SLPP’s leadership woes – a point of view

Bashiru Vandi Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 January 2016 It’s amusing to read the differing explanations put forward, regarding the current electoral predicaments and palpable ineptitude of the SLPP. Indeed, one is constantly entertained by the valiant efforts of factional camps within the SLPP, implicitly or overtly pointing the accusing finger [Read More]


Tears of Fourah Bay College – University of Sierra Leone – Part 3

Dr. Denis M Sandy Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 January 2016 In parts one and two of the series of articles, lamenting the plight of Fourah Bay College (FBC), the University of Sierra Leone, published in 2015, I explained the difficulties that FBC is going through. In particular, I discussed the [Read More]

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Is this the end of China’s rise?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 January 2016 China is staring economic stagnation in the face, and the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is panicking. The segment of society the CCP fears most – its younger people with their Internet capability and changing political and cultural outlook, represent a critical demographic the Party finds [Read More]


Africa’ 2015 election experiences present dilemmas for 2016 polls

Kealeboga J Maphunye Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 January 2016 This year, like 2015, promises to be yet another busy year in Africa’s electoral democracy stakes. More than a third of the continent’s 54 countries will conduct polls. (Photo: Sierra Leone 2015 Constituency 107 by-election).  All elections are important, but in some [Read More]


China – Sierra Leone relationship has yielded dividend – says John Baimba 

John Baimba Sesay – CHINA Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 January 2016 Imagine these figures. Trade between Africa and China is reported to have risen to $220 billion in 2014, which is believed to be about three times that of trade between Africa and the United States. This is indicative of China’s [Read More]

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Prominent Chicago resident to run for president of Sierra Leone

Bian Elkhatib and Meggie Morris Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 January 2016 Almost 5,000 miles away from his home in Chicago, Sierra Leonean Alie Kabba (Photo) awaits trial in Freetown. He is charged with bigamy, but his supporters say the contrived charge is because he is running for President of his [Read More]

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Sierra Leone ruling APC realigns its politics with the Chinese Communist Party

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 January 2016: Sierra Leone is vastly rich in natural resources, and its government is woefully incapable of exploiting this wealth creating potential, for the good of its population of six million. Corruption, poor governance, and inept leadership are responsible for the abject poverty that the people [Read More]


SLPP UKI secretary general gives an account of yesterday’s proceedings

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 January 2016   The SLPP UKI branch is today counting the cost of yesterday’s attempt by a few members of the party to sabotage the general meeting of members held in London. And as recriminations and counter arguments continue as to where the blame lies for [Read More]

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Sierra Leone opposition SLPP UKI paves way for fresh elections

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 January 2016 Yesterday’s meeting of the members of the SLPP UK branch was at risk of being turned into a serious fracas that could have led to the breaking up of the organisation. (Photo: Cross-section of SLPP members peacefully attending yesterday’s meeting in London, UK). A [Read More]