In Focus

I shed a tear for Sierra Leone – Op ed 

Saidu Bangura, PhD: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 July 2022: If it is not intimidation and detention of political opponents, it is police brutality against the people and rival politicians of the governing party. If it is not electoral hurly-burly, it is inciting the youths to kill other youths for the [Read More]

Abdulai Mansaray

Accountability is key to Sierra Leone’s democracy

Abdulai Mansaray: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 July 2022: There is a universally held notion that democracy is the best form of government, thanks to the definition that it is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. As a concept, democracy carries its own inherent imperfections. [Read More]

Economy & Business

Banks in Sierra Leone limit cash withdrawal as government runs out of New Leone

Lawrence Williams: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 July 2022: Almost two weeks after the redenominated currency came into force, some commercial banks in the country are experiencing cash shortages. Last week saw new restrictions imposed on the amount of money individuals are permitted to withdraw from their bank accounts. Many banks, [Read More]

Education and Health

Freetown Military 34 Hospital receives oxygen concentrators and oximeters

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 July 2021: This month, 12 oxygen concentrators and 12 oximeters were delivered to Military 34 Hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone, organized by Aid Pioneers e.V. in cooperation with Apotheker Helfen e.V. based in Germany. Oxygen concentrators are used to supply 90-95% pure oxygen to people suffering [Read More]


Sierra Leone’s Speaker of Parliament debunks Elections Bill outcry

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 July 2022: A new legislation proposed by the government of Sierra Leone which many believe could bring in sweeping changes to the country’s electoral laws, has generated mixed reactions from the public and media. The Public Elections Bill 2022 is currently being debated in parliament, with [Read More]


Another female opposition politician Yabome Sesay arrested and locked up in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 July 2022: Sierra Leone Police continues its onslaught against female politicians in the country, with the arrest and detention without charge yesterday of Madam Yabome Sesay, who is the Chairperson of Tonkolili District Council – an opposition APC controlled council in the north of the country. [Read More]

Economy & Business

On the road to COP27: Making Africa’s case in the climate global debate

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 July 2022: Following the Ibrahim Governance Forum held on 25-27th May, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation releases the comprehensive 2022 Ibrahim Forum Report which now includes the main takeaways and recommendations from the debates. The final 2022 Ibrahim Forum Report, ‘The Road to COP27: Making Africa’s Case [Read More]


Proportional representation is best for Sierra Leone

Charlie J. Hughes: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 July 2022: When Sierra Leoneans go the polls in June 2023 it will be the country’s fifth routine multiparty elections since 2002. Sierra Leone has achieved a great feat that would be the envy of most countries on the continent. While arguments can [Read More]


The idea that PR system will unify the nation and minimise chances of election violence doesn’t add up

Jaime Yaya Barry: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 July 2022: Imagine spending so much time and resources on changing electoral laws to help you remain in power, and immediately you lose the elections right after changing the rules. Then the very laws you wanted to use against others eventually start working [Read More]