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Sierra Leone 2012 elections – time to reflect and ask questions

Dr. Sama Banya 25 November 2012 She did it in 2007. She robbed us of the result of the Presidential run-off and gave the keys to State House to Mr. Ernest Bai Koroma of the APC. She had preceded her action in 2007, by announcing the invalidation of the results [Read More]

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Sierra Leone’s opposition SLPP reacts to the declared election results

25 November 2012   President Koroma was hurriedly sworn in last Friday evening as the president of Sierra Leone, just hours following the announcement of his victory at the polls by the Chief Electoral Commissioner – Christiana Thorpe. But the country’s opposition parties are refusing to accept the results and [Read More]


Murdered pharmacist to be laid to rest on Sunday

23 November 2012 The mysterious murder of Mr. Adeyemi Johnson in Freetown ten days ago, has provoked much criticism of the government of Sierra Leone, whose talk of being tough on crime, especially armed robbery, has been described as nothing other than shallow politicking. While the police investigation into the [Read More]


2007 elections king maker in awe at prospect of not winning a single electoral seat

23 November 2012 The Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) headed by Charles Margai, may be the third largest political party in Sierra Leone, but if the unofficial results of the just concluded elections are anything to go by, then the party is set to lose every single constituency that [Read More]

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NEC Commissioner shirks responsibility as allegation of electoral fraud mounts

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 November 2012:  When news broke in the early hours of yesterday Wednesday, that the Chairman of Sierra Leone’s Electoral Commission will be hosting a press briefing, there was high octane media excitement, as the nation held its breath with heightened expectations. Millions of voters glued to [Read More]

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Can Sierra Leone’s Chief Electoral Commissioner walk a straight line?

20 November 2012 It is now three days since the people of Sierra Leone went out to elect their leaders last Saturday. But instead of positively looking forward to an exciting announcement of the results in a few days, there are fears across the country, of a nation teetering on [Read More]

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The people have spoken – but neither the APC nor NEC have listened

Dr. Sama Banya 20 November 2012 A local proverb says: “yai nor dey tote lode but e know which wan heybee.” (The eye doesn’t do the lifting, but could tell whether a load is heavy.) From Hamilton and beyond in the west of Freetown, from Calaba town and beyond in [Read More]

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Sierra Leone elections 2012- “free but not fair”

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 November 2012 Over two million people turned out to vote last Saturday, 17 November, in Sierra Leone’s third election since the declaration of peace, after a long and brutal civil war, which took the lives of over 50,000 civilians, leaving hundreds of thousands with mental and [Read More]

Dr. Sama Banya - Puawui

The eve of elections in Sierra Leone – it’s now time for the people’s verdict

Dr. Sama Banya 16 November 2012 The politicians have had their say. The ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) would like the voters to judge them by their self proclaimed unique performance in just five years. The theme throughout the period has been their ‘AGENDA FOR CHANGE’. They boast that as [Read More]