President Bio hosts Christmas party for children at State House

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 December 2019

Hundreds of children gathered at State House in Freetown today for this year’s special festive celebration, hosted by President Julius Maada Bio and his wife – Mrs. Fatima Maada Bio.

It is the second Christmas party that the Bios have organised for children from all backgrounds in the country. Speaking about the event, president Bio said they invited the kids to dine together because of the premium he and his wife place on the wellbeing of children.

He also encouraged the children to focus on their academic work and make good use of his government’s free quality education.

In another development, earlier today president Bio was at the proposed construction site of a new Myohaung Officers’ Mess and Single Officers’ Quarters at the Wilberforce Military Barracks in Freetown, where he turned the sod.

According to State House report, the construction project is part of a package of support approved for Sierra Leone by the Chinese government in June this year.

The package includes military aid grants to the value of 50 million Yuan ($7.2 million US Dollars) for the construction of a five-storey military accommodation of 104 rooms, with modern facilities for single officers.

Also, the existing Myohaung Officers’ Mess will be completely demolished and replaced with a new and expanded Officers’ Mess of two floors with ultra-modern facilities, according to the agreement.

Speaking at the ceremony, president Bio said that ever since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Sierra Leone and China, “both nations have continued to pursue a shared future based on mutual respect, mutual benefit, equal footing, common security, fairness and justice, and common development.”

The President also said that the future of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Force (RSLAF) is in the hands of the junior officers but warned that they must inculcate the military’s ethos, values and traditions which could best be accomplished in the Officer’s mess. He noted that for far too long, the existing Myohaung Officer’s mess has been unfit for purpose.

“The size of the RSLAF has quadrupled. Younger officers have not been able to identify with the structural, regimental, morale and historical purpose of the Myohaung Officers’ mess; and have thus, not asserted ownership as they should.

“Additionally, because of inadequate housing, young officers have had to live off-premises in private accommodation. This has not enhanced that intangible but all too invaluable psychological salary for our soldiers – morale and esprit de corps.

“In line with my Government’s manifesto commitment to purposeful interventions to enhance the capacity and capability of the RSLAF, I followed initial contacts with high-level meetings on the margins of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), in late 2018 with a special focus on defence cooperation and assistance.

“Beyond training, the RSLAF continues to gain from key infrastructural investments from the PRC. We acknowledge the continuing engagement of the PRC in enhancing the capacity of our country’s armed forces,” he said.

Minister of Defence, Rtd. Brig. Kellie Hassan Conteh, said that the event to initiate the construction of the Myohaung Officers’ Mess and Single Officers’ Quarters that would transform the facility into a new modern accommodation, is record-breaking.

He expressed the belief that the desired outcome of the project would certainly contribute to transforming the face of the RSLAF in terms of infrastructure, military professionalism and morale.

Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Hu Zhangliang, said that the project is the brainchild of President Bio and the result of friendly discussions between the two countries, adding that the gesture was a shining example of the fruitful cooperation between the two countries.

He noted that after relentless efforts in communication and coordination at the earlier stages, the project is now formally breaking ground.

He also mentioned that the proposed Officers’ Mess and Single Officers’ Quarters is a first-class design, which when completed will go a long way in improving the living conditions of the officers of the RSLAF, bringing them a stronger sense of honour and happiness. He said it will raise the logistics support capabilities and morale of the army.


  1. And one of the finest attributes you can find in kids is honesty,and sincerity.True.Kids will call things as they are,without disguising their feelings,and acting pretentiously. Deceptions are the ways of adults. Someone that was at the kids party at State House,said one of the kids was so shocked to see the President, he swooned and yelled; ” Look Mama,there comes the “Pillsbury Dough Boy”(lol)And another said; “No that’s Barney from Sesame street” Another? “That man resembles a Monster Truck”.

    And then came the best moment of all, while the the kids were fighting over the real identity of the President,his phone started ringing loudly, causing the Children to panic,and run screaming; “Oh Oh Mama, get out of the way the Truck is backing up” (lol).

    Hey listen up, Caterpillars, if Samura was overweight and was the President, I would have done much worse to him,for such an attitude of laziness and indiscipline. You are what you eat, and the appearance of the President tells you he’s not eating healthily and right. If he wasn’t President, I wouldn’t give a rats ass how he looks – that would have been his own prerogative. But he is a highly paid public official, being taken care off by the State to ensure good governance prevails, but that’s not happening at all. Instead he keeps on gormandizing while the masses suffer,and grow leaner.

    What message exactly is this President sending to those who look as thin as straws – thinner than strands of hair, because of abject poverty,and hunger by letting himself become so obese? Do you think they will believe he really cares about their wellbeing? Of course not! Instead, they will rightly conclude that he cares only about his family and himself. Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  2. One thing that is universal is – Kids do not see color, tribe or race; and all they care about is having fun at the playground or parks and in this case with the TEDDY BEAR and SANTA of our nation during this festive season; and all they are expecting from their loving President and First lady is just a BIG HUG.

    So it’s rather unfortunate if any Sierra Leonean Kid happens to read this article about our first family celebrating Christmas with their daughter and other kids, some little minded APC distractor will go so low in bringing personal hatred and politics in this wonderful, uplifting end of year celebration. We will continue to pray to the Almighty to cure some BAD HEART, JEALOUSY AND ANGER during the 10 years of President Bio’s terms.

  3. Mr. Sahr Matturi, it seems that this unfortunate transformation that your role model ( Chief Sam Sumana) is going through is affecting your emotional stability based on your two conflicting above comments. I hope and pray that you are not following some APC supporters in the gutter.

    Please stick to your first comment because that reflects the C4C Mr. Matturi and the last comment is the APC Mr. Matturi. I hope you don’t want to be included in the “WALL OF SHAME OF THE SIERRA LEONE TELEGRAPH NEWSPAPER“ with only one name that has been suspended due to disrespecting the guidelines of the editor of this newspaper after several warnings.

    Finally I hope the Kids are having a nice time with the Father of our Nation who deserve the same respect as all the fathers of our nation. Krio proverb says – “DA BREEZE WAY NOR LEF MATAODOE E NOR GO LEF FANNA”.

  4. Generally speaking, it’s a very good thing for the President and the First Lady to invite children in the WESTERN AREA for a CHRISTMAS DINNER. No doubt about that. It’s not only children of all BACKGROUNDS in FREETOWN that needs INVITATION for a CHRISTMAS DINNER. What about the CHILDREN of all BACKGROUNDS in the rest of the country. We have children in 12 DISTRICTS too.

    Is this CHRISTMAS DINNER CELEBRATION with KIDS from their personal funds or from the GOVERNMENT COFFER? Whether it’s one or both ways is not fair in my view. Am I right to say it’s all COSMETIC ONE REGION AFFECTION FOR OUR KIDS? Last year the President after Freetown, celebrated with KIDS in BONTHE his home town if I am not mistaken. Will he celebrate with KIDS in all the 12 DISTRICTS with SUPERVISION of the DISTRICT OFFICES next year? Even with help for children there is mistake. Can you imagine?

    What should we do? The answer is this! Let’s all pray that the APC PARTY do the right thing to elect Chief Sam Sumana the next LEADER of the PARTY, then INFLICT a CRUSHING defeat on any OPPOSITION LEADER and “GET SALONE SORTED”. He is going to “GET SALONE SORTED” so that every child does not need to go to STATE HOUSE for CHRISTMAS DINNER CELEBRATION. Their Parents will have more than ENOUGH to make them CELEBRATE with family members a GORGEOUS CHRISTMAS DINNER. The CHINESE will also be obliged to send not only SHIP LOADS of RICE but, TONS of things like OIL, TOMATO, ONIONS etc if they want to.

    So, Ladies and Gentlemen. Let’s get this thing done and sorted once and for all by making sure Chief Sam Sumana becomes the next LEADER of the APC. “GET SALONE SORTED” with Sam Sumana APC LEADERSHIP. THANK YOU ALL. THANK YOU EVERYBODY. LET’S GET THIS THING DONE. “GET SALONE SORTED”. GOD BLESS Chief Sam Sumana and HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE TO Chief Sam Sumana and his family. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  5. I wonder what the kids will say when seeing our morbidly obese President in person for the first time. Will some not say; “Here comes the Michelin Man”. Others? “Is that the Cook or the President?” (lol). And the little fellas? “Hope he won’t be throwing his weight around”. Then comes the old, grumpy folks, giggling, saying to themselves; Saidu Conteh was right – the man has a WEIGHT problem, he just can’t WAIT to eat. (lol)

    A Potbelly, obese, President that cant wait to “Chow Down” greasy stuff is certainly someone not to be relied upon for prudent and sensible advice. (lol) Obesity causes fatigue and intermittent memory loss. It is the root cause and gateway to the worst kinds of incurable heart diseases, gout, chronic indigestion, diabetes, breathing problems and cancers. Let me reiterate – It is not in the best interest of the State for us to have a huge Feeding, overweight President at the helm of our affairs. Ask him to run just ten yards and see if he can – tell him to jump over a skipping rope just once and see if he doesn’t trip and fall over.(lol)

    Those caterpillars dressed in green surrounding this President, should advise him to go on a low fat, sugar free diet for six months. He should avoid the Pork Entrails, Cow Belleh and Hog Foot for at least a whole year, in order for him to be able to return to his healthy, normal size once again…In the interest of peace, progress and stability, I offer my humble advice. A Word to the wise….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  6. All of those issues are non beneficiary to the suffering masses. The IT 2019 report records Sierra Leone as the third hungriest country in the world. Until the government starts to prioritize policies and actions that are very pertinent to the foundamental needs of the masses, the new direction would be noted and resulted a: ‘New Direction Of Negativism”.

    Let us stop living on impressionism and demand progress for the people.

  7. Two well APPROVED BLENDED ACTIVITIES. Dinner for the KIDS and HOUSING for young MILITARY PERSONNEL. Good job – both by the President and the Chinese Ambassador. GOD BLESS both Men for their END OF YEAR GESTURE on these two occasions. Well done. Nothing to complain about. Happy New Year in advance to the President and the Chinese Ambassador.

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