SLPP supporters arrested at the rioting scene sunday 260120 2

SLPP supporters arrested at the rioting scene sunday 260120 2

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  1. A picture speak more than thousand words.The trouble is most of these youths are unemployed and cannot see a way out of the situation they found themselves in. The effects of the eleven year war is still there. This generation feels betrayed by their elders for not working hard enough to improve their lives and their future prospects. You will not know how the other person’s shoes fit until you try them on. Government do not create jobs but it can create the environment to make it possible for job creation. So the government should be working with the private sector to create job opportunities for the future leaders of tomorrow.

    With COVID 19, and the continued heightened political tension in the country, there is very little incentive for foreign investors to be flocking into Sierra Leone. With all it potential both in human and natural resources, our country has the potential to be the Singapore of West Africa. If president Bio’s government is serious in promoting Sierra Leone for foreign direct investment, or even retuning Sierra Leoneans with all the expert knowledge we have, his government should create safe environment for economic activity and the respect of the rule of law. SECURITY and tackling the cancer of CORRUPTION that have stunted growth in our country for the past decades, will go a long way in addressing the issues facing us now and the past.

    We as a society need to route out corruption that has become so endemic in Sierra Leone society. This should not be left in the hands of the government alone. We need to be teaching the negative effects of corruption in our society from nursery age school children right up to university level. We should be taught how to love our country and celebrate its unique history. Sweden did not institute a lockdown for the Coronavirus pandemic because their government trusted the Swedish population to do what is right. The day we reach to that stage of human discipline, our country will be up there with the big economic players like U.S. Otherwise, we will be falling behind countries like Ghana, The Gambia and dare I say Liberia.

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