245 new cases of Covid recorded in Sierra Leone in nine days as fears of an upsurge grow

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 June 2021:

Three Covid deaths were recorded two days ago in Sierra Leone, after a total of 245 new cases of the virus were announced by the government. On Saturday 5th of June 2021, the total number of confirmed Covid cases was 4,188, rising to 4,433 yesterday Monday, 14th of June 2021.

This marks a new and growing surge in the virus in Sierra Leone, after weeks of relative calm which many say is due to massive under-reporting of the extent of the pandemic in the country, as officials are accused of massaging the figures.

Although the government says it has stepped up testing, this falls far short of what is expected, with less than 0.5% of the population of 7 million ever tested for the virus.

Yesterday, Monday 14 June, 45 new cases were reported, after 37 cases were recorded on Sunday. On Saturday, 20 new cases were reported.

So far, only 184 of the 4,433 cases recorded so far since the start of the pandemic last year, have come from new arrivals into the country through the airport, despite fears of a growing number of passengers from abroad potentially carrying the more aggressive Indian variant.

Freetown – the capital of Sierra Leone continues to record the highest number of Covid cases in the country, with Western Urban Area showing a significant rise from 2,424 on Saturday 5th of June 2021 to 2609 yesterday Monday 14th of June 2021 – an increase of 185 cases in just nine days.

The total number of Covid cases recorded in Western Rural Area has grown from 569 to 617, an increase of 48 new cases since Saturday 5th of June 2021.

Yesterday, an African Cup of Nations football match between Sierra Leone and Benin was once again called off, after six of the Sierra Leonean players were reported to have tested positive for Covid in Guinea where the match was to be held.

This is a statement issued by the SLFA media team yesterday from Guinea: “CAF has directed that the pending AFCON Qualifiers match between Sierra Leone and Benin originally scheduled to be replayed today at the Stade de Lansana Conte in Conakry Guinea be postponed to tomorrow Tuesday June 15 at the same venue.

“This follows controversies around alleged COVID-19 positive results of six players and two official in the Sierra Leone delegation after the CAF designated Security Officer Andy Quamie had officially communicated to SLFA a hundred percent negative test result this morning. The six members of the Leone Stars delegation have been retested for a second opinion.”


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  1. This rising in covid19 cases is worrying. Right now as rich nations grapple with the Indian variant, or the delta virus as western media have named it, and as covid19 cases rise, which I think is the third wave, it is right for the Bio, government to ramp up the vaccination programmes.As covid19 case numbers continues to rise in Sierra Leone, it is becoming a worrying trend, and should not be ignored. Sierra Leone is caught in eye of the storm. Compared to rich nations, Africa, is starting from a disadvantage point, in getting their hands on this life saving vaccines. Giving an emergency waiver to the patent by western pharmaceutical parent companies , so South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and other African countries with manufacturing base , and technological know how can manufacture the covid19 vaccine, it will in the short term speed up the process of vacine production, and vaccination programmes across the continent . So as always we don’t have to wait at the back of the queue for donations. Our continent has always been treated like an after thought. Because make no mistake, no one is safe until everyone is safe.

    As its stands, Africa has only managed less than 3% of sticking the needle in the hands of almost one billion people across the continent. A gigantic task and a logistics nightmare for governments across the continent. Given the restrictions of lack of good roads, rail and functioning airports, and second hand death wish Airlines, it is easy to see why even if we have the all the vacines required for every citizen across the continent, that is just one part of the problem solved. The real work starts on how to get it to the people. Although experts agreed getting the two jabs is not a waterproof that it will stop you from catching it, but the chances of being hospitalised after catching it is minimal.

    With the formations of COVAX, by the World Health organisation,Once again like the Berlin conference of 1885, in which Africa was not consulted, but richer western nations thought, decisions made by them is fine with nible Africans, decided to pool together their resources, and donate vaccines in helping developing countries especially in Africa, and the subcontinent. And there generosity was extended to poor countries in South America, and some of the islands nations of the Caribbean, and the Pacific realm region. It is important to remember, no one is safe until everyone around the world is vaccinated. Of course there are vacine sceptic everywhere popping up, and preaching to the converted the dangers of taking the vacine, to me if not for yourselves, please consider other people’s welbeing by acting responsibly,and not to buy in to this conspiracy theorist. The just have to cast your mind and think about the amount of deaths and destruction of livelihood, this disease have caused, before you realise that is once in a generation type of disease. It is really up to individuals, because no one is going to force anyone. But having an information and you weighing up the options, is quiet literally librating. At least if you refuse it, and God forbade you caught it, at least you wouldn’t have anyone to blame but yourself.

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