Briefcase of the late presidential hopeful of Sierra Leone – Fadika was not stolen

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 September 2016 Following media reports about a briefcase belonging to the late Moseray Fadika containing cash and credit cards, alleged to have been stolen after his death in London, the Moseray Fadika Trust has today issued a statement, sternly debunking the story. It describe the reports [Read More]

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Sierra Leone ministry of agriculture officials indicted by Anti-Corruption Commission

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 September 2016 After an investigation into serious allegations of corruption at the ministry of agriculture in Sierra Leone, the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has once again proved that it has teeth and can bite. Although critics are accusing the commission of hacking at the heels of [Read More]


FGM in Sierra Leone – to ban or not to ban: A rejoinder

Fuambai Sia Ahmadu – Co-founder of All Women Are Free to Choose (AWAFC Inc.) Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 September 2016 All Women are Free to Choose (AWAFC), which is an international advocacy movement on behalf of the majority of circumcised women who support the practice, including Bondo and Sande, is [Read More]


You can’t preach integration and practice segregation – A point of view

Abdulai Mansaray Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 September 2016 The recent ban on what many will see as the aptly named BURKINI swimwear has become a tilting point in the history of France. There is no doubt that France has unfortunately bore the brunt of extremist barbarity in recent times. Dozens [Read More]

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Dele Awoonor-Gordon

Sierra Leone – the stench of injustice

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon Sierra Leone Telegraph: 1 September 2016 I can’t believe this madness. What is this? What is happening to us as a people? When will reason, which has long gone out of stock, make a return to the shelves of our subconscious? Even denial has an endpoint. Like [Read More]