Alie Kabba speaks about the SLPP Appeal Court ruling

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 June 2017

Presidential hopeful – Alie Kabba is calling on all members of the opposition SLPP to support yesterday’s Appeal Court ruling, which requires the party to conduct a re-run of all disputed constituency elections.

This is what he said today in a statement:

yesterday’s Court of Appeal ruling centred around the fate of the disputed 39 constituencies, about which so much has been said and written, it is very heartening to note that the ruling was greeted with encouraging enthusiasm and general acclaim.

Everyone deserves a congratulatory pat for quickly moving to accept the ruling in good faith. That is a commendable display of political maturity by a party with a long and admirable history of upholding democratic principles.

It is now time for our great party to come together, implement the court ruling, and work to strengthen peace and unity that we need for a beckoning national electoral success.

Fellow party members, now is not the time for hurtful swipes or provocative jibes.

Now is certainly not the time for any attempt to try to score points by negatively revisiting the sores of past positions or setting new demands.

Magnanimity in approach and temperance in attitude will go a long way in consolidating what has rightly been described, by all sides, as a remarkable “win for the SLPP”.

There is nothing strange or different in the nature of the oftentimes irritating political scuffles that have characterised the spirit of our internal SLPP competition.

What must henceforth be emphasised here and now, and everywhere and at all times, is the urgent need to put every bit of divisive diatribe and vexatious posturing behind us.

We must recognise the guiding role of the party and work to achieve the dreams of a nation in distress.

We must tone down the disruptive rhetoric and heighten responsible sensibilities to meet the greater challenges ahead. We owe this to our noble party, our beloved country, and to future generations that will suffer the consequences of our errors or enjoy the fruits of our sacrifices.

Sisters and Brothers, the court ruling has placed on all of us, especially the leaders and aspiring leadership, the hallowed responsibility to heal the wounds of internal feuding and focus our energies on defeating the APC on March 7, 2018.

In this respect, I want to make the solemn pledge, on behalf of myself and my campaign, that we will continue to work tirelessly with everyone inside the SLPP to uphold the higher interests of our noble party and promote its positive image at all times.

Let us continue to believe in our party and our ability to rise to the clarion call of the people yearning to end the era of the greedy and corrupt political class in Sierra Leone.

One Country, One People!
Everyone in, No one out!
Everyone up, No one down!

Your Humble Servant,
Alie Kabba


  1. Alie Kabba stands out as the best option to lead SLPP to State House. He is the voice of sanity when all we hear around us is just sound and fury signifying nothing. His message is clear, consistent, patriotic, and profoundly rooted in a vision that appeals to people of diverse backgrounds in the country. I hope SLPP delegates will vote for him as flagbearer, for he has the smile and charisma of a winner. In spite of everything he has gone through in the country, Alie still stands tall in speaking truth to power. He is definitely a man to watch in the race.

  2. You have been an inspiration to each and everyone who crosses your path. We appreciate your encouragement and useful advice. We are grateful. You are indeed a good leader!

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