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Sub-Saharan Africa’s mobile internet usage will outstrip the global rate by 2019

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 June 2014 A new report by mobile phone giant – Ericsson, says that mobile internet use in Sub-Saharan Africa is doubling year-on-year, with usage expected to increase 20 times in the next five years. And by 2017, 3G technology will outstrip 2G to become the [Read More]

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Defeating Boko Haram requires a well thought out plan

Think Security Africa The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 June 2014 A report published by Think Security Africa says that ‘all-out’ war against Boko Haram, may cause the terrorist group to transform into a more widespread threat to security in both Nigeria and the African continent. Boko Haram’s attacks continue to [Read More]