter their status and educational background. This tiny country belongs to all of us – the rich, famous, poor, mentally ill, disabled and beggars on the streets are all entitled to receive their own due share of the benefits that comes with being a citizen of a particular country. And that simply means everyone should be shielded under the extensive umbrella of government protection.

    Answer – If our people don’t stand up against injustice – who will do it for us? And how long will this indifferent attitude of women who are timid and afraid to speak up for themselves against injustices continue? A young man like Stargazer can show you the way to a stream but cannot force you to drink from it’s stillest waters. Women have to stand up gallantly for their rights.

    Now here’s a piece of advice to women in our Sierra Leone – Violence against women begins with the sparks of harassment and intimidation, then it slowly gives birth to a tiny flame that grows,and grows, until it finally becomes a raging firestorm. Women in the city of Freetown organise a formidable protest like the women in India and warn this incompetent government that they should leave your Mayor in Peace. And there you have it folks, I have given you the dice – You will have to throw it for yourselves.(lol)

    • Why do you say women organize themselves to defend the mayor? Shouldn’t her defense be a joint effort of men and women?

  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s don’t allow ourselves to be carried away by our emotions and do things which will give points to President Bio and his supporters. As I said in one of my posts, there are many Bio and SLPP supporters who want to abandon this president. We should try by all means to do whatever it takes, not to alienate those great men and women of our great nation. At the end of the day, we are all Sierra Leoneans.

    We should not allow ourselves to be seen as enemies of President Bio, but adversaries who are ready to take him on for some of his reckless policies and irresponsible decisions.

    Lets pray that President Bio stays healthy till 2023. Will it not be a good idea to debate President Bio on the debate stage and inflict a crushing and humiliating defeat on him in the 2023 General Elections? Thank you very much Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas for advising us to argue our case against this President. God bless you Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas. “We day na road”.

  11. Brother stargazer God bless you for saying the truth. Bio should stop disturbing this smart woman.Tenky tenky o papa for supporting her.

    • Troubling to read that the mayor of Freetown, is a ‘saint’, and therefore is above the law. She should not be questioned about the stewardship of state resources under her control. Is this our vision we seek for Sierra Leone?

  12. My advice to our great Mayor Yvonne Aki Sawyer is to ignore that letter. Mr Tamba Lamina was not an ambassador to the UK. He was Sierra Leon’s High Commissioner to the UK. Worse, he is the former High Commissioner and not ambassador. See the designation. His designation on that letter is ridiculous in my view. Whoever wrote/drafted that letter should know this – Embassies are diplomatic missions to non commonwealth countries and High Commissions are diplomatic missions to Commonwealth countries.

    The head of a mission at an embassy is called an Ambassador and the head of mission in a High Commission is called a High Commissioner. Back to the fifth grade classroom and listen carefully to your civic, literacy or current affairs teacher, sir/madam. Did Mr Tamba Lamina signed that letter? I would be surprised. You were not an Ambassador Mr Tamba Lamina. You were a High Commissioner and now former High Commissioner to the UK. God bless our blessed Mayor Yvonne Aki Sawyer. TBC.

  13. It is very disturbing and pathetic the way our democracy and politics are being operated in our country. The Bio administration is very incompetent in running the state. He should never have been a councilor let alone a so called president. To say am disappointed will be an understatement.

  14. Mr Thomas – I heard you loud and clear but the disagreeable attitude of these people trying to bully a hardworking defenseless woman is driving me nuts: I have many older sisters like her that are striving to just get by with their professional lives without being subjected to needless harassment and insults. Thanks.

  15. Gentlemen – Now we know that The Honorable Tamba Lamina is deeply involved in this vast conspiratorial plot against the hardworking, innovative law-abiding Mayor of Freetown. Without any doubt in my mind this is now clearly a devious coordinated campaign of sabotage orchestrated by the “Pot Belly” man in State House. I have always maintained that this discreditable government of Sierra Leone is a criminal cabal through and through. What the hell is going on in our Sierra Leone? Why can’t these SLPP knuckleheads just leave the good Mayor in peace. Here they are again as disagreeable, iniquitous and nefarious as they can be, harassing our honest Mayor by getting the clumsy, blundering ACC involved in their evil tribalistic machinations and stratagems. Leave the Mayor of Freetown alone and let her get on with the good work she is doing. Why must a good work cease because of a bunch of unproductive, incompetent SLPP Good For Nothings? Mr Tamba Lamina we are labeling you now among the TRAITORS in Sierra Leone who discreetly promotes social disharmony and dissension among the good people of our country.

    Again, I would like to challenge Mr Lamina to show us what he has done in the interest of progress in our country since he assumed that office and started gobbling down huge salaries and benefits like a hungry crocodile. Well, well, well, what is it that we have here? Is it another political witch hunt against Madam Sawyer? Of course it is; And the craziest part of it all is that these atrocious, maleficent people are dressed in the robes of religious monks. President of Sierra Leone – wake the hell up, buckle up and find yourself and your inept bunch of freeloaders something productive to do. Mr Lamina use your time and lackadaisical hands to create something that will bring relief to our hungry poor people – Leave the Mayor in Peace. Go right ahead do your own thing no matter how inconsequential because it seems to me you and your corrupt President are both men with petty minds and little ideas who like to play trivial silly games that are profitless and of no substance and value to our nation whatsoever. Goodness gracious! Are these SLPP nitwits, dimwits and misfits actually citizens of Sierra Leone a place with the most jovial and welcoming people on earth? I have my doubts but that’s a topic for another day.

    They are advocates of the Devil – of that I am quite sure.And this I am sure of also,the residents of Sierra Leone are not going to stand aloof and allow anyone to remove our resourceful Mayor from office through any questionable tactic that was orchestrated by the notorious SLPP in their disgusting, filthy rat infested demonic occult shrines of darkness. Good people of Sierra Leone,a failing government lacking in direction,integrity and discipline is on a Witch Hunt against one of the most productive public officials in the history of our tiny Sierra Leone – Go figure.(lol)Good for nothings – Leave our Mayor to do the work of transforming lives for the better in Peace…We are listening and keenly watching you SLPP dummies with great interest as we travel the World in search of glorious bounties from SEA TO SHINING SEA. (lol) Do something folks, anything you can do is better than nothing – Just leave the Mayor in Peace.

    • Stargazer – please backoff the insults! You can make your point and argue your case against the president and his government without throwing so much insults that are getting in the way of constuctive and respecful debate, which is the purpose of this Forum. Please take this as your final warning. Thank you.

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