MTS winning hearts and minds in the north of Sierra Leone

Balah Marrah

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 June 2014

MTSIn its pursuit to achieve its goal, the Movement for the Transformation of SLPP (MTS), has embarked on a nationwide tour to recruit and sensitize people about the movement and its activities within the SLPP.

Speaking to SLPP stakeholders and executive members of Koinadugu District, the acting MTS Coordinator  – Ernest Smith told the gathering that MTS is a registered pressure group within the SLPP.

He said that its main purpose is to lead the transformation of a New SLPP that will regain its past glory, rise to existing challenges,  emerge  as  an inclusive and electable  party, with a broad-base national support and as a credible political alternative for governance and national development in Sierra Leone.

Mr. Smith also said that MTS is neither a break-away group nor an alternative or a rival group to any of the existing SLPP structures.

Rather it will cooperate  with the  established  organs;  support  and  complement efforts  in  helping  to  reorganise  and  re-energise  the  party  towards  the cherished  common  goal  of  returning  to  power  in  2018.

In his statement, the Chairman of SLPP Koinadugu District – Mohamed Balakun Konteh thanked the MTS team for their work and stressed that MTS and SLPP should work tirelessly in the northern region to increase support for the party.

Mr. Konteh noted that the north is paramount to SLPP in winning the 2018 elections and that MTS should push on with its activities regardless of the obstacles.

He concluded by expressing happiness about the formation of MTS and its timely intervention to bring peace in the SLPP.

MTS 1The District Young Generation Leader – Sorie Marrah, urged MTS to promote youth activities in the district in order to attract young voters. He also warned that MTS must always abide by one of its major guiding principles, which is to keep away from Flagbearer business.

The movement is open to every SLPP member or sympathiser who shares the  conviction that  the  SLPP  needs  a  thorough  re-organisation and transformation, driven  by  the  Party’s core  values  and  principles.

In the main, these principles as enshrined in the constitution, include: Tolerance and respect for others within and outside the party; Peaceful and nonviolent means of resolving conflicts; Respect for the rule of law; Putting party above self; and Financial probity.

Every SLPP member and sympathiser at home and abroad who buys into this vision is welcome to join, provided they embrace the above principles  and adhere  to  the  rules  and  regulations,  which  bind  the Movement(which are spelt out in the MTS constitution).

MTS Philosophy and Guiding Principles

The  Movement  is,  first  and  foremost,  committed  to  the  patriotic aspirations of Sierra Leone and the SLPP party.

To this end and based on the  core  belief  in  ‘One  Country  One  People’,  the  Movement  espouses  a selfless commitment and dedication to SLPP as the party that can govern Sierra  Leone  in  the  most  judicious  way  for the  betterment  of  all  Sierra Leoneans.

Members must refrain from discussions about preferred Flag bearer aspirants as this could be very divisive. The selection process can however be discussed.  This also applies to the choice of candidates for other party positions.

Members should have professional respect for each other’s viewpoints, and discussions should not degenerate into rancour or use of foul and abusive language.

The organisation will work in line with the tenets of the SLPP constitution and its rules and regulations. It may however advocate for changes to be made as deemed appropriate.

The Organisation will use the following strategies to achieve its objectives: Advocacy-by engaging with established structures and other groups within the party; Funding of specific projects-either directly or indirectly; Direct engagement with external bodies; and Publicity campaigns, using the national and other appropriate media.

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