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Its the end of the 2014 AU summit in Malabo – what next? 

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 June 2014 Equatorial Guinea’s President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, has asked African countries to invest heavily in their agricultural sector, so as to decrease their dependence on the developed world, ensure food security, and significantly reduce hunger in their countries. He made this plea at the [Read More]

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“Seychelles Tourism: A Success Story” – what lessons for Sierra Leone?

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 June 2014 The Seychelles’ Minister for Tourism and Culture, – Alain St. Ange, has again been described as the man who has turned around island’s tourism industry. Also, thanks to his campaign to increase the visibility of the destination in the world press, the country [Read More]

Dr. Sama Banya - Puawui

SLPP – what prospects for a settlement?

Dr. Sama Banya – Puawui The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 June 2014 It has been a sad week of nightmares for the general membership of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party (SLPP). There was already trouble in the party, emanating particularly from the fallout of the Delegates’ Conference in Bo [Read More]


Media has an important role in Sierra Leone – says ambassador Foh

John Baimba Sesay The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 June 2014 Sierra Leone’s ambassador to the People’s Republic of China – Victor Foh, has said that without constructive, free and independent press in a democracy, it would be difficult for the three arms of Government – executive, legislative and judiciary, to [Read More]

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Over two million tell African leaders at AU Summit to invest in farming

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 June 2014 African citizens join the continent’s top musicians, hundreds of CSOs, and to ask leaders to invest more and better in agriculture. As the 23rd African Union (AU) Heads of State and Government Summit gets underway in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea,’s Do Agric [Read More]

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African leaders must reaffirm commitment to investments in agriculture

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 June 2014 Several leading agricultural organisations and suppliers have added their weight to this year’s African Farmers Workshop and Expo (AFWE), which takes place from 12 to 14 August 2014 at the Johannesburg Expo Centre. Support for the three-day farming expo is on the rise, [Read More]

Education and Health

Malaria experts and leaders meet to share innovative ideas

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 June 2014 Malaria experts from countries across Africa are meeting today at the 13th annual National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) Best Practice Sharing Workshop. in Tanzania. The gathering provides a platform to discuss and share knowledge and experiences, and to drive dialogue around improved health [Read More]

Dr. Sama Banya - Puawui

Opposition SLPP’s debacle – where do we go from here?

Dr. Sama Banya – Puawui The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 June 2014 Since that awful event of last Wednesday evening, when the leadership of the current executive committee were at each other’s throat on the radio airwaves, followed by the allegedly unhelpful contribution of the Parliamentary minority leader, people generally [Read More]

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MTS winning hearts and minds in the north of Sierra Leone

Balah Marrah The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 June 2014 In its pursuit to achieve its goal, the Movement for the Transformation of SLPP (MTS), has embarked on a nationwide tour to recruit and sensitize people about the movement and its activities within the SLPP. Speaking to SLPP stakeholders and executive [Read More]