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Sierra Leone looks for solution to its 70% high youth unemployment

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 1 August 2013 Sierra Leone has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in sub-saharan Africa. Despite the implementation of various initiatives costing millions of dollars, aimed at the rehabilitation and training of young people into employment, unemployment in Sierra Leone remains intractably high, at over [Read More]


Zimbabwe’s Elections – Mugabe’s Last Stand

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 July 2013: The people of Zimbabwe go to the polls today. They will either decide they no longer want Robert Mugabe’s continuing dominance of the political scene, or endorse his economic and social agenda for moving Zimbabwe forward. But will they be able to exercise that [Read More]

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Maada Bio meets SLPP party faithful in London

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 July 2013 It is well over a year since Maada Bio – Sierra Leone’s main opposition presidential candidate for the 2012 elections, spoke at Chatham House in London, in preparation for those elections. Whilst in London last year, Maada Bio met international industrialists, politicians and [Read More]

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Is Vice President Sumana embroiled in yet another corruption scandal?

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 July 2013 Just over a year ago, the Vice President of Sierra Leone – Chief Sam Sumana, almost single-handedly could have wrecked president Koroma’s chances of being re-elected, in his bid for a second term in office. The Vice President was caught up in one of [Read More]

Dele Awoonor-Gordon

President Koroma’s Agenda for Prosperity: Whose Prosperity?

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 July 2013 I think one must be several sandwiches short of a picnic to buy into the horribly unspecific mantra that is the ‘Agenda for Prosperity’, as it is currently being touted. Eating the future in the present and promoting money-guzzling projects [Read More]

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Another distinguished award for Kandeh Yumkella

Dennis Kabatto The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 July 2013 There is an old saying: ‘The cream always rises to the top’. Barely a month after Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara honored him with the Commander of the National Order of Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone’s rising star – Dr. Kandeh Yumkella has [Read More]

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Sierra Leone’s higher education sector in crisis: Njala fights to survive

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 July 2013 Sierra Leone’s higher education sector is in crisis. Thousands of students are leaving university with qualifications that are unfit for purpose, and making little contribution to wealth creation. The country’s premier universities are almost bankrupt due to lack of funds. Yet institutions which [Read More]

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Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate use of Girl Child funds

Elias Bangura – Freetown The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 July 2013 Members of the Parliamentary Education Committee have on the 18th July, 2013, asked the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the use of the girl-child funds in Bonthe. They say that information received regarding the use of the funds is inadequate. [Read More]