President Bio consults former Ebola Response Team members on coronavirus preparations

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 March, 2020:

Yesterday, President Dr Julius Maada Bio had discussions at State House with the former members of the National Ebola Response Programme, as part of his government’s preparedness for the onset of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country.
Sierra Leone, unlike her neighbouring West African sister countries has managed to remain corona-free so far.

During the meeting, Chief Minister Professor David John Francis said that the President has directed the use of the Ebola Response experience to strengthen the government’s Coronavirus preparedness.

The chief minister said that the aim of the meeting was for the Ebola Response team to share their experiences in dealing with Ebola with the government, so as to strengthen preparations.

Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr Alpha Wurie, said that the virus is now closer to the country because all the other countries within the Mano River Union, apart from Sierra Leone have contracted the virus.

He said that Sierra Leone has the experience of the Ebola, noting that it is good to engage those who were at the helm of the 2014/2015 Ebola outbreak.

Former Chief Executive Officer of the National Ebola Response Centre, Retired Major Alfred Paolo Conteh (Photo above: Far left), said that the President and his government are on the right path for bringing them on board to share their experiences.

He said that the coronavirus fight requires everyone on board to avoid a repeat similar to the Ebola outbreak, and assured that he is fully ready to serve in the interest of the country.

President Julius Maada Bio said that the footprint of the coronavirus is uncomfortably closer, and that Sierra Leone is the only country within the MRU without any case of the virus yet.

He said that he wants the country to use its experience in dealing with the Ebola to mobilise every Sierra Leonean to be a fighter against the coronavirus.

“We take the experience of the Ebola very seriously and we want to draw on your experience because this is a national duty. We have quite a lot to gain from your experience and we want you to be part of this effort to prevent this virus. We have done quite a lot with more to be done together,” he said.


  1. This is what leadership and patriotism look like; country before self. Thanks to President Bio and the former Ebola response team to do what is best for the good of all Sierra Leoneans.

  2. I personally believe that the President should work with what he has in his hands rather than what he has in his head because bringing APC politicians on board will be misconstrued by the APC members and supporters, because all they think and talk about since they lost the 2018 presidential election is the 2023 election and their Commission of Inquiry against President Bio, the First Lady, the Chief Minister and the entire cabinet – instead of partnership in governance till 6 months before the 2023 election which is the campaign period.

    With Paolo Conteh inside the room, everyone has to watch their pockets because if he can steal Ebola monies from the innocent victims of the dreadful virus what else can he spare. “MONKEY NOR DAE LEF E BLACK HAND.”

  3. Sincerely,I am a speed freak,a rough rider,and not someone that jumps on an aimless,snail slow,bandwagon being steered, driven, and controlled by the notorious SLPP.(lol) I have learned not to trust them because they are an untrustworthy bunch,and not to ever depend on them because they are unreliable to the innermost core of their self conceited beings. But who knows, perhaps these men that are always flipping and changing sides like a coin,tossed up in the air, have learned their lessons, choosing to walk with the APC in the light instead of crawling,alone,miserably in the darkness.

    Team work is always a great thing to do,now let’s just hope it continues with kind gestures of mutual respect,that are done in good faith…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  4. Great move by His excellency President Bio to call upon the then ebola response team to share their experiences on how to tackle the covid19 if there’s any outbreak. This is the inclusiveness we are yearning for. Hope it continues and I pray Sierra Leone doesn’t record any case of covid19.

  5. Thumbs up for the the President. Such a gesture is what Sierra Leone needs not only to fight COVID-19, but to develop as a nation. So, I congratulate the President for his Leadership in fighting this unknown Coronavirus. I also thank Retired Major Paolo Conteh for putting politics behind him and putting the National Interest first. No one in Sierra Leone wants to see our country becoming a Coronavirus breeding ground. This deadly Coronavirus does not have boundaries. It will not come, God forbids, for APC, C4C, NGC etc supporters alone. Once in a country, everyone is a target.

    I hope and pray that, this inclusive team of highly experienced people, especially the professional manner in which they tackled the Ebola crisis will succeed. Because of the inclusiveness, this team of professionals and decent human beings, is going to succeed. No doubt in my mind about that. God bless President Bio, Retired Major Paolo Conteh and the members of the Coronavirus preparation task force. Lovely and encouraging faces there. It makes me feel good.

  6. Indeed, a very patriotic and worth commending move by president Bio in reaching out to one of the former APC strongmen in the fight against this devastating pandemic. Also, I doff my hat off to former minister Paolo who despite being subjected with relentless harassment and humiliation, including a brief detention at the CID orchestrated by the POAPA regime, has decided to bury the hatchet for the good of the nation.

    Make no mistake, Sierra Leone is for all Sierra Leoneans, hence no single individual or political party can successfully govern or protect our nation. A successful leader is one who irrespective of the political divide or tribal inclination chooses to work with the right group of Sierra Leoneans who have the qualification, experience, and technical know how, to solve the host of issues affecting our beloved nation.

    My prayer and hope is that, president Bio will henceforth rule the nation as a president of all Sierra Leoneans, taking into account the needs and desires of not the south, north, east, or SLPP supporters alone.

  7. This is a great move by his excellency Julius Maada Bio. I am in support of political governance inclusion, and His excellency should continue to think about implementing such moves.

    President Bio can be one of the greatest leaders if he can continue this type of dialogue. Please those that work with His excellency, it is important to make a change and to making the world a better place.

    A message to the All People Congress, all political parties have supported the need to put Sierra Leone first. This can happen if we love each other. God is love. I encourage you to join the fight in promoting Sierra Leone.

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