APC accepts Sam Sumana back into its membership

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 January 2020:

Sierra Leone’s main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party, today 7th January 2020, accepted former Vice President Chief Sam Sumana back into the party, after he was expelled in 2015 and sacked as vice president by president Ernest Bai Koroma.

But today, all is forgiven and there was no talk of his sacking and the bad blood that it created, as the members of the All People’s Congress National Advisory Council (NAC), unanimously welcomed Sam Sumana back to the party at their head office in Brookfields, Freetown.

Speaking at the event, Sam Sumana expressed delight at coming back to what he referred to as his home – “the only party that represents the grassroots of this country and whose values are based on working for the common man and woman in the country,” he said.

As he joined executive members of the party in singing the APC anthem – “There is victory for us”, there was jubilation.

But Sam’s re-entry into the APC party now raises questions about whether he can bring along the majority of members of his former Coalition For Change (C4C) party, who in a statement two weeks ago vowed to stay with their party as they bode Sam farewell.

Also, will Sam be accepted by the party as one of the contenders for its presidential or vice presidential flagbearership for the 2023 elections?

This question may not be at the forefront of Sam’s mind at the moment, but there is little doubt it will focus the minds of the more than a dozen contenders lined up for the contest whenever it is called by the party’s officials in two years’ time.

This is Sam Sumana at his welcoming by the APC party:


  1. Sam Sumana is highly welcome back to the honorable party, as we serve as the best and truthful party (APC) in this country (Sierra Leone).

  2. “Thus, expectedly, core Northern tribalists and regional hgemonists will again fight Sam Sumana with blood and tears to ensure that the tribal and regional “purity” of the APC at the leadership level remains sacrosanct.” – by Mr Bilal Coleman.

    The APC party was formed on the foundation of disgruntled Sierra Leoneans who felt left out in the introduction of overt tribalism by the Mende-dominated SLPP party – especially towards the Creoles at first, with whom the Mendes were competing for administrative and leadership positions – immediately after the dawn of independence in the country.

    The Mendes, about 30% of the population were locked in a tribal, cultural and legitimacy war for the inheritance of the main component of colonization (the art of ‘divide and rule’) with the Creoles, who only accounted for about 3% of the population. Obviously, it was a no-match scenario for the Creoles as regards to the numbers game, in a fair and democratic setting.

    At this time, the Northern region was not politically active due to many factors including, its deficiency or neglect towards the development of the region relative to the South-Eastern and Western parts of the country where Mendes and Creoles were predominately located, respectively. Most importantly, the North was poorly educated and most of its inhabitants were engaged in subsistence agricultural and business activities. Only few were attracted to politics.

    In spite of this, as the Northern region was the most populated area – with the Temnes alone accounting for over 35% of the population – the shrewd and savvy Siaka Probyn Stevens did not waste any time in forging an alliance with the Creoles and the Northern tribes. Game on. North-West against South-East. Or APC against SLPP. Or Temne-Man against Mende-Man … Take your pick.

    Thus, APC was founded on the same tribal pedestal, but with a philosophy of populism. Of course, the late Siaka Stevens was a Mende from the South; although the tribal-orientated political atmosphere convinced him to declare as a native of the Limba tribe, the third largest in the country – at about 9% of population.

    Mr Coleman may also like to acknowledge the fact that most of the military coups that had taken place in the history of the country, had been perpetrated by Southerners. Out of seven civilian governments, since independence, only two were led by indigenes from the North. And unlike the SLPP, the APC owes its origin from a Southerner (Sheki); which demonstrates the existence of LIBERAL attitudes in the North, as opposed to the tribal conservatism and falsehood of colonial outlook, in the South.

    Both Dr Samura Kamara (Northerner) and Chief Sam Sumana (Easterner) are all good candidates for the APC in 2023. It does not matter who finally prevails to carry the fight against the paopa SLPP. The main focus is for the APC to win State House. And, reflecting on the persistent regressive state of the economy, coupled with rampant corruption in the hierarchy of the ruling SLPP, any of these candidates is certainly capable of defeating the falsified and hyped-up Maada Bio.

    At the end of the day, all the APC needs now, is to forget the unfortunate outcome of the 2018 elections, and reposition their microscopic political lens to capture the new trend of paopa politics, and choose a flagbearer that will suit the bill to defeat this dangerous and undemocratic mentality. And furthermore, probably redefine the political landscape of Sierra Leone, away from the entrenched tribal sentiments.

    “Yet it is no hidden secret that the APC as a political formation has always embraced the ideology of tribalism and Northern regional hegemony in Sierra Leone.” Here is Mr Coleman again, expressing the level of tribalism and regional hegemony in the APC northern heartlands; and at the same time against the idea of Chief Sam Sumana (an Easterner) from having the opportunity of celebrating a perfect home-coming to his party.

    Mr Coleman’s opinion seems to be wedged between a feeling of total disregard of the social, economic and political impact of the North; and a common fear, or a reluctance to accept that this region is now becoming a strong contender in the definition of politics in the country as a whole.

    • Alimamy Turay, I do not hold briefs for Mr. Bilal Coleman. But you certainly need to have a better education in Sierra Leone’s political history. Your revisionist history of Sierra Leone has no legs to stand on. Contrary to the ignorance that you have displayed, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) from its very inception had had a national character. In fact, some historians have really argued that the SLPP emerged from the North.

      Siaka Stevens (Limba), Taylor-Kamara (Themne), PC Bai-Koblo Pathbana (Themne), PC Bai Sebora Yumkella (Susu), Kande-Bureh (Themne), Dr. Hajj-Conteh (Themne) and many others were all founding members of the SLPP and they were also Northerners.

      Look, I am a Northerner who will always be critical of the APC for its internal politics that encourages and embraces ethnic and regional exclusivity. I have relatives in that party (God only knows what they are still doing there). But until the APC embraces diversity, it will continue to shrink until it self-exterminates.

      The marginalization of Samuel Samsumana and Victor Foh, for example, demonstrates how extremist the trbalists and regionalists leading the APC have become. Had these two been fully embraced, the APC would have still been in power today.

  3. Wow! Sam sumana has finally abandoned his C4C with the hope of becoming the APC 2023 presidential candidate. This is going to be a tough battle among other members of the APC. The god father and dictator of the APC party Ernest, will see by all means for that to happen, because he is the sole funder of the APC. How can one man control the APC. Are there no educated and well groomed members of the APC? If 2023, we see a super American computer credit card criminal be president, then we are heading for the worst.

  4. Sam Sumana to win next election for the APC and get kicked out again for not being a northerner with a full level of APC DNA? Why oh why?

    • Think positively Mr. Peter Dauda. The paradise of Africa is on its way. Let’s try and “GET SALONE sorted” by making sure, the APC and the people of Sierra Leone vote Chief Sam Sumana the next President of Sierra Leone come 2023. That’s not a difficult task. It’s very easy. That I can assure you. I understand what you are saying and I respect you views and concerns. But your concerns about the APC and Chief Sam Sumana will be addressed later. God bless you Mr. Peter Dauda and may God help “get SALONE sorted.

  5. Happy New Year and a HAPPY new decade to you Mr. Reinhard Weicha. We celebrated the tenth anniversary of The Sierra Leone Telegraph. It was fun. Lots of fun. However, welcome back and God bless you.

  6. Mr. Maturri I can imagine your Joy but let’s not forget that this PALAVER was an internal APC BARBARIC ACT committed against Sam Sumana, which in the end could have ended in a cold blooded murder. Who was the mentor behind this BARBARIC ACT? Should we Salone People now celebrate because the chairman for LIFE EVERLASTING has finally forgiven Sam Sumana for not being faithful to him like his former ADC Pastor Shyllon?

    Unfortunately Sam Sumana never sued his former boss at the ECOWAS COURT but the innocent and downtrodden Salone People. We were taken to court. Why did he not first consult with us, the Salone People, before going on his knees asking for mercy from his former boss? Which APC executive at that time sympathised with him, NONE! Which APC NEWS OUTLET starting from COCORIOKO with Kabs Kanu to the self-acclaimed investigative Journalist Blyden from AWERNESS, None!

    What are the benefits of 3 decades of APC rule, I’m afraid NOTHING!!! Now we should jubilate because SS and EBK, two men hungry for power, are prepared to forgive each other. We sympathised with Sam Sumana and we still do, but mind you he has made a political mistake, which he alone has to account for. Which mistake you would like to ask? …. His POLITICAL REPUTATION!!

    Mr. Matturi, Political Integrity and Steadfastness are Fundamental Values that politicians must cherish. Sam Sumana has manouverd his political ship in the wrong direction, so please stop wasting your time fighting a long lost battle. My advice, join hands with MRN and the Kaloko Movement to bring democracy in the APC, then we are with you! Or join me and others for a National Unity Government, carried and powered by us SALONE PEOPLE!! We will prevail!!

  7. Its 2020, and Caterpillars are still the same; still unimproved,unchanged,unable to grow even a tiny noticeable wing,so that they can soar and fly away. (lol) – 2020, and they are still on mud, crawling,on feeble,wobbly legs,anxious,and desperate to become butterflies. Strange is it not, that the most ardent practitioners and winners of rampant,debilitating,irrational Tribalism are here once again pointing fingers of shame and blame?

    The SLPP is now on slippery ground, SLIP,SLIP….SLIDING AWAY into obscurity once again (lol). They are scared out of their wits. If Sam Sumana becomes the flag bearer of the APC its GAME OVER. Might as well pack your crappy belongings from State House before we are forced to throw them out (lol)….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  8. Young4na – Divine intervention huh?(lol) Well you will have to wait forever – countless eons and millenniums, will come and go and I guarantee you that is never ever going to happen. When war erupted in Sierra Leone where hands and limbs were butchered and hacked and in Rwanda also where millions lost their lives in the worst Genocide in human history.

    Tell me, my good brother, why didn’t the Almighty Intervene then? Any brilliant and logical answers? The truth of the matter is there is no FATE BUT WHAT WE MAKE for ourselves. It has been so since the first day of Creation and will forever remain so, until the last Day of Reckoning.

    Humanity has been entrusted with unmatched powers, abilities, intelligence and unrestrained free will – we are responsible for the choices we make and our choices are like seeds; you reap what your own hands have sown. Ever seen a strange house overcrowded with unruly, boisterous tenants that you never thought will move out and one day, you suddenly find out they have packed up and gone, replaced by quiet, law abiding people?

    The same thing applies to the APC or the SLPP – a time will certainly come when sincere, trustworthy, Patriotic, competent people will ascend the ranks and ignite a political firestorm, that will Change things forever. It will be so! The New Direction is not all inclusive – it’s a rudderless ship sailing in the wrong direction. Let’s give Chief Sam Sumana a chance, if he is elected as the flag bearer of the legendary APC. What we thought was lost, has been found again and who knows, perhaps, just perhaps, that wilderness experience, has transformed the man into an alchemist with a flawless midas touch for national progress, unity and Peace….Give him a chance! Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Ok Mr. Conteh, I agree we do not have to wait for the almighty or a divine intervention. We are responsible. But sorry, do you have no young progressive people/politicians in your country?

    • Saidu Conteh said: “The truth of the matter is, there is no FATE BUT WHAT WE MAKE for ourselves. It has been so since the first day of Creation and will forever remain so, until the last Day of Reckoning.” I cannot agree with your more, my brother Mr. Conteh; this is why its imperative for intelligent individuals like your type to do all that’s within your might to reverse this degenerative trajectory our nation faces via corruption and selfish leaders found on both our major political parties.

      Man being a political animal by nature, I am by no means against any individual’s affiliation or subscription to either of our major parties. On the contrary, what I subscribe to is using your affiliation as a catalyst to bring about meaningful change to the broader society rather self. Against this backdrop, I believe its our responsibilities as party supporters to make sure our leaders practice what they preach. Asking the right questions or seeking answers to ambiguous motives is by no means being disloyal, in fact, it characterizes patriotism and loyalty.

      When leaders on either parties do the right things, the party’s chances of remaining in power is maximized. In turn, members of the party will maintain their roles, while at the same time development at the national level is observed. It’s a win win, situation for all. The sad reality is that, most of our compatriots will choose short term benefits (involving in corruption for quickest riches), rather than do the right things which translates to their own sustainability and nation at large. My hope is, our heavenly father will one day in the future bless our nation with a leader who truly have the country at heart rather than self and cronies.

  9. Now that Mr. Samuel Sam Sumana has made a 360 degree turn to reunite with his violent tormentors, I hope he will have the decency to apologize to the ECOWAS court for filing a frivolous lawsuit against the government of Sierra Leone, to apologize to the members of the C4C party for deceiving them and for swindling their funds, and to apologize to Kono district for indoctrinating young minds with a resentment-laden ideology rooted in overt tribalism. C4C’s parliamentary victories in Kono district in 2018 would never had happened had Samsumana and his men not openly preached tribalism to Kono voters.

    Samsumana is the most selfish politician to ever emerge in Sierra Leone. Every political move by this guy has always been only about himself. Thus, his return to the APC cannot surprise anyone as it rests on a closed-minded belief that Samsumana will be that party’s flagbearer in 2023. Interestingly, this may have been the agreement that the fired former vice president entered into with Ernest Koroma during one of his frequent visits to the disgraced former president in Makeni last year.

    Yet it is no hidden secret that the APC as a political formation has always embraced the ideology of tribalism and Northern regional hegemony in Sierra Leone. All non-northerners, Samsumana included, that have ever aspired to lead the party have been disgraced and cut to size. Thus, expectedly, core Northern tribalists and regional hegemonists will again fight Samsumana with blood and tears to ensure that the tribal and regional “purity” of the APC at the leadership level remains sacrosanct.

    However, should Samsumana be dislodged from the flagbearer’s race due to his ethnicity and Southeastern origin, he will strike back with the threat of not delivering the Kono vote. Such an imminent development would really work in favor of the SLPP. Thus, the SLPP must wait patiently as the tribalists and regional hegemonists cross swords in the process of tearing each other apart. Like in 2018, in 2023, Kono voters will not vote for a violent and hopeless party that has nothing to offer them. Moreover, it is not lost on Kono voters that Samsumana is in politics only to look out for himself.

  10. Poor mama Salone, caught in the middle of 2 dubious political parties, with leaders on both parties taking turns to rob our nation. We indeed need divine intervention!!

    • I agree, it’s all over the world with the established parties. Another question: what is with the judgement of the ECOWAS court of justice in 2017? Sam Sumana received the 250 million US dollars? Poor Sierra Leone.

  11. Indeed. “I will continue the work I started” to move forward, says Chief Sam Sumana. Did they hear the chants? “Sam Sumana back to power”, “Sam Sumana back to APC”. Bottom line, the APC is the “Kombra” party in Sierra Leone. I would love to see people like Mr. Alpha Kanu, Victor Foh and many others who left the party for whatever reason to return.

    Some might be ashamed to return by themselves in my view. So, I call on the APC executive and members to reach out to those individuals and bring them back into the party. The party just have to be united and inclusive if they want to mercilessly defeat the SLPP come 2023. They should also put aside, all the ideas of factions, clans, tribes, contact and who know you to get the job done in 2023 and “get SALONE sorted”. Can you imagine how nice that would be? The paradise in Africa is coming.

    As for Chief Sam Sumana, he will have to address some concerns by some in both the executive and the entire membership as a whole. Once he does that, which I believe he could because of his charisma and persuasive skills, he would be better placed to win the APC party leadership and win the next election very easy. There will be an election earthquake because he would be able to turn some green areas BROWN at the very least.

    So, he has a lot of work within the party to do. He should not be complacent because there will be many tough candidates. So, lots of work to be done. In the end, I believe he will be elected leader and bring victory home after the struggles of the APC.

    So, I call on the APC to elect the leader that will inflict that election earthquake and crushing defeat on the SLPP and bring victory home come 2023. Finally, the fact that the APC has accepted his membership, that is a big deal and things are going as planned. Ah tell you.

    “In the struggle of APC there is victory”. God bless Chief Sam Sumana and the APC. God help “get SALONE sorted”.

  12. Its 2020,and it is the Year of Historic Return – The charismatic,Chief Sam Sumana,a lion that once got separated from a coalition of roaming,majestic hunting lions has finally returned home,where he belongs.Bravo! And there’s some more – befittingly,a den full of hyped up,fired up,enthusiastic Pride of Lions eagerly celebrates,and welcomes his memorable return.

    Folks,an important piece of a Political,and social jigsaw puzzle,that many concluded,and thought was lost,has now been found once again,and it sits perfectly in its rightful place,All Praises due to Almighty God! Chief Sam Sumana is a matured individual,an amiable,peace loving Sierra Leonean,that forgives,and forgets the injustices others have committed against him. Welcome home brother!

    You can now count on Saidu Conteh to defend you against hostile forces, the lawless SLPP,and its haters,skeptics,and doubters.Come rain or sunshine,storms,and monsoons,hell or highwater,thick,and thin – I’ve got your back Sir.Word is bond! Rising Sun Will Rise again.

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