Judge Francis Banks-Kamara sentences man to death – 7 may 2021

Judge Francis Banks-Kamara sentences man to death – 7 may 2021

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  1. The Government and the Anthony General of the Republic of Sierra Leone, needs to pay special attention to the manner in which some corrupt magistrate are dealing with legal jurisdiction in the court of justice. . The question is,has anyone in Sierra Leone been bailed in a magistrate Court in Kenema four times in a month. This malpractice and misallocated justice should come under the spot light of the Anti Corruption Commission. Receipts and not being issued by the court clerk. This fraudulent practice should be brought to the attention of the President of Sierra Leone and the Anti corruption Commission for a thorough investigation and review.

    Further information about a specific magistrate resident in kenema is of great concern. Tribalism and criminal action by magistrate is completely and totally illegal. Such people are not above the law. They must be publicly shamed. This is specifically for the attention of judge Francis Banks Kamara. We recommend that you investigate such claims a regarding a junior colleges

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