NGC party executives welcome newly elected parliamentary representatives

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 April 2018:

The newly elected National Grand Coalition (NGC) members of parliament for Kambia District, have arrived in Freetown for a series of consultations ahead of the opening of the Fifth Session of parliament.

The NGC parliamentary representatives are: Mr. Foday Mario Kamara of Constituency 057 (Gbileh, Dixon, Bramaia and Khonimarha); Mr. Bai Sama Kamara of Constituency 060 – Magbema Chiefdom (Kambia Central); Mr. Abdul Titus Kamara of Mambolo Chiefdom and Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella of Constituency 062 – Samu Chiefdom.

The five-month old NGC party captured fourteen out of the eighteen local government seats in the Kambia District Council and four out of the six constituency seats.

The elected NGC members of parliament for Constituencies 060 and 061 have replaced the All Peoples Congress (APC), after holding those seats for over 50 years.

The MPs have elected their parliamentary leadership team, with Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella as Party Leader, Foday Mario Kamara as Deputy Leader, Abdul Titus Kamara as Whip and Bai Sama Kamara as Deputy Whip. (Photo: L to R – Abdul Titus Kamara, Bai Sama Kamara, Foday Mario Kamara, and Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella).

In a separate meeting with NGC party executives at the secretariat, Dr. Dennis Bright – NGC Chairman, welcomed the MPs to their new home and congratulated them on their electoral success.

Dr Bright noted that, as new members of parliament representing the NGC party, they “will not be judged or assessed by their numbers, rather by the quality of their representation.”

He assured them that they will have the whole army of NGC supporters and professionals – both  at home and abroad, to support them in their work in parliament.

“Despite all the threats from other parties, we always knew that we had what it takes to win,” said Foday Mario Kamara. Abdul Titus Kamara said: “we are ready to get to work for our people and are grateful that they elected us”. Bai Sama Kamara noted that “our people did not fail us and we will not fail them either.”

Former presidential candidate and MP-elect for Constituency 062, Kandeh Yumkella underscored the importance of putting the peoples’ business first. “We have been given a great responsibility and we intend to work each day to ensure we bring development to our communities,” he said.

“We are determined to be a constructive opposition to support good public policies, but will oppose any policy that is inimical to the interest of the people of Sierra Leone,” Yumkella warned.

The elected representatives also had the opportunity of meeting with current and former parliamentarians, who guided them on what to expect in parliament. They also shared their experiences as lawmakers and their functions as public servants.


  1. I would like to have a one-to-one conversation with Dr Yumkella. Please could one help me with his telephone number or Email?

    Deacon J.S.Conteh

    Trl: 0049172912556

  2. Indeed I think the NGC party is a formidable force to reckon with. Also judging from its composition, they will create an impact that will somehow compel the ruling party to be Pro poor. That means commissioned and obligate themselves to produce result and not rhetorics as the past government did.

    This must ignite the fire in us to stick to our Honorable leader Dr. Kandeh Yumkellah!.

  3. Great to hear Sylvia, you are indeed a true patriot and citizen. Oh Sierra Leone, you are now on the verge of activating a revolution in Sierra Leone. so you are qualified to challenge the infamous manipulated result. You correctly doing what the
    APC as party has failed to adhere or live up to, for reasons best known to them.

    THE BOGUS SIERRA LEONEAN RESULTS MUST BE NULLIFIED. Sierra Leone is a country with the rule of law, so I see nothing wrong in overturning the just concluded rigged election. For our conscience sake, let the judges of the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone overturn the highly manipulated results, and nullified the entire results.

    Sylvia, I strongly support you, in my absence but present in my spirit, I stand shoulder to shoulder with you. May you and
    all those robbed of victory regain their path.

    • Well we wish you also file your own petition as well; so what are you waiting for as a Sierra Leonean? Trust me, the people of Sierra Leone have spoken loudly.

      The APC government sold our country to China and clearly the Chinese rallied together strongly in supports of them openly.

      Man if you are a typical Sierra Leonean come out clearly and team up with Ms. Sylvia. APC is gone forever.

  4. A four month old baby cannot just get up and start talking and walking. That child has to be taught and will learn how to crawl, stand up, walk and talk. NGC has to have a base to operate from and that has been established with the parliamentary representatives from Kambia.

    This is my opinion, I think NGC performed very well within a four month period gathering such a momentum. It should not be quenched, the fire should keep on burning until 2023. I sense NGC will replace APC in the North and the whole country as a major political party, if we stay the course.

    My reasons are:

    Firstly, the rise of a new, young vibrant generation of nationalists and progressive politicians and thinkers.

    Secondly, the eyes of our illiterate people have opened up to the reality of what is wrong with our great Nation.

    Thirdly, there is now awareness in all Sierra Leoneans as to where our nation should be in the next 20 years, and how we go about making Mama Salone great again.

    Finally, Sierra Leone is a Democratic Nation, therefore she should have democratic institutions running the affairs of the country.

    We should and must not cordone having a Communist Party in a Democratic country. Good old APC is a Communist institution and their ideology is to enrich the party and party members, and leave the masses poor and to fend for themselves.

    Then come election time, the party takes their looted money and splash it on the poor, as if they are the gods of Sierra Leone. Those days have gone “tar..tar”.

    This has been the tenet of APC’s ideology. This is what exactly happened this 2018 election. But they failed to realise our people have been POLITICALLY “EDUMACATED” if there is any English word like that. Simply, our people have learnt dishing out stolen and corrupt money is not the answer to their problems.

    Our people need politicians that do what they say and say what they have done. With this simple abstract, I strongly believe that NGC will take over the Northern Regions as the main political party not based on tribalism or regionalism. This is what Mama Salone and the people of the Lion Mountains need.

    GOD bless Mama Sierra Leone, our new President Mr. Maada Bio and NGC come 2023.

  5. These four parliamentarians elected from the same district headed by the formidable Hon. Dr. K Kolleh Yumkella are a force to be reckoned with. NGC will create an impact in the proceedings of parliament that any government in Sierra Leone have ever seen before.

    The four brothers are comprised of International Technocrats, professionals and educationists. They will impact change in the understanding of the parliamentary system, democracy and opposition in the country’s politics. They will bring in fair play in opposing any purposive view in legislation, that is not fit for purpose in the interest of the nation.

    I have confidence in all of you, I believe in you and trust in you to support what is good for the nation, and oppose fervently in unison what is not good. A six month old party with 4 parliamentarians has a bright future and this is just the beginning.

  6. I think that is a very good coalition with the NGC members of Parliament.

    I only hope and pray that there will be a divine cooperation with the just now Elected President HE Rtd Brig Julius Maada Bio for the interest of this great nation – Mama Salone and her people.

    God bless Sierra Leone.

  7. Four Members of Parliament from the same district. This shows that the NGC has a fundamental problem. It is not a viable party outside the district of Kambia.

    Indeed, the party’s poor performance at the elections, indicates that fundamental changes are warranted before 2023.

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