My government will diversify Sierra Leone’s economy – says president Bio at London Summit

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 January 2020:

President Dr Julius Maada Bio yesterday, assured investors at the UK-Africa Summit in London that his government is determined to diversify Sierra Leone’s economy, and guarantee a business-friendly ecosystem with a win-win outcome for potential investors.

Sierra Leone is highly dependent on mineral exports, with iron ore, diamond, gold, and rutile contributing to over 60% of the country’s GDP.

But such reliance has become unsustainable. The government must diversify and broaden its taxation base, if it is to promote higher growth, job creation and prosperity.

Speaking at the clean energy transformation session at the London Summit yesterday, the President spoke about key reforms his government has put in place to enhance and promote investments in the resource-rich West African nation, also with a promising tourism industry.

This is president Bio speaking in London about why he has prioritised Free Quality Education:


He referenced the country’s Investment Board, which he said has been set up to not only be a one-stop-shop for businesses, but also to provide aftercare support that would protect investments in the country.

He further cited the strides that have been made, through support from the British Government investing in Sierra Leone’s off-grid clean energy to communities around the country. This, he said, has opened up many opportunities for potential investors wishing to invest in renewable energy in Sierra Leone.

On the margins of the summit, President Bio also met the World Bank Group’s President, David Malpass, who commended his leadership model of efficient public financial management. He said the Bank would continue to support the government of Sierra Leone, including its Free Quality Education programme.

In another meeting, the United Kingdom Minister for Africa – Andrew Stephenson MP, informed President Bio that he will be visiting Sierra Leone to look at the projects that the British government has supported. He added that his government will continue to support the government of Sierra Leone and assured of DfID’s continued support for the country’s flagship free quality education programme.

Speaking to potential investors, President Bio said that Sierra Leone is open for business. He spoke about the effects of the civil war, Ebola and corruption. The country, under his leadership he said, is fighting corruption; ensuring that doing business in Sierra Leone is simple, and guarantees profit repatriation.

The UK-Africa Investment Summit 2020 is an initiative of the British Government, which brings together investors from around the UK to meet and explore the key investment potentials in Africa.

The British Prime Minister, addressing the summit, affirmed that the UK was looking forward to partnering with Africa to achieve prosperity as Britain looked forward to leaving the European Union.


  1. Mr. Thomas, be rest assured that I will never intentionally break the rules of the platform that you have provided for us out of the goodness of your heart. You are doing a great job. Please keep it up. Ar bin only want for konk Saidu ihn ade (head). Nar fitye APC borbor. Thanks for the admonishment. You are the best.

  2. Bilal Coleman – Its pretty strange is it not,that some people are permitted to rudely attack Saidu Conteh on this glorious forum,but I am not allowed to fight back,or utter a word of protest,or reproach,without being castigated by the Editor,Mr Abdul Thomas, don’t you think? Anyway,my days of hurling insults at members of this forum are gone,and has now been replaced by refined,unmatched,precise, intelligence,that is far deadlier than hand grenades,and live bullets.(lol)

    Lucky for you man,times have changed,otherwise I would’ve come down crashing heavily on you like a blacksmiths inflexible iron hammer.(lol) You support a den of thieves, that steal rice that belongs to poor people,and you have the audacity to blow trumpets of blame on this forum? Something’s wrong with you man. Two years in Power,and your inept,good for nothing government is still drooling,and crawling like a toddler,afraid to stand,and walk on its own,and you have the guts to point fingers,at people who completely outshined you by a far margin in governance? You can’t be serious!

    You can call this corrupt,dysfunctional entity of yours a functioning government if you want, but to me its a disgraceful masquerade,full of clowns, that frown at their own stupidities,and absurdities. Seriously man, easy to see that,you totally lack the ability to comprehend the most trivial,and subtle things,and you think you are a match for Saidu Conteh? Wake.up man,and see the light of dawn – its daybreak!…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Mr Conteh and Mr Coleman – please stop the personal attacks and focus on the issues, if you both wish to continue commenting here. Thank you. You can agree to disagree but please show mutual respect.

    • Mr Saidu Conteh – If you are also my brother Stargazer then I have no more words to say;You are truly special;I look forward to meeting you someday. God bless the APC and may God bless Sierra Leone.

  3. Mr Coleman – my point exactly was to prove that you wouldn’t understand or be able to grasp the deeper, hidden meaning of what I was trying to say. True. And just as I thought it would happen, along comes the baffling question you are now asking, that proves me completely right(lol).
    My subtle approach towards approaching abstruse problems confounded you, didn’t it? Be honest!(lol). Well you are not the first and certainly won’t be the last. (lol)Geez! Man I took you by the hand and walked with you alongside gentle streams and yet, you were still unable to see your reflection clearly in those calm, serene and still waters?

    Mr Coleman intelligence has many levels and dimensions – it’s time for your SLPP leaders to buckle up, go all out, buttress,and elevate their shoddy, third-rated game.(lol) Perhaps, just perhaps, the words of our master, lord and saviour, might make things much clearer for you – “Therefore I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand. (Matthew – 13 : 13) Indeed, the words of the wise are very hard to penetrate, decipher or comprehend. Elevate your game Bro…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Saidu Conteh, it is good that you understand how difficult it is to understand the rubbish that the great editor of this prestigious news outlet out of the goodness of his heart, allows you splatter on this platform day in and day out.

      If there is no perfection in human nature, then no one in his right mind would expect the SLPP government to be perfect. But when you insinuate as you often do that the APC should replace the SLPP, it becomes a matter of urgent concern.

      Why would you wish such a catastrophic development on the country that you claim to love? Have we not been down this road before – the SLPP creating only for the APC to destroy? Do you think our people suffer from Stockholm syndrome by falling in love with their oppressor?

      It is laughable that after kicking the devil out of power, there are folks that would really want the devil to perform one more show. They would want a bunch of corrupt Northern regional hegemonists at the helm of power again.

      Tough luck Saidu Conteh as your red sun is forever silenced. I expect the APC to gradually disintegrate until it eventually vanishes into thin air. The APC represents an existential threat to the development of Sierra Leone.

  4. Mr Coleman throughout the ages the ancient sages,Prophets,and Saints have effectively used Parables,and Proverbs as a means of spreading their messages,teaching,and making their voices heard.Our lord,and eternal Savior Jesus the Christ,displayed unmatched wisdom in his Gospels using parables in his selfless efforts to offer hope,Salvation,and Everlasting life to all of mankind regardless of our nationalities.The messenger of Rasuul Allah Prophet Mohamed( peace and blessings be upon him)also used parables to spread the message of Islam,and so did Gautama the Buddha,Socrates,Emperor Marcus Aurelius, and many others.Now its Saidu Conteh’s turn!

    There was once a Merchant from the far East that was searching for a device that he needed badly,as an effective tool to improve his failing business endeavors.After many exhaustive years of travelling,and searching in vain,he finally came to Africa,where he saw the device on the window of a shop gathering dust.So he ran inside,and enquired about the price,which to his dismay turned out to be very high.”I can’t afford it ” he said,walking away with tears in his eyes.Then the owner of the shop,a man of empathy,said to him;” Friend this device,and others like it,has been hanging there for years gathering dust,yet not one of them has ever been sold;Why shouldn’t I sell it to you,a man that needs it,for enhancing your business ventures?Take it now at a reasonable price you can afford.”

    So they agreed on a price,and the traveller bought it with smiles,laughter and joy. And as the customer was going away,the Seller of the device reminded him,”You must come back here,once a year,every year and I will replace the batteries for you,and give you a new device for the price of 10 percent of the original cost” he said.The deal was done,the buyer went gleefully away,and returned a year later but was surprised to find a new owner inside the shop.” I am here to replace the batteries for this device,and to get a new one for the price of 10 percent of its original cost – this was the agreement I had with the old owner” he explained.

    Then the new owner of the shop,a man dressed in camouflaged khaki, and army boots,screamed in anger,saying, “You Idiot! the price of this device is a million times more than what you paid for it.The old owner was a worthless hopeless,good for nothing bum – I am seizing this device from you,until you find a way to pay me back every penny that you owe”So he ended up wrestling the device from the rightful buyer,bullied him,and seized it without showing any guilt or remorse. And people were clamoring,and yelling; “that wicked man sent the customer that came in the cold,from thousands of miles away,empty handed because he is now in control,as the new owner of the shop.Its not fair and its not right,” his neighbors protested, screamed,and angrily complained…(lol)Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  5. From England…Back to colonialism. All England has to do is to remind President Bio about the ideals of setting up No School in 1906 and encouraging him to live and rule by those ideals. President Bio is OBBA material but so far, his government appears to have no OBBA prestigious elements in it. MANNERS MAKETH MAN.

  6. Gentlemen – let me be sincere,I have never in my life stumbled upon,or mistakenly came across a totally unproductive government like this one,now in power,in our beloved country. They think,they know it all,and can do it all without asking for advice and help. That’s why they are constantly on a Merry go Round in a series of failures. The biggest problem with the inadequate SLPP is that it is overcrowded with negative-minded individuals,with the most severe attitudinal problems, and the worst types of unmanageable personality,and character disorders.

    Some of their leaders in positions of authority,like Lahai,Francis,and Saffa, have now totally convinced us,that they are without doubt,an opportunistic bunch of unpatriotic,arrogant,ego tripping,attention seekers who are quietly maintaining,and nurturing their insatiable cravings for the political spotlight,fame,and easy riches.

    The Question that remains unanswered is this – When will this President finally come to the realization that we must bravely shoulder our responsibilities? This simply means – cutting our clothes according to our cloths,squeezing water out of stones,and making the best of the little that we call our own? Goodness gracious! When will these people ever learn that there is dignity,integrity,and self worth to be found not in compulsive begging for handouts,or from borrowing in fear,but in firm resolve to stick like glue to prudent spending methods,and thriftiness,even in the worst and harshest seasons,and moments of economic drought.

    Had it not been for the generous gift of a hundred thousand dollars from Mr Rudiger as Mr Matturi clearly pointed out,this wild goose chasing President would have had no choice but to shamelessly return home,dejected,and empty handed,once again,for the hundredth time in a row.(lol)

    Finally,with all due respect,I would like our President to know that his decision to cancel the mining licence of SL Mining,instead of renegotiating existing agreements was a big bad. Sad mistake by his government – It was hands down,a totally, disgraceful,flawed,incompetent decision,that had recklessness,and poor sense of judgment written all over it…Its time to reconsider,and make things right …Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Saidu Conteh, if you are so smart, where were you when the APC was bringing Sierra Leone down with their kleptocracy? Were they ignoring your professional advice as they raided the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank and pilfered away EBOLA funds? How about the self-serving and crooked mining contracts that they signed with dubious foreign operatives?

      Please tell me what is it that the APC achieved in 38 years at the helm of power in Sierra Leone? A civil war? Escalating armed robbery and violence? EBOLA? Mudslides? An utterly filthy and sick Sierra Leone? You criticize the SLPP for parading highly educated men and women in the corridors of power, pray tell me what did APC’s high school dropouts achieve as cabinet ministers?

  7. Indeed. This President has travelled thousands of Air Miles around the world in search of investment and donors. The good thing this time around is this – The President is coming back home with $100.000 from Mr. Rudiger. Is that not a good thing? Of course it’s a good thing, talking to myself.

    In a country where every cent matters, $100.000 means a lot and will go a long way. Thumbs up for President Bio for his effort in getting the $100.000 dollars from Mr. Rudiger. If the President had refused to meet with Mr. Rudiger, he would have returned with nothing in my view. God bless President Bio. God bless Mr. Rudiger. God bless the Johnson Administration for organizing this summit.

  8. Our president has consistently travelled around the world in the past 22 months giving out well written and articulated speeches more than any other president in our nation’s history; in fact, I believe he has travelled around the world more than any other president around the globe within this same time frame. He has visited countless investment forums as well as potential investment countries/partners with millions of dollars spent in travelling expenditures and accommodations. By all indications, he has actually gone above and beyond to attract investment back home, yet nothing meaningful has happened back home.

    Despite the highly trumpet fanfare of having the most educated, seasoned team of technocrats, economists, among his cabinet, for 2 years now, our state of affairs back home remains on life support. Absolutely no indication of anything improving; on the contrary, we are even doing worse. Prices of goods and services continue to skyrocket rapidly with no end in sight.

    Untold suffering continues to suffocate our most vulnerable populations in the nation. Political climate continues to be tense with violent clashes happening here and there. The list of bad news coming from the nation is unending. The question is, when exactly would this regime re-assess their strategy and change course? Clearly, what they have done so far seems not to be working. For almost 2 years, we have seen nothing but failure.

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