Development aid works over time – but must adapt to 21st-century needs

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 February 2016 The debate as to whether foreign aid is good or bad, or whether it works or not, is as old as the humanitarian gesture itself, and is set to continue, as long as there are donors willing to give and recipients happily ready to [Read More]


Sierra Leone controversial Abortion Bill needs overhaul to save and protect lives

Erica Adkins Sierra Leone Telegraph: 3 February 2016 Much has been said about the Safe Abortion Act that was recently passed by parliament in Sierra Leone, but now stuck in parliamentary red tape, after president Ernest Bai Koroma refused to give his assent on religious grounds. Religious leaders in the [Read More]


Presidential hopeful Alie Kabba leads the voice of opposition in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 February 2016 After weeks of silence, since the conclusion of magistrate court’s preliminary hearings in Freetown, that have now been committed to the High Court, Dr. Alie Kabba (Photo) has spoken. He refuses to be muzzled. Writing to supporters and well-wishers in Sierra Leone and all [Read More]

News in Perspective

Sierra Leone government is still failing to tackle corruption

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 01 February 2016 Every year, thousands of children and adults are dying needlessly of preventable illness, disease and poverty in Sierra Leone, because of corruption. And the performance of the Koroma government in tackling corruption since 2012, compared to the efforts of Helen Sirleaf’s neighbouring Liberia is [Read More]