Briefcase of the late presidential hopeful of Sierra Leone – Fadika was not stolen

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 September 2016

Ambassador Moseray Fadika1Following media reports about a briefcase belonging to the late Moseray Fadika containing cash and credit cards, alleged to have been stolen after his death in London, the Moseray Fadika Trust has today issued a statement, sternly debunking the story.

It describe the reports as baseless lies, fabricated by sections of the media that are determined to sully the good name of the Fadika family.

The statement also sheds some light on the health condition of Moseray Fadika, after arriving in London on the 29th of July, days before his death.

It says that four days after his arrival in London to launch his presidential aspirant campaign, “on the 2nd August 2016, Ambassador Fadika first visited the hospital. After several tests and medical consultations, the doctors advised that Ambassador Fadika was well; hence he was not required to be admitted.”

The report of the autopsy investigations may never be made public by the family. Today’s statement will go a long way towards allaying speculation, that Mr Fadika may have been feeling very unwell prior to the campaign launch event where he died.

But it is bound to raise further questions among well-wishers and supporters about his state of health at the time of death, the decision of the hospital to send Fadika home – giving him a clean bill of health, and in the extreme – the possibility of foul play between leaving hospital and attending the launch event where he had the attack.

However, one thing is certain; the briefcase belonging to Mr Fadika was not stolen, nor is it missing, and members of the Fadika family are not at war with each other over his assets.

This is the full text of the statement issued by the Moseray Fadika Trust:

“The Moseray Fadika Trust is particularly concerned about the unfounded and completely incorrect news being published by clueless individuals and certain media outlets, irresponsibly alleging that Ambassador Gibril Santigie Moseray Fadika’s briefcase and bank cards were stolen; and that there is a family fight over his estate or properties.

Moseray Fadika.jpg7“These reports are not true, but mere fabrication of lies. These reports have done nothing but use lies and myths to target the family and cast a dark shadow on the Fadika family during our time of bereavement.

“The Moseray Fadika Trust can confirm that it has not recorded any reports that Ambassador Fadika’s briefcase and bank cards were stolen. And there is no evidence of any alleged family fight over his estate.

“Ambassador Fadika arrived in London on the 29 July 2016 to launch his campaign for the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party leadership and President of Sierra Leone and to participate in a charity event for children and other activities organised by the Sierra Leonean community in the United Kingdom. Whilst in the United Kingdom, Ambassador Fadika was able to participate in a number of events.

“On the 2nd August 2016, Ambassador Fadika first visited the hospital. After several tests and medical consultations, the doctors advised that Ambassador Fadika was well; hence he was not required to be admitted. It should be noted that Ambassador Fadika always used to seek medical attention and consult with specialist doctors, as he was a very meticulous and detailed personality.

“On the 7th August 2016, Ambassador Fadika became unwell. He was immediately taken to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, where he was admitted.

“Ambassador Fadika’s elder sister – Marie Fadika, relatives, friends and staff were with him throughout this period of seeking medical support.

“When Ambassador Fadika was admitted to the hospital, his wife and daughter based in the United States of America immediately travelled to London. Unfortunately, Ambassador Fadika had passed away, by the time they arrived in London.

Moseray Fadika.jpg8“Ambassador Fadika died peacefully at the Royal London Hospital on the 7th August 2016. The doctors officially communicated the sad news of Ambassador Fadika’s death to his elder sister, who was present at the hospital at the time.

“Contrary to baseless claims being peddled by certain media outlets and individuals, Ambassador Fadika was not admitted before the event on Friday 5th August 2016 and reports that he left the hospital to attend the event are untrue and misleading.

“The Moseray Fadika Trust wishes to make it categorically clear that these mischievous innuendos and media reports are false and purely designed to target the family. This recent pattern is all the more worrisome in light of certain media outlets’ decision to negatively use the Fadika name on news headlines to achieve a pecuniary advantage to fulfill their selfish ends.

“We therefore dismiss the numerous articles, op-eds, reports, editorials and social media comments falsely disseminating the idea that Ambassador Fadika’s briefcase and bank cards were stolen and that the Fadika family is at war with itself.

“The Fadika family unambiguously rebukes the attitude of certain section of the media towards the family. The Fadika family has a wonderful relationship with the media and has been accessible to them at all times. There is no reason for this invasive and inhumane behaviour by certain section of the media.

“The Moseray Fadika Trust requests that all media running these discourteous commentaries refrain from doing so. The family is very peaceful and there is no battle whatsoever. All properties belonging to Ambassador Fadika are well-secured and in safe hands.

“The subsequent harassment that the family and friends of Ambassador Fadika are being subjected to by certain media outlets has caused significant distress. We hope that all the false information regarding his death and other allegations will be corrected.

“We would like to join the Fadika family to thank the nation and people across the world for their messages of comfort and support and request that the family’s privacy, dignity and time of mourning be respected.”


  1. We must not speak ill of the dead, but questions have to be asked.

    If Jack Mcoliver is right, then maybe this could explain Mr Fadika’s sudden and unexplained wealth?

    As far as I know, drug dealing is one of the quickest ways to make massive wealth. Could he have been a drug dealer?

    He was very popular with the youths – was he plying them with drugs?

    Is that why there is so much crime in Freetown – as drug addicts have to fund their habit?

    He was a member of so many masquerade groups? Was he plying them with drugs as well?

    If he was involved in drugs, was he taking it himself?

  2. May the soul of Moseray Fadika rest in perfect peace (HE NA LELLA HE, WA HE NA HELAIHE RAJEHOON). We came from Allah and to Allah we have to return.

    I have not seen Moseray in person since 1971 when he was just a small boy until his passing over last August 2016. I came to know him when I was his older sister Marie Fadika’s School friend. I have now been away for 37 years so I lost touch with Marie.

    Moseray was A CANDLE IN THE WIND who came on this earth to do what he was sent to do by our gracious and merciful Allah. My heart and blessings goes to the family at this time of sorrows.


    The problem associated with the life of the late Mr. Moseray Fadika’s life was a waste of individual life on earth by refusing to make positive contributions to life but a negative mechanism that contributed to the fundamentals of human destruction and addition to the agony of Sierra Leoneans lives.

    But the Almighty God is never asleep but can enforce his judgement and condemnation at very crucial and unexpected times. So be it with Mr. Moseray Fadika, the richest man that once lived in Sierra Leone.

    As I said in my earlier contribution, I would like to continue to remind readers again here that the late Moseray fadika’s wealth were stolen properties from the SLPP that he transferred to support APC, which left the SLPP in a serious financial ruins that he never cared to even know.

    Some of us are not particular about the money but the ungrateful attitudes he demonstrated against the late President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah. President Kabbah enabled Moseray Fadika to stand strong on his two feet, financially when he appointed him Director of African Minerals in Sierra Leone.

    Could such gratitude alone not have made him loyal to president Kabbah and to remain to support the political party (SLPP) that empowered him to appoint Moseray Fadika in that position?

    The fact that Moseray Fadika decided to come closer to APC with the view that he was protecting his business was the worst mistake that “Moseray Fadika made in his life. Additionally, he went on to spray our SLPP money on APC with the intention of even becoming a flag bearer to APC and without finding out properly that Ernest Bai Koroma has already had somebody in mind”, is the cost of Fadika’s life.

    The reason why Moseray Fadika died is well known to Ernest Bai Koroma. If you press Ernest Bai Koroma properly, you will be able to find out.

    • You are truly right on that. Since Ernest Koroma came to power in that country, he has brought nothing to that country but senseless, shameless and mindless corrupt elements to help him destroy that country.

      Fadika was a drug dealer (alleged), who brought drugs from south America into salone and then on to ships leaving salone with the minerals he was mining and transport to Europe. That was all he was doing with the complete blessing of that man Ernest Koroma.

  4. Reading about this young man and the circumstances leading to his death, as a doctor I have to ask, how doctors that he saw in London four days before he died, could have missed all the vital signs and warnings showing that all could not have been well with him.

    Why did he check into hospital in London in the first place if he was not feeling well? Was he seen at an A&E department in a NHS hospital or did he visit a private hospital? What kind of assessment was done at the hospital?
    Why was he told that he was well by the doctor that saw him when he was obviously not?

    Was the hospital negligent and if so, this is very serious and must have legal questions for the family to take up with the NHS or private hospital trust concerned.

    The man was dying and his blood pressure reading alone ought to have shown that all was not well. But having said all of this, let me say that it would have been very difficult for any doctor seeing Fadika for the first time in London – even if he had presented with extremely high or low blood pressure and pulse, to conclude that he was about to die or had a very significant chance of dying, without having sight of his previous medical record.

    Was Fadika on medication for blood pressure, and was he taking his medication? Of course as the article suggested, if foul play was involved, this could not have been picked by a casual examination at the hospital when he was seen on the 2nd of August.

    If there was foul play, did this take place after he was seen by doctors in London? Or did he die as the result of an underlying heart condition, for which he was not properly medicated, and not regularly taking his medication ?

    The family of Fadika will know the answer to these questions once the autopsy report is discussed with them. But let us not forget that there are many Sierra leoneans around the world that are suffering from heart conditions – knowingly or unknowingly. They must be vigilant, get checked, get medication, and take medication.

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