chief minister Francis

chief minister Francis

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  1. “Was I involved in any financial corruption”? someone asks with guilt. This is what happens when you have opportunists governing a country. We saw it happen when the NPRC took power and we see it again with the Bio SLPP kakistocracy in power. This free for all corruption was set into motion by the first lady Fatima Bio. The fact that she was involved in a squandering scandal involving millions of dollars according to reliable sources and nothing happened, all those Bio SLPP kakistocracy blokes will follow suit. Believe me. Even if president Bio decides to sack the chief minister, Dr David Sengeh and others, he must first start by opening an investigation into the First Lady’s alleged corruption. Without that happening, wait patiently till the people kick their butts out of power in 2023.

    I said it in the beginning that Sierra Leone does not need this so-called coding DSTI. We need a manufacturing directorate involving Electrical, mechanical, electronics engineer etc. to advance Made in Sierra leone. At the start of the pandemic, Sierra Leone had one shameless ventilator to serve the whole country. If there was a manufacturing directorate and technology with qualified Sierra Leoneans, simple ventilators could have been made locally. Very easy according to bra and many other top Sierra Leonean engineers. Instead of the DSTI thinking about inventing and manufacturing very simple products, their directors and others are busy finding ways to squander the country’s finances. What a shame and wasteful tax payer’s money on the so-called only coding DSTI.

    Finally, I believe all those amounts squandered will be retrieved when the people kick them out of power in 2023. God bless Sierra Leone, Mr Chernoh M. Bah, Mr Mathew Anderson, Mr Mark Feldman and the Africanist Press. See you people later down the road. May God bless Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas and the Sierra Leone telegraph Newspaper for bringing us the news. Yeah.

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