President Bio sacks senior advisers as his government runs out of cash

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 07 July 2023:

President Bio’s government is fast running out of cash and is now struggling to meet its financial obligations, including payment of salaries to many of its senior public officials occupying advisory roles at State House, including Dr John Tambi – the man heading the government’s infrastructure development projects.

List of sacked advisers:

Since the announcement of presidential and general election results almost two weeks ago, which the country’s main opposition APC and the international community have denounced as lacking integrity, credibility, transparency and probity, President Bio and senior members of his SLPP have resorted to throwing insults at the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Ireland and the European Union, accusing Western countries of hypocrisy and double standards.

Over 70% of Sierra Leone government’s budget is dependent on foreign aid from Western countries, the World Bank and IMF. The country’s economy is declining rapidly as economic growth and export revenue continue to fall.

Taxation receipts have suffered significantly,  since the start of the elections process three months ago.

Hundreds of millions of Dollars approved by the IMF and World Bank are at risk, as both institutions unofficially suspend their engagement with the government.

The government has now been forced to reduce its spending especially on non-essential transactions and salaries of State House political advisers, as Western foreign aid  is put on hold until the country’s Electoral Commission (ECSL) publishes the disaggregated results for all polling stations.

But the ECSL is refusing to publish the results as demanded by the international community and the main opposition APC who are accusing the ECSL of rigging the elections in the government’s favour.

Meanwhile, the National Advisory Committee of the APC have passed a resolution calling on all its elected MPs, local councillors, Mayors, and others not to participate in any level of governance in Sierra Leone involving the ruling SLPP.

This political impasse is haemorrhaging Sierra Leone’s economy and putting pressure on President Bio to cut back on public spending. Yesterday State House announced that a number of senior government advisers have been sacked with immediate effect, and there is more to follow.

Both President Bio and the Chairman of the SLPP – Prince Harding are pouring scorn at Western countries, whom they accuse of interfering in Sierra Leone’s politics. In one video, Prince Harding could be heard saying that the West hates Africans, as the SLPP now turns to the Chinese and Russians for support.

Western countries have refused to congratulate President Bio since he was announced the winner of the presidential election. But the Chinese President has been quick to send a congratulatory letter to President Bio. Handing over the letter, this is what the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone said:

“His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio, it is a great pleasure to lead this delegation to deliver a congratulatory letter to you from President Xi Jinping, who expressed his appreciation for the long history of friendship between Sierra Leone and China, especially in recent years where we have continuously promoted critical mutual trust and cooperation.

“President Xi Jinping said he attached great attention to the friendship between China and Sierra Leone, hence, he stands committed to working with you to enhance the two countries’ bilateral relations in the interest of our peoples.”

President Julius Maada Bio, in accepting the letter, said: “It does not come as a surprise because I knew it was coming. I want to express warm greetings to the people of China and President Xi Jinping for his congratulatory letter. We have enjoyed great bilateral relations with the mutual benefit of our two countries and also with mutual respect for our values”.

According to State House media: President Bio also noted that after his nationwide campaign that resulted in his re-election, it was normal for great friends to congratulate him, pointing out that: “This is why I am very happy this afternoon to receive this congratulatory letter from a reliable partner who has a lot of respect for our value systems and country. Please extend my warmest fraternal greeting to His Excellency President XI Jinping for this act of solidarity, friendship, and mutual respect”.

President Bio needs at least 500 million dollars to kick-start the economy. Will President Xi Jinpin step in like the good friend of Sierra Leone he said he is?  


  1. Even before the elections, the APC was saying the only result they would honour is the one where they win. Some APC members were saying there will be war if they don’t win. From my perspective, there is no way the APC would have won the elections, with the alliances the SLPP made in their territory. The Victor Foh and Gento moves were a great boost for the SLPP. If you add the Yumkella alliance, you will know that there is no way the APC would have won. They knew that, so they planned to disrupt the elections which they failed do. Now they are campaigning to discredit the elections. Why is the APC thinking they should be the only ones to rule the country? I think it is the almost 30 years they spent in power mostly under one party. They made the country ungovernable under Tejan Kabba’s rule by doing all sorts of things. They supported Johnny Paul Koroma, they supported the rebels. That is how the rebel headquarters moved from Kailahun to Makeni. We know you, the APC.
    You have ruled the country for 10 years under Ernest. Allow the others to rule for 10 years in peace. Because we don’t know what you will do differently. Don’t accuse the SLPP of corruption or tribalism. You will do the same thing. If you just agree to allow the others to do 10 years of whatever they want to do, then you also can come and do another 10 years of what you want to do. Then the ordinary Sierra Leonean can live in peace and find bread while you politicians live on their blood. Live us in peace, APC.

  2. As long as the APC is kept away from political power, Sierra Leone will rise again. They are the real spoilers of our country.

  3. This is a true animal kingdom where the strongest survive.
    To live here,one must adapt to the system and be energetic to face the sufferings from all angles.
    Because, what is happening in this country is that,politicians have gradually reduced us to beggars.
    So what do we do as citizens to help regain our dignity?
    Oh God help us save this nation from selfish politicians.

  4. Why African leaders always put their countries to shame?
    Only in Africa you can hear of rampant election rigging.

  5. In reference to your conclusion,i think we have to wait and see what he can do as a good friend as he`s been referred to by His Excellency pres. Bio.

    • It is a-shame that we have been reduced to the status of beggars again. We are waiting now for China to help us run our country with donor funds and more debt. Sierra Leone is so rich. We just need good leadership. Leadership is what is still lacking in Sierra Leone. The current political impasse is unprecedented and has the potential for further instability, economic collapse and increased poverty.

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