Kandeh Yumkella UK Town Hall meetings kicking off next week

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 July 2015

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The battle for the presidential candidacy and leadership of the Sierra Leone’s Peoples’ Party will take a new turn next week, when presidential hopeful and former UN man – Dr. Alhaji Kandeh Yumkella commences his UK wide tour. (Photo: Left – Madam Yumkella and Right – Dr. Yumkella).

Kandeh is hoping to meet Sierra Leoneans across the UK to discuss his leadership aspirations, as well as issues that are currently pushing Sierra Leone to breaking point, including the Ebola crisis.

Writing in the Sierra Leone Telegraph, this is what Alan Luke thinks about the question of SLPP leadership and presidential candidacy:

“As we approach the next general election, choosing a person with the leadership credentials necessary to change Sierra Leone from a failed or continuously failing state, is the challenge.

“Those of you who know the bible, would attest to the fact that nations do not always make the right decisions when presented with such a choice. The Jewish People in Jesus’ day chose to release Barabbas – a known felon over Jesus.

“In Kandeh Yumkella, Sierra Leone is fortunate to have someone with the required leadership qualities, including: clarity of vision, conviction and sense of purpose, capability and experience, capacity to pull together the talents of willing and able citizens at home and abroad, and humility to serve.


“It is possible though that the SLPP party and Sierra Leoneans in general may choose further self destruction, by aligning themselves with rogue elements.

“I am told for example that Maada Bio is engaging with Sierra Leoneans in the UK, and there are some folks who are thrusting themselves behind this campaign, believing they can influence future government policy under Bio.

“The question to these folks is this: Can you point to any meaningful endeavour that Bio has undertaken in public or private life that demonstrates leadership?

“In the absence of this, we can only judge Bio based on his track record. No matter how much this is dressed up, it is a baggage he is saddled with.

“As Dr Yumkella’s UK Town Hall meetings Kick off next week, I urge all well meaning Sierra Leoneans to rally behind him, because at this moment, he towers over and above all the pretenders to the throne.

“We need good Leadership, if Sierra Leone is to become successful, rather than continue to be a basket case.”


The KKY Movement UK and Ireland has issued this invitation to all Sierra Leoneans:

The Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella Movement United Kingdom and Ireland (KKYM UK &I) cordially invites you to attend a series of Town Hall meetings planned this July for Alhaji Dr Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, who is one of the aspiring candidates for the SLPP flag. The meeting schedule is as follows:

The Reading (Berkshire) Town Hall meeting will take place on Friday, 24th July 2015. 5:30pm – 8:30pm, at the Southcote Community Centre, Coronation Square, Reading RG30 3QP.

On Saturday, 25th July, 2015, 12pm – 3pm, you will be able to meet Kandeh at the Our Lady’s Parish Centre, Raby Street, Moss Side, Manchester M16 7JQ.

And finally, on Sunday, 26th July, 2015, at 2pm – 8pm, Kandeh will be at the Bacon’s College, Timber Pound Road, (Off Salter Road), Rotherhithe, London, SE16 6AT.

The aim of these Town Hall meetings is to give Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone the opportunity to hear Dr Yumkella’s statement of intent.

Kandeh will also speak about the reasons why he believes he should put his hat in the ring to become the standard flag bearer and the official presidential candidate for the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

The audience will also have plenty of opportunity to question him on his intentions and vision.

The high point of Dr Yumkella’s UK tour will be in London, on Sunday the 26th of July, 2015.

Apart from making a statement of intent at that meeting, Dr Yumkella will also be giving a talk on the theme: ‘Post Ebola Sierra Leone, facts and figures’.

He will also discuss his vision for the country, covering all facets – from development to governance.

Basically, Dr Yumkella will be recommending a ‘Fresh Start’ for Sierra Leone, and explain why the country needs a change.

So, please confirm your love, commitment and interest for Sierra Leone, by ensuring that you attend at least one of the meetings wherever you may be.

But also, and more importantly, ensure you do not miss the London Town Hall meeting, where Dr Yumkella will lay bare his intentions and vision.

The KKY Movement – UK & Ireland


  1. With all what you have listed about KKY, I want to know what he has done nation wide for the benefit of sierra Leoneans; and I want to known were he was during the eleven years rebel war in sierra Leone; and what was his contribution towards the war.

    Well, to put it in short, I love Dr. Bio even though he has not been coming with big money to share it among us. The fact remains here that we the grassroots so much love Mr. Bio that he will be our next president of this nation

  2. SD,
    A good compromise may be Dr. Kandeh.

    Anyway, I think he has to embrace the outsider image he’s been given. He has to control the narrative about him. He has to start wearing the outsider label like a badge of honor.

    He has not been a part of the infighting; he has not taken the SLPP to court; and his supporters are not molesting people. He has to present himself as a new and better option.

    His first move needs to be to establish his passion for his people. Instead of shying away from the fact that he has been an international civil servant for many years, he has to show his record of accomplishments. Then he has to present these questions?

    Why is it easier to go serve the rest of the world than it is to help build your own homeland? Why are so many of Sierra Leone’s best and brightest driven from their own country, just for basic survival?

    Instead of allowing his detractors to throw darts at him and others who have sought refuge outside of Sierra Leone, Dr. Kandeh has to put the focus on those who have helped create these unbearable conditions.

    Sierra Leone has become a place where men and women don’t grow to old age. Dr. Kandeh has to show how his plan will help them to see their children and even their grandchildren become mature adults.

    He will have to show how his presidency will lead to real sustainable development. How his leadership will reverse the pattern of citizens leaving and will actually encourage people to return home.

    Dr. Kandeh has to present himself as someone who is coming to serve his people and not to take. He should pledge that he will not receive a salary in his first term as president of Sierra Leone.

    If the people are satisfied with his performance, they will elect to re-hire him and pay him in his second term. He should only select a running mate who is also willing to work for no pay.

    The major problem I see with the SLPP is they are hoping to win just by showing how bad EBK is. Since bad leadership is all they’ve ever known, they’ve become desensitized to it. It’s not enough to just show the failures, because both parties have been equally bad.

    In these years as the opposition, the SLPP has nothing to show the people. In this time, they should have created several model towns in their strongholds. They should have taken the lead in ensuring these towns or villages had access to clean water, basic sanitation, healthcare, education, agricultural projects, economic empowerment, and energy.

    You can’t just continue to highlight the failures of an administration without offering solutions. You don’t have to be an elected official to end someone’s suffering.

    The SLPP has failed miserably in showing why they’re a better alternative. They have to do more than say the APC is bad so vote for us.

    Again, I wish Dr. Kandeh all the best in dealing with the SLPP. It will be a monumental task to get the support of some, because they don’t see how his presidency will benefit them.

    And, because of the level of shortsightedness, they can only think about how they can eat for today. Unfortunately, many so-called leaders don’t see the benefit in having a strong Sierra Leone, where everyone can flourish.

  3. I prefer to call him Mr Kandeh. It is easy for a mende to call or remember. He is the best SLPP candidate currently, that will deliver State House for the Party.

    Any other Candidate? SLPP would have to wait for 5 or 10 more years for another chance. His record is clean with excellent international recognition.

    Attacking him of not being a member of SLPP, and the party card issue circulating in the media, is a disgrace to the SLPP. This shows some Flag bearer contenders are afraid of his popularity within Sierra Leone and abroad.

    I mean any good Sierra Leonean would be an SLPP member. Read the SLPP constitution.

    Mr. Kandeh is a professional. He is not perfect. No one is perfect, that means he is liable to mistakes especially what he says.

    Flag bearer contest is a fight and has nothing to do with tribalism. I am a Mende Man from Kenema, but I support him. Also its not natural that every SLPP official will like him. Kandeh must not attack them for that.

    He must try to win their hearts. Its all about politics. Good luck Mr. Kandeh!!! May God help you in the journey, Amen.

    • I have it deep down in my guts that Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella is our only salvation at this very critical moment in our history. He has the technical expertise and know how to move Sierra Leone from the abyss into the family of developed nations.

      The man brings to the table his international recognition, respectability and wealth of experience to alleviate the plight of the average Sierra Leonean from abject poverty to a better standard of living.

      This our moment, this our time to turn this sad chapter of darkness, hopelessness into a new page of hope, economic prosperity and once more restore the dignity of a wounded nation. God help us.

  4. This is a great start for the KKY Movement. I wish him all the best. I’m looking forward to reading more after these events. Please keep us updated about dates so that we can attend in our area.

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