APC convention 2023 – Minkailu Mansaray wins Chairmanship election as Yansaneh becomes Deputy Chair

Sheriff Mahmud Ismail: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 February 2023:

As we await the conclusion of the counting of ballots for the position of Presidential candidate, the results for National Chairmanship are as follows:

Dauda Tombo Bangura with 35 votes; Ibrahim Rasin Bundu – 14 votes; Abdul Karim Kalokoh – 225 votes.

A RESOUNDING 1,354 votes cast in favour of Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray.

Alhaji Osman Foday has also been duly elected with a THUMPING vote cast of 1504, to become the duly elected deputy National Chairman of the All Peoples Congress.

Counting of ballots for the Presidential Flagbearer has started 

Before counting started about a few minutes ago, representatives of the flagbearers were requested to present themselves to the election’s officers. The ballots sorted were then placed near each Flagbearer representative.

The volume of ballots near each representative tend to have given the indication that the margin of victory for the winner will be decisive, incontestable and unsurprising!

But the democratically conscious APC will continue to follow the laid down process that will guide the announcement of the election results.

While the hall and indeed Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans abroad wait in bated breath, the final official results will soon be announced, and the duly elected APC presidential candidate will be unveiled to the electorate.

The long and painful wait for the APC and that of the Sierra Leone is nearing its end.

In the struggle of the APC, there’s victory!

Earlier this morning, Lansana Dumbuya, the man who has been declared duly elected National Secretary General (NSG) – the tough job of running the ‘war room’ of the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) – Mr Lansana Dumbuya (Photo), has in a humble statement, commended his former competitor, Ady Macauley, calling him his friend and brother.
In a dramatic gesture of peace, reconciliation and unity, the NSG-elect disbanded his campaign and announced that from now going forward, it will be a collaborative and United front to defeat the incumbent Sierra Leones Peoples Party (SLPP) in the June 24 elections.

As Ady Macauley said, defeating the SLPP requires equal determination but more so, strategic thinking and considerable organisational capacity. Dumbuya assures that he is up to the task.

In what turned out to be a demonstration of a top -of -the- range internal APC democracy, Comrade Ady Macauley, rose to the occasion with a show of remarkable leadership delivering a moving and courageous concession statement.

He warmly congratulated Lansana Dumbuya and pledged full support to him. He said in the APC, contests should not be seen as battles and contestants are not enemies. He admitted that it was a tough fight but he enjoyed it.

He said he didn’t consider this as a loss, rather, it’s a win for the APC. He believes that from here onward, the APC will not turn back until national electoral victory is attained in the June 24 polls.

Video: Ady Macauley congratulates Lansana

This comes, as Former president President Koroma yesterday made a passionate plea for all unresolved membership issues to be resolved once and for all, so that the APC can build on and move on in unity and strength. Conference responded in a thundrous acclamation of support. What seemed like a thorny issue, suddenly became easily addressed.

Former Chairman and Leader, and former President Ernest Bai Koroma Addressed the Conference, urging delegates to be patient and for members of the APC to part themselves on the back for the excellent way they have conducted themselves at this NDC. He said that this is a moment for the APC to show the world that they are ready for governance.

He appealed to everyone to ensure that at this point onwards, they should only do or say things which can only add value to the image of the party.

“In 2018 we left an economy that was functioning; we left development programmes that includes an airport and a new city which the APC should be proud of.”

He further said that at the end of the Conference, whosoever wins will be a winner not just for himself but a winner for all.

He led a rousing rendition of of the song ‘APC Na One Word O, Ay Ya’.

Koroma also urged the APC members not to be too hard on themselves, before ending by wishing Conference a successful outcome.

Ernest Bai Koroma instills Best Practice in APC’s internal electoral processes

In the full view of the public, observers, cameras in the hall and screens outside, the anxious, tedious, critical moment dreaded by all political candidates and their suporters is upon us. Ballots boxes are lifted to the public view, the candidate’s name is announced, the candidate’s representative verifies and confirms the ballot before the next one is taken.

Though candidates and delegates seem generally satisfied with openness and accountable nature of the process, and though there has been no cause for concern, the entire process is being sufficiently protected by a strong security presence.

With such vigilance by contestants and observers; and the transparency and inclusiveness in the elections process, it will be difficult for anyone to complain about any wrongdoing. But if anyone does; video, paper-based documentary evidence and live withnesses to the process shall be available to attest to the fact that this APC NDC and its electoral proceess have been commendably thorough, above board and meets international best practice.

This didn’t happen in a vacuum. Apart from the fact, in his capacity as President of Sierra Leone, president Koroma conducted two national elections which were assessed as being free, fair and credible.

As the APC party’s erstwhile chairman and leader, Sierra Leone’s vast experience in international elections observation must have been brought to bare on this NDC. Over the last four years, former President Koroma has led series of international elections observation mission on behalf of mainly ECOWAS and the African Union. In Namibia, Zambia, Gambia, Togo, Benin, Kenya, the former Sierra Leonean president’s leadership received widespread acclamation.

It is therefore not remotely surprising that this NDC is coming out as a shining example of how inclusive, fair and credible elections should be organised.

The Sierra Leone Telegraph will bring you the breaking stories about the newly elected APC presidential candidate when it is announced shortly.



  1. Santhkie Sorie,
    Sorie to hear that you had a few difficult weeks. But your assertion that Dr. Yumkella has resigned from the NGC is not correct. From his utterances at the commissioning of the new Freetown International airport in Lungi last week, Dr. Yumkella is still the leader of the NGC.
    I would also like to remind you that sometime last year you disagreed with my argument that the NGC will never defeat the SLPP and the APC in national elections. I wonder if you still believe that the NGC can win, given developments in that party over the last month.

  2. It has been a difficult few weeks for me, the source of which is the resignation of Drs Yomkella and Bright from the NGC Party, precisely at the time when they are most needed.

    To me the respective SLPP and APC conventions only carried peripheral attention. One only needs to look at their aftermath to realise that they were nothing more than a recycling exercise – the old guard are still there. The only difference is the rancour and recriminations which were absent in the period leading up to the SLPP convention. And that’s because it is the party in power, no one had the stomach to destabilise the equilibrium.

    Come June 24th, we will again be saddled with either SLPP or APC. Then what?

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