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The New Direction – working hard to give Sierra Leone tourism a flying wing

Abdulai Braima: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 January 2019: Since Sierra Leone gained her independence in 1961, one of the many sectors that have been unceremoniously dumped and left to die and decay is tourism. And to know that there are many less endowed countries that almost entirely depend on tourism [Read More]


Journey to transform Freetown has begun – says Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 January 2019: Yesterday, Thursday 24 January 2019 was a big day for the more than 2 million people living in Sierra Leone’s capital city – Freetown, with the official launching of a Blueprint and Strategic Programme, aimed at transforming Freetown into a twenty-first century city. Speaking [Read More]

Education and Health

ACC to restore integrity in Sierra Leone schools exams

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 January 2019: The ACC has today said that it will work to restore integrity in Sierra Leone’s education sector, after officers of the ACC and the police arrested 71 students at a location in Aberdeen, Freetown, in September 2018, following investigations into the sale of West [Read More]

Economy & Business

A new corporate governance code for  investors in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 January 2019: Vice president of Sierra Leone – Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, last Wednesday launched a new National Corporate Governance Code that will guide and improve the way businesses are governed in the country, through transparency and accountability. The document was launched at the Bintumani International [Read More]

Economy & Business

The lamentations of the private sector

Andrew Keili: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 January 2019: Whenever you have a change in government, the new leaders get saddled with the problem of absorbing large masses of people into jobs in the overburdened public sector. Inevitably this involves removing people from positions and replacing them with their own supporters. [Read More]


Government bans secret society initiation ceremonies as two men are killed

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 January 2019: The government of Sierra Leone yesterday published a letter imposing an immediate ban on all initiation ceremonies conducted by traditional secret societies across the country, after the gruesome murder of two young men believed to be in their twenties. The alleged killing took place [Read More]


Nonviolence – the answer to the crucial political moral questions of our time

Abdulai Mansaray: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 January 2019: President Julius Maada Bio and his vice president Dr Juldeh Jalloh last weekend concluded a major segment of their national ‘Thank You Tour’ in Kono District, which many – especially his supporters, have described as a successful odyssey. The success of the [Read More]


Contempt: Dr. James Vibbi vs the House of Parliament – Did parliament get it right?

Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 January 2019: The origin of the power of Parliament to punish conduct constituting contempt is uncertain and it is not necessary to delve into it here. It is sufficient to say that by the end of the seventeenth century, it had become firmly [Read More]

Economy & Business

African states should be demanding a list of World Bank reforms

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 January 2019: The World Bank is on the hunt for a new president. Writing in, Danny Bradlow says that despite calls for the best candidate to be selected regardless of nationality, whoever takes over the World Bank will inevitably be an American. But that shouldn’t [Read More]