An appeal to all my SLPP brothers and sisters for sustainable peace and unity 

Abdulai Braima

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 February 2017

Let us please come together and push the Peace Process with the strength of fanatical zeal that was on display during the sad stretch of our factional “warfare”. Right now SLPP needs champions of peace, not heroes of war.

The energy that we wasted in trashing one another in the last few months and years should now be channelled into the peace process.

We all know that the way forward is going to be hard and tempting. We should also recognise that the initial terms of the “treaty” are bound to be riddled with misunderstandings and imperfections.

But at least, we seem to have started from somewhere. All we need to do now is to improve on what we have instead of scrapping it all together.

Of course a huge part of this unity struggle is the fear that some may attempt to manipulate the situation to match their interests. Already the air is thick with suspicions, some justified many not so.

As brothers and sisters I believe that we have it in us to walk through this cloud with the same spirit that saw us march hand in hand singing peace, to the iconic cotton tree.

This tree has been a silent witness to all our woes and successes.

From the landing of the first batch of freed slaves on our coastline, to the exhilarating fanfare of our independence, to the mass slaughter that was the rebel war, to our paddle dances and lantern parades; this famous tree has seen and heard it all.

It is under that same tree that our leaders went a few days ago and reaffirmed their commitment to peace and unity in the presence of God and man.

If we truly care about the good of our country, if we are really bothered by the suffering of our people, if we are not just another scattering of selfish individuals we would make all the sacrifice it takes to put SLPP together again and bring progress and happiness to our suffering country!

Those who seek to undermine this fledgling peace by their utterances or through their actions have to understand that when the dam breaks the cascading water will drown so many. And the red crocodiles that feed on human flesh will be out in their energised dozens to swallow while smiling!

Certainly, peace has a lot going for everyone everywhere. The absence of peace and unity is a precursor to darker days ahead.

Let us come together and advocate louder for peace. Let there be no fear of each other. But let us also be fair as we deal with one another, knowing that any attempt to selfishly manipulate the process is a step in the wrong direction.

But for now, even as we keep our antennas alert against any shady steps, we have to be prepared to maintain a huge dose of goodwill by according “the benefit of the doubt” to certain things that we may not fully be privy to instead of giving a dirty interpretation to everything that comes in view.

We have to remember that there are people working very frantically to ensure that this peace does not only hold firm but that it becomes the engine to propel SLPP to State House.

Our party has a lot to lose if we should falter, and our country has a lot more to lose if SLPP should lose. The ball is firmly in our hands.

So please let’s stand straight and hold tight to talk peace and act peace anyway we can, anyhow we can.


  1. One country ONE people……. GOD BLESS MAMA SALONE….Inshallah I will come to Sierra Leone to cast my vote, God bless you all.

  2. This is such very very good news that SLPP aspirants and supporters have finally made peace. This is a relief as the previous situation was like a rebel war within the SLPP.

    This is just the beginning and the aspirants have to work extra hard to ensure that this hard – earned peace is maintained.

    They must now concentrate on the prize at the end of the challenge – getting to State House come 2018.

    Well done to all those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that peace is restored within the party.

    It is now hoped that all court cases will be quashed and that there will be no more fighting within the SLPP branches in different parts of the world.

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