ADC to former president Ernest Bai Koroma arrested on orders from above

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 January 2020:

The Reverend Dr. Reuben Shyllon, who after 40 years of service in Sierra Leone’s police force, served as ADC  to the Former President Ernest Bai Koroma, as well as serving as the country’s Head of the CDIID, has been arrested along with several others, including his two daughters. (UPDATE – THE SIERRA LEONE TELEGRAPH HAS BEEN INFORMED THAT THE TWO DAUGHTERS HAVE SINCE BEEN RELEASED AFTER PUBLICATION OF THIS STORY).

They were taken to the CID headquarters in Freetown, after a violent land dispute involving the controversial SLPP parliamentary aspirant for Constituency 110 – Josephine Jackson and her armed bodyguard who fired several shots during the fracas.

Speaking to the Sierra Leone Telegraph editor from inside the CID, Reverend Shyllon said that his arrest is politically motivated, and that the orders came from above. “We have committed no crime,” he said.

It is alleged that the country’s chief minister – Dr David Francis gave the orders for the arrest of the reverend and several others believed to be supporters of the opposition APC party.

“The bodyguard of Josephine Jackson removed his pistol and fired two shots at one Ibrahim to kill but he missed him. I am now arrested under the instructions of Josephine Jackson. I am accused that in my presence a police officer who fired two shots was disarmed and I did nothing. How can I confront anyone unarmed when gunshots were being fired to kill? After 40 years of diligent and honest service to the police force, I am now being hunted simply because I served as ADC  to the Former President. Why?” Reverend Shyllon  told the Sierra Leone Telegraph. (Photo above: Reverend Shyllon dressed in his police uniform as ADC).

The Sierra Leone Telegraph contacted the General Secretary of the ruling SLPP party who is also the country’s Deputy Attorney General – Mr Napoleon Koroma to help obtain Josephine Jackson’s side of the story, but there has been no response.

This is what Reverend Shyllon (Photo) said:

“There is a land at Hamilton which was sold by my sister. The owner of the land was erecting a fence, and I saw that the fence had encroached on to the road. I told them the fence must be in line with the property site plan, and they stopped.

“This morning I was at the site speaking with the owner of the land when two men arrived. One of them told us that he is the brother of Josephine Jackson. The brother of Josephine Jackson told the owners not to erect the fence, and that if they do, he will break it down and they will pay the cost.

“The owners of the land asked me to show him the master site plan so as to identify the land boundaries. An argument ensued involving the two men – one of whom I came to know later as a bodyguard of Josephine Jackson.

“The brother of Josephine told the owners that Josephine had instructed that the fence should not be erected because she is using that road. I told the brother that this has nothing to do with Josephine but the ministry of lands. The brother of Josephine said I must respect Josephine and refer to her as “Honourable”. I refused and he then slapped me.

“When a gentleman who was at the scene by the name of Ibrahim chased the brother of Josephine, Josephine’s bodyguard fired two shots from the gun he was carrying. Ibrahim then grabbed the bodyguard and disarmed him. (See Video below)

“Josephine then arrived at the scene throwing abuse at me, and said she will order my arrest and have me sent to jail. She threatened that every opposition APC supporter or member on her list will be dealt with.

“The gun was later retrieved from Ibrahim’s vehicle by Josephine’s bodyguard, after Ibrahim had gone to report the shooting at the Adonkia police station. (Video below shows what happened including the bodyguard of Josephine lying on the ground). 

“Now I have been arrested and detained at the CID for doing nothing wrong. I have broken no laws, other than refusing to refer to Josephine as “Honourable”. She is not an elected member of parliament or minister. She is a member of the SLPP.

“I understand that the chief minister ordered our detention, including my two daughters whose only crime was to ask why they are taking me away.”

Speaking about Reverend Shyllon’s past record and dedication to police duty, the former minister of Social Welfare in the Koroma government – Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden said: “Reverend Dr. Reuben Shyllon served as the Police ADC to Former President Koroma for many years. He was there until the end of Koroma’s first term when he was elevated to Police Headquarters as the Director of the Internal Disciplinary Department of the Police (CDIID). Reverend Shyllon is very religious and prayerful.

“After the first two Police ADCs to Koroma died untimely deaths whilst in post, Ernest Koroma requested for a prayerful Christian as his Police ADC. So Police Chief Acha Kamara assigned Shyllon, a prayerful Christian as the Police ADC to Koroma. To the best of my recollections, Shyllon served Ernest Koroma faithfully. (Photo: ADC Shyllon).

“By the time I worked as Special Executive Assistant to Koroma at State House, Reverend Shyllon was no longer the ADC but having observed his work with Koroma and as Head of CDIID, I have a lot of respect for Shyllon.

“He is a decent man and a Reverend with an academic doctorate degree. He built a whole church at Adelaide Street when he was working as ADC to Koroma. On his retirement from the Police, he is now a full time Pastor. I hope this unfortunate saga can soon end for him. He is a good man.”

An APC party grandee told the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph that Reverend Shyllon’s arrest is just another episode in the ruling SLPP’s determination to extinguish the opposition APC.

“Shyllon is a former Senior Police Officer now being politically intimidated and his rights abused. Just so too they maltreated Victor Remoe Doherty. Just so too they  maltreated the  journalist who died and they are now pretending that it was the beating by the erstwhile APC Mayor and others that killed him.

“The whole country is now a rudderless vessel and the Pilot does not have a clue how to steer clear off the  rocks”.

Josephine Jackson is not new to controversy and allegations of political violence. She was involved in a violent confrontation outside her home at a pollical rally last year, involving some supporters of the opposition APC, in which a young APC supporter was seriously beaten and wounded.

Following this incident, a group of high profile APC members were arrested and charged to court for riotous misconduct. But the prosecution is struggling to obtain credible evidence to corroborate the allegations made by Josephine Jackson.

Yet, no one has been arrested and charged for the senseless beating and wounding of the young APC supporter.

Today’s arrest may not lead to widespread political violence or protest but will raise questions once again about the erosion of freedoms in Sierra Leone today, the rampant abuse of powers from above, and the ability of the ruling SLPP to control some of its violent operatives, bent on fanning the flames of political violence and discord in the country.

In the meantime, as is becoming all too common in Sierra Leone today as it was before president Bio was elected in March 2018, the Reverend Shyllon and his two daughters and others will be spending the night locked up in a cell without charge.

Editor’s note

Up to going to press, the Sierra Leone Telegraph did not receive a reply to its request to obtain the other side of this story from Josephine Jackson.


  1. Excluding sentiment and emotion; we need to solve problems by firstly admitting that the problem exists. Whether you or I like it or not, Sierra Leone today is a lawless country for which the current SLPP government is to blame. Some of these lawlessness are inherited from its APC predecessor!

  2. This is really sad for our country. We always speak about coming together as one in order to move forward yet we see the ones who are supposed to lead us into becoming one and move, are the same ones that are separating us. But time will tell. With all this, Sierra Leone will never move forward. Let me put it this way – Sierra Leone nor go ever better if den people ya nor decide for change n kam together as one.

  3. I’m a bit late with my take on this issue.
    I want to understand the writer of this article: it started with a land dispute over the erection of a fence, then it goes over to SLPP/APC never ending stories. Yes and there was this issue about this aggressive and ruthless Mrs. Jackson who happens to be a SLPP member and has been waiting all along to have a very serious discussion with the pastor and the pastor happens to be a APC member,…….then shots were fired, then arrests were made. As usual those arrested were completely innocent, including the daughters of one of the arrested and as always the case,  the  command  to arrest them came from HIGH ABOVE (our officials have nothing to do except waiting to send APC supporters to jail). Then there  is the story of the ADC to former President Koroma who faithfully served him (not the Salone tax payers) and claimed that he is being persecuted not for his belief but because he served the former President…. least I forget,  Mrs Blyden the self-acclaimed investigative journalist of Salone rounding up her glorious days as special Executive Assistant to Koroma at State House. What’s all this about Mr/Mrs Writer….???
    This is an excellent piece of Salone on-the-site report. Objective journalism was sacrificed on the alter of partisan politics. It’s sad for our country, this is not politics but sorry to say it, pure ignorance and naivety!  Salone deserves BETTER!

    • Indeed. “Salone deserves BETTER!” when you are punctual to take on the issue. To be late is always very bad EH? Moreover, there was nothing wrong to make you react otherwise. The barbarity committed was straightforward. No hiding place down there for the culprits with all those videos. Do you agree with me Mr. Alusine Fallay? GOD bless you Mr. Alusine Fallay and may God help “GET SALONE sorted”.

  4. I personally believe that most of the political problems that still exist in our country always revolves around the lifetime leader and chairman of the APC party who once promised that he will make the country ungovernable if the APC party lost an election; and that was also echoed by his handpicked stooge (sore loser – Dr. Samura Kamara) who openly disclosed that ”the APC party supporters will continue to cause all sorts of problems“ for this new direction government after he lost the 2018 presidential election.

    This lawlessness started after the Judiciary slammed an injunction against 16 members of parliament in 2018 including the member of parliament from the constituency where the lifetime leader is a resident, and now the confrontation that started in parliament still continue to trickle down to that particular community.

    “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW“ – including the former Police Officer and ADC to the lifetime leader of the APC party. Reverend Shyllon should have avoided JUNGLE JUSTICE by reporting the problems to the appropriate authorities which should have been the law enforcers (police) or his lawyer to handle land matters rather than confrontation.

    Finally, the example has been set in parliament that JUNGLE JUSTICE will no longer exists in our society and NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. Krio proverb says – “ UDAT GET YASE FOR YERI MAKE E YERI “ !!

  5. I can see the sentiment of some readers. Please let us remember this is just one side of the story. I know disarming a police officer is an offence which Ibrahim did, whether on behalf of Dr shyllon or not. In my view we should not be too sentimental from one view of a story. Lets wait for the police to make a statement about the reason for their arrest.

    • Alpha Alghali, faced with the same situation – someone in civilian clothing shooting at you to kill you, what would you have done? Please be honest sir!!

  6. Here we go again – I’ve said it once,insisted twice, and thrice emphatically maintained that the biggest disaster that has ever happened in Sierra Leone is the election of Maada Bio to the highest office in the land. Once a military despot, always a military despot. You cannot make an undemocratic, totally pathetic despot become an honorable Statesman overnight, no matter how many doctorate degrees, and accolades you generously award, or bestow on him. His devious, criminal soul is naturally inclined towards committing shady, and cruel trespasses, evil deeds and the worst kinds of violence, atrocities, lawlessness, and human rights violations imaginable.

    Its easy,and clear to see,that many other delinquents,and wacko conspiracy theorists in the SLPP are just faithfully towing the line,following diligently in the crooked, malfeasant, barbaric, terrorist footsteps of the President. These three inept, questionable men – Bio, Francis, Saffa and the erratic woman – Josephine Jackson, should never be allowed to destroy our beloved nation in pursuit of personal vendettas, or for their own personal ambitions.

    The illegal arrest of Reverend Shyllon and his daughters are the latest and clearest signs that Sierra Leone is now under authoritarian rule, where the rights of citizens are being violated and trampled upon by a fascist minded, tribalistic, nepotistic government.

    The SLPP has now regressively chosen to return our nation into the troubling dark ages of ceaseless rainy days. Instead of continuous progressive days of bright sunshine – chaos, anarchy, rampant abuse of power, threats and intimidation now prevail under their watch.

    But these are new times, the whole world is watching them, monitoring their attitudes of disregard for our individual freedoms and liberties – investors are carefully observing, examining, scrutinizing their criminal ways, and choosing to stay away, instead of taking crazy, foolhardy risks in barbaric Sierra Leone with their hard earned cash…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  7. The Bio government is becoming more difficult to we the people of this country. The last time we heard billions missing, and today is an arrest of an innocent man of God who has served this country as a religious and righteous man. Today he has been detained with his daughters for an unlawful act created by Josephine Jackson. Remember, this is Sierra Leone where everyone knows each other.

  8. Why not contact the honourable MP directly, instead of going through N. Koroma. You contacted Dr. sylvia Blyden (my mentor)
    Who is she? why? Even the police you did not talk to, at least to get the two sides of the story, then you can draw a perfect conclusion.

    To start with there was confrontation between both parties for a piece of land. Who is the rightful owner? Who was the aggressor?

    ‘Orders from above’ is one of the few phrases familiar to the people of this country for the past years…… yes but we must not encourage people to misbehave. If Shyllon – with all due respect a policeman – a very good and outstanding one, he should have reported his case for authorities to get involved as to avoid confrontation, especially with the involvement of his daughters.

    And lest I forget, if you can dig into where the ORDER came from, you must have exploited all areas to get a balanced story. Any way thanks for keeping us informed…land that we love.

    • Especially when conflicts over Land are not one-day issues; the Reverend and former ADC, retired Police officer, had enough time and should know the due Procedures (as Owner of the Land) to report to the Ministry of Lands etc.

  9. Such BARBARITY still happening in Sierra Leone? SAD. Let those who were preparing to defend this BARBARIC ACT look at these VIDEOS and quickly ask GOD for MERCY. What is happening today in Sierra Leone is NPRC JUNTA PART III. DENNY! That is why we are APPEALING to the APC PARTY to ELECT a CANDIDATE that the BULLIES know will stand up to their BULLISH BARBARITY and many other VIOLENT BARBARITY.

    I know that the APC PARTY has many MEN and WOMEN to STAND UP to these BARBARIC BULLIES. But the one the BULLIES FEAR MOST is Chief Sam Sumana. So, I am again appealing to all APC MEMBERS and EXECUTIVES to elect Chief Sam Sumana as their next LEADER. I know some of them have concerns which I believe will be addressed. We can’t just continue with such BARBARITY, LAND GRAB, TRYING TO BREAK THE ARM of another RESPECTED POLITICIAN in a BYE ELECTION BARBARITY, TEARGASING PARTY MEMBERS IN THEIR HEADQUARTERS, TEARGASING THE MOST POPULAR AND RESPECTED POLITICIAN on the streets of PORT LOKO, etc.

    Something has to be done at the ballot box come 2023. The only solution is to elect Chief Sam Sumana as the next APC LEADER to give a MERCILESS and CRUSHING DEFEAT to any POLITICAL LEADER come 2023.

    GOD BLESS Reverend Shyllon and all those arrested. The videos have proven to the people of Sierra Leone and the whole world the BARBARITY, INJUSTICE, GROSS ABUSE OF HUMAN RIGHTS, UNLAWFUL INCARCERATION and VIOLENCE; COMMANDEERED by some FAILING POLITICIANS under the POLITICAL NOSE of the Bio ADMINISTRATION. Can you imagine? GOD BLESS Reverend Shyllon and all those UNLAWFULLY INCARCERATED. GOD HELP “GET SALONE SORTED”.

  10. Once again, political intimidation, thuggery, and lawlessness rearing it ugly behind under the watchful eyes of the PAOPA regime. Oh poor mama Salone, when will this anarchy end? Each successive regime that takes the mantle of leadership is behaving worse than the previous. Instead of abiding by laid down legal proceedings, political agents are taking the law into their own hands, using the police as tool to terrorize and intimidate anyone who does not worship them.

    This kind of behavior is nothing new in Sierra Leone society; even powerful rich individuals can order the police to arrest anyone without valid legal backing. It appears this is getting worse under the new regime.

  11. SLPP is a ungrateful party they never did anything for us the students that bring the party to power. We are the ones that demonstrated for the calling of the election result in the court of Law; spent our little money buying water for supporters at Law court after the second round which the electorial commission was delaying the result.

    I am a IT student from blue crest college – I was doing publicity for Maada Bio. I never benefited. Let’s leave politicians, they are ungrateful people.

  12. His arrest and his two daughters was politically motivated as stated but also this news is politically biased as I read,…The writer had already defended Shyllon based on APC perspective rather than independent journalism.

    • What you have observed is very correct, this is a biased report: “An APC party grandee told the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph that Reverend Shyllon’s arrest is just another episode in the ruling SLPP’s determination to extinguish the opposition APC.” And “The whole country is now a rudderless vessel and the Pilot does not have a clue how to steer clear off the rocks”.

      We are talking about violence which occured during a land dispute and not about Biography and the attainments of Rev. Shyllon. I only hope that the person who made this statement would testify before the Court, in the matter of the murdered Journalist: “Just so too they maltreated the journalist who died and they are now pretending that it was the beating by the erstwhile APC Mayor and others that killed him.”

      All what is going on in the country is not new, we only wish that they do not repeat the same mistakes of the past. God bless and guide our People.

  13. Let me give some advice to Reverend Shyllon, his family and supporters. If all what we are hearing is true, then, this is TOTAL BULLYING. As Dr. Sylvia Blyden rightly said, the Reverend is a PEACEFUL, RESPECTFUL and HUMBLE MAN. I know that and many Sierra Leoneans do.

    I would advice Reverend Shyllon not to COWER. He should be BRAVE, CONFIDENT, BOLD and COURAGEOUS. All they are doing is to BOMBARD the whole situation to create a CONFRONTATION. Also, the REVEREND must stay calm and POLITE to the BULLISH BOMBARDMENT TACTICS. No COUNTER PUNCHES. With this advice, the BULLIES, with their BULLISH TACTICS, will hastily return with their BULLISH BOMBARDMENT, back to their BULLISH WILDERNESS forever.

    As a POLICEMAN, I know that, Reverend Shyllon already knows how to handle the situation. GOD BLESS and HELP Reverend Shyllon and all those arrested survive this BULLISH ORDER from the so called BULLISH ABOVE. I will get back to this article later. GOD HELP “GET SALONE SORTED”.

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