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Sierra Leone National Grand Coalition heading for electoral victory

Alan Luke: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 February 2018: Yesterday, 27th February 2018 was the final NGC campaign rally in Freetown. It was declared a Freedom March. But there was none of the Paopa grandstanding about one million people, being asked to flood the streets of Freetown. It was simply the [Read More]

Election Watch

Yumkella at the Supreme Court – Sierra Leone’s peace and stability at risk

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 February 2018: Sierra Leone’s Supreme Court is sitting today to hear and make judgement on a petition filed by the ruling APC, requesting that the court declare Dr. Kandeh Yumkella unqualified to contest the presidential and general elections taking place next week. If the petition is [Read More]


Shameful confession of Samura Kamara shows he is unfit to rule  

Cyril Barnes: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 February 2018 It appears that every golden handle the APC touches, turns into stone. This year’s election poses unimaginable challenges for the party. First, it was their ill-equipped and insensitive campaign team who are totally inattentive and unarmed with campaign strategies in the wake [Read More]

Economy & Business

GE to empower Nigeria’s youths with entrepreneurial skills

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 February 2018: GE – the world’s premier Digital Industry Company has announced a partnership with the National Youth Service Corps of Nigeria (NYSC) to empower Youth Corps members with valuable entrepreneurial skills in line with its commitment to skills development in Nigeria. Known as the Start [Read More]

Election Watch

Former Ghanaian president mahama arrives in Freetown

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 February 2018: Last week’s elections campaign violence in a northern district of  Sierra Leone, three weeks before elections are held in the country, does not augur well for Sierra Leone’s democracy and its hard won peace, after ending ten years of brutal civil war. Although there [Read More]

Election Watch

Kandeh Yumkella is the best man for the Job

Sankara Kamara: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 February 2018: If Kandeh Yumkella loses the presidential election, ignorance, illiteracy and tribalism would be the main reasons behind such a fiasco. Otherwise, Kandeh Yumkella is the best man for the job. I have seen several rotten governments in Sierra Leone, and the political [Read More]

Election Watch

West African elections observers arrive in Freetown

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 February 2018 An ECOWAS Mission of fifty-five election observers have arrived in Sierra Leone for the country’s March 7 presidential, parliamentary and local council elections. The ECOWAS Observation Mission is led by Liberia’s former Interim President, Professor Amos Sawyer. According to a press release from ECOWAS, [Read More]

Election Watch

Sierra Leone election violence is the last refuge of the incompetent

Abdulai Mansaray: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 February 2017 The general election in Sierra Leone is slowing inching its way to the climax. The declarations have been made. The registrations, aspirations, conventions, and nominations have all concluded. The campaign season is now in full swing. But amidst turning and turning in [Read More]


Was the review of Sierra Leone’s 1991 Constitution a political farce?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 February 2018 The filing cabinets at Sierra Leone’s State House are filled with reports that have not seen the light of day or implemented by the government, as promised. A good example is the 1991 Constitution Review Report, which was completed over a year ago and [Read More]