Africa must speak with one voice to reform UN Security Council – president Bio tells AU leaders

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 February 2019:

Early this week, president Julius Maada Bio presented the 20th Report of the Committee of Ten African Heads of State and Government, otherwise known as the C-10, at the plenary session of the African Union (AU) summit.

The president highlighted a series of actions that are being taken by the Committee since the last meeting of the AU in Nouakchott in 2018.

Speaking at the plenary session last Monday, president Bio said that the report of the C10 represents an extensive outreach by the committee members to interest groups and individual member states in support of Africa’s demands for the reform of the Security Council.

As chairman of the C10, President Bio also spoke about the Ministerial Meeting of Foreign Ministers of C-10 countries organised in Freetown in December 2018.

“In this regard, I am pleased to report that the Foreign Ministers of the Committee met in Freetown Sierra Leone, from 14 to 15 December last year to develop (a) a roadmap for advancing the Common African Position, (b) an Aide Memoire for engagement with the Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council – P-5, and, (c) a strategy to engage with other Interest Groups and regional groupings,” president Bio said.

But the president also warned that: “The recognition and legitimacy of the African demand to take its rightful place in global governance is achievable only if we continue to work together in articulating our aspirations and goals as a continent.

“We must continue to resist the temptation and efforts by other Member States and Interest Groups to divide and distract Africa from its Common Position. African countries must collectively continue to defend, promote, and advocate the Common African Position.”

The president of Kenya -Uhruhu Kenyatta, the President of South Africa – Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, prime minister of Ethiopia – Abiy Ahmed Ali, president of Mauritania – Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, president of Uganda – Yoweri Museveni, and the chairman of African Union and president of Egypt – Abdel Fattah El Sisi, commended president Julius Maada Bio for his excellent leadership of the C10.

AU Heads of State and Government ,renewed their commitment to the common African position and assured president Julius Maada Bio of their support to deliver the mandate of the C10.

Earlier, president Bio held a separate meeting with members of the C10 where he advised committee members to focus on ensuring that Africa is properly represented at the United Nations and not to be distracted by the question of which particular country would represent Africa in the Security Council and the non-permanent seats.

President Bio was responding to concerns from members of the Committee on what should be the mode of the distribution of seats among the African countries, once the request of the C10 has been granted through the United Nations Reform process.


  1. It’s quite amazing what President Bio has achieved in such as short time in a very difficult financial environment. I have to say that I think he is the right man for the job; and the change of government was a step in the right direction.

  2. President Bio is demonstrating true leadership for the content of Africa . Africa needs a representation in the security council. We are 1.2 billion and we are the only continent that is left behind even though we have so many natural resources If it’s solar energy we have it in abundance. If it is hydro we have so many dams right across the continent but yet still Africa is the darkest content on earth. Until and unless we have a representation in the security council Africa will always be a waiter at the UN assembly rather than a diner eating with other civilisations.

  3. President Bio’s request for AFRICAN NATIONS to speak with One Voice is unrealistic and unachievable because of the standards of transparent accountability, and, respect for un-politicised audit functionings being so disparate!

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