The New Direction – working hard to give Sierra Leone tourism a flying wing

Abdulai Braima: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 January 2019:

Since Sierra Leone gained her independence in 1961, one of the many sectors that have been unceremoniously dumped and left to die and decay is tourism.

And to know that there are many less endowed countries that almost entirely depend on tourism to create employment and boost their foreign exchange earnings, gives us some sobering perspective of the extent of APC criminality. They didn’t just neglect tourism, they deliberately slaughtered it.

But tourism has not always been this awfully side-lined.

During the early years of our independence (the SLPP era), the Sierra Leone National Dance Troupe harvested a huge collection of highly coveted international awards from America, Europe and from Africa that still stand as testimonies to the vivacity of our truly rich culture.

Of course, when the APC cabal came into power our national story became a string of sorry tales.

All our glorious national endeavours took on an entirely different look, and the National Dance Troupe formerly collapsed under the killer weight of wanton corruption and grotesque criminal neglect.

Now the very good news is that like most other sectors in our beautiful Sierra Leone, tourism is coming back to life.

And the move to kick-start this welcoming possibility is happening in and out of Sierra Leone.

It is a global effort that deserves to be supported by all Sierra Leoneans everywhere in the world; for every true patriot is an indispensable ambassador of our dear motherland.

Yesterday 24th January 2019, one of those very worthy ambassadors of Sierra Leone, the country’s High Commissioner here in the UK – H.E. Tamba John Sylvanus Lamina and his capable staff, were busy doing just that: In collaboration with Kamageo and with the blessings of the Sierra Leone National Tourism Board, they organised a highly successful media event at the High Commission in Holborn, London.

“Kamageo UK” is a leading marketing agent in the UK. The goal of the media event is to encourage journalists to launch a vigorous campaign, exploring touristic opportunities in Sierra Leone.

Already an 8-day journey of rediscovery by a group of journalists to experience the best that Sierra Leone has to offer is scheduled to take place in April  this year.

The High Commissioner, H.E Tamba Lamina, in his welcome remarks indicated that Sierra Leone “is like no other” when it comes to the unique opportunities it has for tourists. The people, the erudite diplomat emphasised, are warm, friendly and Love strangers of every colour and creed. The atmosphere in the country is always relaxed and welcoming, he added.

The High Commissioner pointed out that the country is peaceful and has a very stable democracy. The beaches, he said, are stunning and pristine whilst the rich cultural heritage is fun to explore. Our food is mouth-watering and exotic. “What more would anyone want on a holiday?” the country’s diplomat posited.

Yesterday’s event is one of many planned media events aimed to promote tourism in Sierra Leone, using print and electronic media.

Sierra Leone is RISING. Soon, we will be FLYING away to far higher levels. Let us continue to embrace the change.

Author: Abdulai Braima


  1. I’m so glad work is being done to bring tourism back to Sierra Leone.

    I visited recently and I can 100% say it’s been one of my most memorable and best travel destinations yet!
    It’s so beautiful there, lots to explore and the people are some of the nicest I’ve met!

    I can’t wait to go back and I hope many others do too!

  2. Sierra Leone is a warm, friendly country. Our beaches are Natural with white sands.
    A very good initiative taken by our Government to improve our tourism. This is a great idea. God bless our President.

  3. God bless Sierra Leone and the determined government for positive change and our first lady of Sierra Leone

  4. Sierra Leone badly needs ATM machines that accept international debit/credit cards and dispense local cash worth upwards of $200 dollars, and/or banks that will give out cash from international debit/credit cards.

    Right now, visiting Sierra Leone requires bringing enough cash for your entire trip, and few people want to do that.

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