APC have missed the boat – what next?

Dr. Sama Banya (Puawui): Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 January 2020:

I have over the years come to admire and appreciate the integrity, fearlessness and sincerity of the lady called Lara Taylor-Pearce, the daughter-in-law of the Man of God who himself has remained as straight and upright in character as his physical stature.

Year after year, Lara Taylor-Pearce has produced her annual Auditor General’s report without bias and without fear or favour. From 2007 to 2018 of the APC administration, those reports were never discussed in Parliament, let alone in the public domain.

Dust-laden copies could be found on the shelves, and many times on the floors of the offices of Permanent Secretaries and heads of MDAs. But she has never lost hope, nor her faith and determination. She has just gone on doing what she was hired to do. And as the saying goes, looking neither left nor right – but mindful only of the task ahead.

For eleven years, the APC ran this country as though it was their private property; they ruled with impunity; they showed no respect or regard for laid down procedures or regulations. All they cared about was whether their actions suited the plans of their party to hold on to power come what may.

One of the things they treated with their usual contempt was the Auditor General’s annual reports, but that didn’t discourage nor humiliate Lara Taylor-Pierce (Photo). After they assumed power in 2007, one of their first functions was to look into the governance of the SLPP administration of former President Alhajie Ahmad Tejan-Kabbah.

SLPP Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and heads of Government agencies were instructed to stay in office until a formal investigation of their record had been done.

When the report was presented to the former President Koroma, he passed it on to the ACC. And as if he had gone through the documents, he joked that they were not going to spend a normal Christmas holiday because of the enormous task ahead of going through the report.

The impression was that they would be fully engaged in going through the unpleasant reading of the task force report. In the end it appeared that it had been much ado about nothing. The only significant result was the setting up of the Justice Samega Commission of Inquiry into the activities of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

There was no talk about “rules of engagement” on which the APC’s persons of interest and their Lawyers made much noise over the setting up of the current Commissions of Inquiry. Before the Samega report was out, there was the usual loose talk among their supporters of a ghost college and buildings which the ministry had claimed to have constructed.

Much to their dismay when the Commissioner arrived on the site, they were amazed to see huge structures which the APC without any apologies began to use as a special University with special privileges which supported only APC sponsored students and at great expense to the people of Sierra Leone.

Fast forward to 2018, in the Auditor General’s report covering the period 2015-2018 the Auditor General had identified serious financial discrepancies without mentioning the word ‘corruption’. She asked relevant questions and demanded that the records be put straight.

The APC were cock-a-hoop with excitement, assuming that the reports of missing billions of Leones were due to the SLPP administration of President Julius Maada Bio.

They didn’t stop for one moment to reflect that President Maada Bio was declared winner of the 2018 runoff election on April 3, or that it took the Task force more than a month to investigate the administration of the erstwhile government of President Ernest Bai Koroma; nor did it occur to them that it took almost another two months before the ministries and agencies became fully operational under the Bio administration.

The Awareness Times Newspaper and its publisher who are now the unofficial mouth-piece of the opposition APC, were almost shouting with glee that SLPP supporters were shaking in their pants because of the 2018 Auditor General’s report. They must have been hoping that the financial irregularities identified in the audit report were the doings of the new administration.

Because of those discrepancies, the ACC took an active interest and went through the pages of the report with a fine tooth comb. In the end, it turned out that nearly all of those discrepancies occurred before the Bio administration became fully functional.

The current Financial Secretary Sahr Jusu received special commendation for already identifying some of the irregularities AND TAKING STEPS TO PLUG THE LEAKAGES. The silence of the APC and their supporters can be cut with a blunt knife.

I will not go into the details of the report as outlined by the Commissioner of the ACC because as already stated they speak volumes.

The main problem and all the talk about a divided country emanate from the opposition’s refusal to admit that they are no longer in governance; or that from the rapid strides of the Bio administration, they are likely to be in opposition till 2028 and beyond.

That notwithstanding, they continue to spend much money, time and space especially on social media seeking every opportunity to criticise.

The Chief Minister by virtue of his position and influence is currently their target.  There was a diabolical attempt to involve him in an alleged incident that took place in Hamilton, even as the man was out of the country.

But as Siaka Stevens used to say “den faint late!”. That means that they have missed the boat; what they had hoped and prayed for, just did not happen. What next APC?

My advice is that you accept the status quo; accept that you have lost power and influence; concentrate on putting your house in order because as my friend and brother Alpha Khan said recently – “there are no more political strongholds”.

Parties are judged by whether they deliver to the so-called former APC strongholds which they had created by Yuki yuki,” and which is now hunting them in Falaba, Koinadugu and the Northwest.


  1. The candid words of the most incomparable men resemble those being displayed now,by the intelligent Young4na.They are like the awesome thundering of distant drums,that could be heard clearly even hundreds of miles away. I thank you sincerely for your kind thoughtful words brother.To tell you the truth,I am not agry at all – it just so happened that while all this fracas was going on,my little adorable,dearly beloved “Troublemaker” that doesn’t take no for an answer had me running helter skelter on errands,like a 7 year old school boy…like Maada Bio chasing imaginary investors,until I became totally worn out,and exhausted like a King Jimmy market street labourer(lol)

    Yep,Saidu Conteh has been running errands brother,because it is said,that for men with good intentions,and decisive character,to be able to approach,and easily enter the gates of Holy matrimony,they must first become completely docile,subservient,and quiet as mice nibbling quietly on rice – words of my Wise Beloved Grandmother(lol)

    Again,I thank you Sir, and the sharp-witted,politically savvy Mr Matturi for your gestures of goodwill towards me – I’m locked,stocked,fully loaded,with two smoking barrels,fired up,and ready to go all out against this notorious SLPP government now in power.Here comes Saidu Conteh again – Run SLPP Run.(lol) Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  2. Mr David Bangura there, attacking Saidu Conteh and strangely, Mr Thomas just looks away; withdraws in silence, as if he didn’t see or hear anything(lol). Davis Bangura – if words make you run, then how can you manage to cope with with a group of hundreds that think, reason and act like Saidu Conteh?(lol).

    Mr Thomas, its your prerogative, you can ban me if you want, so that it will be etched on my memory and on the pages of Sierra Leone history for the sake of transparency and future reference….Do as you wish Mr Editor. It is all in your hands.(lol) Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Brother Conteh, the indomitable, the pride of the pack, and one of the highly intellectually gifted Sierra Leonean; please let bygone be bygone. It’s no secret many supporters of the PAOPA regime loathe you to the highest degree due to your relentless deserving criticism of the current regime in our nation. Nothing will make them much happier than to see an advocating voice like yours get muted. So please don’t allow them to have their way.

      Let’s focus on the bigger picture sir. We have today in our nation a regime that does not respect the fundamentals of democracy. Opposition officials and dissenting citizens are constantly harass and locked up with no charges or justifications. As Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora, we have a golden opportunity provided to us by the great patriot professor Thomas, to express our diverse opinions without fear or hindrance, provided we abide by his stipulated policies.

      I absolutely have no qualms with the laid down rules so long as they are fairly and squarely enforced across the board. I believe rules exist to protect us all. So let’s just play along sir. I have had a few of my comments deleted or paraphrased by the great patriot on several occasions but I generally choose not to protest because he is the leader as far this platform is concern.

      So please sir, Mr. Conteh, let’s move on. Your contributions in this platform is invaluable. I believe you have hundreds of fans behind the scene who take pleasure and pride in reading your comments in this platform on a daily basis. I am sure you will not like to disappoint them. Sierra Leone belongs to all of us. We should never allow or tolerate any group or class of people thinking they are entitled to special treatment for God knows what.

    • Hi Mr. Saidu Conteh. How are you. I believe you are great. Are you upset with what happened last time or are you just busy and have not much time to debate/discuss the issues on this glorious platform with us? The later I guess. Man, just forget and return as soon as possible. As Young4na said, we need your ideas and participation on this glorious platform. Problems within us and the Editor can always and has always been resolved amicably well. Let’s just respect the rules and move on. Please return as soon as possible and start whacking the political hammer precisely on the issues affecting our beloved country with us. This glorious platform is a place for/of peace and not hate. God bless you Mr. Saidu Conteh.

  3. I respect your views Mr. David Bangura. But I disagree with you saying that Mr. Saidu Conteh will bring this great forum and news outlet down if he is not permanently banned. I believe that, the editor is using the right procedures to bring things under control.

    What Mr. Saidu Conteh and all of us are forgetting is that, the editor has a lot of editing to do each time we post our comments. It is his responsibility to make sure that, whatever he allows to be posted is thoroughly checked and passed all the tests. It must also be responsible on our part as Forumites, to accept his advice because he knows the rules concerning forum regulations more than every one of us.

    I was the first to be given the red flag this year on this platform. What a shame. It is not good when you get the red flag. I know it’s embarrassing. But, I accepted my fault and apologise to everyone. What else can I do. Nothing. Talking to myself.
    So, Mr. David Bangura, let’s dial down the rhetoric and hope that, Mr. Saidu Conteh will reason with the editor and move on. Personally, I don’t want anyone to be banned from participating on this glorious platform. All agree? I hope so.

    God bless Mr. David Bangura, Mr. Saidu Conteh, Dr. Banya, The Editor of The Sierra Leone Telegraph and all Forumites.

  4. It is time for all of us on this platform to take a deep breath and ask God to forgive us and help us put this Dr. Banya “die” issue behind us and more forward. We must all right now take our holy bibles and holy Korans to help us on this Dr. Banya issue. I believe that, Dr. Banya or any other former public official must be respected. Whatever their pros/cons, they deserve respect.

    So, let’s read Psalm 46 verse 1 – 3. Our Muslim colleagues must do the same from verses in the Holy Koran. I know only of the Salat in the Holy Koran. God bless Dr. Banya and bring peace on this platform. The devil is trying to manipulate and install his wishes. But that will never happen in my view. God bless all Forumites.

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