ACC 2020 performance in focus  

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 January 2021:

Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), has published information about its performance in 2020 in a document showing the work of the ACC. The infographics include statistics of cases reported and investigated, referrals, prosecutions, convictions, and recoveries made, and what to look forward to in 2021. Take a look:


  1. Sierra Leoneans let us stand up, to pray for our country’s development and prosperity. Instead of yelling, bragging and beating drums. Before 2023, let us ask ourselves a simple question “do we actually love our country?”. Yes of course we all have a difference way of writing, but sometimes let us show to the world and whoever comes to read our articles in this platform, to acknowledged some concern folks. I personally thank the (ACC) boss Mr. Kaifala for his good job. Sincerely speaking if the ACC boss can name the corrupt people on this forum, trust me it is going to be an explosion.

    I do not understand why the former President, H.E. Ernest Bai Koroma has not been charged and convicted up to date. Mr. President(Bio), this was not the promise you took the oath for, nobody and I repeat nobody is above the law, even the President of Sierra Leone, let alone the former head of state. When it comes to the law, we are all equal to abide to it and the law breakers must be punished. Today, the citizens are wondering and asking questions, who was convicted, charged, discharged and so on, do we have the right to know these individuals? if yes, now we are eager to see their names and charges against them. I am sick and tired of seeing people much more eager about 2023, the president is doing well no matter how much you criticize him and the voters going to decide, trust me this election isn’t going to be like the one in 2012.

    Only the APC party can act unconstitutional behaviour and walk out freely without consequence. In the 80s, late Momoh, H.E. removed his deputy with a false allegation; in 2015, former President did the same It is embarrassing for any APC supporter to talk about government corruption allegation against any of it’s opponent. Even Dr. Abdulai O. Conteh the self-proclaimed International lawyer criticizes Koroma’s action ousting the country’s elected Vice president, saying” it is unconstitutional” can someone dispute that?. Bio has given a free check to the former APC officials as their retirement packages, but instead of saying thanks, their thinking was he is afraid of them. APCs problem is, they do not want to be called The Opposition.

  2. Who are the people charged, discharged, convicted, forced to repay stolen funds/property or entered into some kind plea bargain? Just putting out statistics is not enough; they have to be authenticated by names attached to them. Why the anonymity? Keeping criminals anonymous only emboldens them. But if they are made to feel that wherever they go people are pointing fingers at them , not only will their self-confidence be sapped, but it will demonstrate to others how to walk a straight path when they are entrusted with power.

    ACC should get into the mode of knockout specialists. If they leave criminals still standing after a fight, whatever victory they score against corruption will be temporary, and our dear country and people will remain shackled in hopelessness for decades to come. This is the time for some unforgettable lessons to be added to a former President (Earnest Koroma) being dragged before ACC to answer tongue-tying questions.

    2023 is just around the corner and all criminals of the former APC government who are now being hound by ACC are in constant prayer for the Almighty to help them stall their cases until their hopes are realised for an APC victory ,which would allow them to keep their loot. Wake up ACC, don’t allow these potential convicts to outflank you.

  3. Hahahahahaha…What should be kept in focus is how they have failed miserably through their own outright ineptitude and inability to be unbiased against opposition members. Again, how on earth do these bandits expect the people of Sierra Leone to put their faith in a process that is shoddily implemented and totally lacking in transparency. The SLPP is as shady as they can be – What they tell us is what we know – swindlers having a field day, collecting countless trillions, yet stating shamelessly that it was only millions, then absconding like filthy rats to stash it away under their fetish SLPP shrines. Nothing of substance has been achieved since the SLPP assumed the reins of power, except spreading hatred and sowing discord among our people. These people are unsure of themselves, because I have invited them time without number to come on this glorious forum, explain and defend their kindergarten policies and positions, but not one of them has found the courage to respond to the call – Cowardly to the bone.(lol)

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