const 110 bye election

const 110 bye election


  1. I am Yepzone k2shark Artist (De New Rap King). My message today is just to advise the SLPP Government to start investing in the country. People need work, so government needs to start investing than looking for investors to come make things work out for them. Yes they can do it only if they start thinking that way. Another thing to make things easy is to make people eat. Make my people eat is a good way to promote betterment. Like Free food not for sale, mango, banana, orange, beans, rice. At least people will be happy and ok no matter what. Go SLPP start working. We love you.

  2. The launchings are overwhelming and I personally considered them to be a ploy of political manoeuvres to distract our attention. We need performance now. Execute.. execute.. execute!!!

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