Extreme events are reversing development goals – Op-ed

Patricia Scotland (Commonwealth Secretary-General): Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 January 2020:

Cyclones in the Caribbean and Pacific, devastating bushfires in Australia, recurrent floods and droughts in Asia and Africa, increasingly bring tragic loss of life to our nations and communities, inflicting physical and mental trauma on survivors, and causing irreparable damage to centuries old ways of life and undermining prospects for future prosperity and growth.

The current bushfires in Australia have been among the most distressing manifestations, leading the government to declare a state of emergency. The total cost to the economy of the bushfires with which Australia is grappling seems likely to run into billions of dollars.

Continuous drying of undergrowth creates optimal conditions for bushfires, leading to tragic loss of human lives and destruction of infrastructure. There is devastating impact on the precious biodiversity of flora and fauna, threatening drastically to affect the ecology of the region.

Heightened levels of air pollution in the affected and adjoining regions are having adverse impacts on the respiratory health of scores of people.

Such extreme events are occurring with rising frequency, destroying the means of livelihood for millions people in Commonwealth countries, increasing vulnerability and reducing resilience.

The Commonwealth collectively recognises that without well-planned and integrated national and international action, natural disasters and extreme events will continue to challenge the resilience of affected communities and smaller countries.

The Commonwealth Secretariat is working alongside member nations to protect the environmental health of fragile and susceptible ecosystems, including through increased national preparedness for tackling natural disasters and mobilising resources.

For the arid and drought-prone member countries, which are highly vulnerable to dryness and bushfires, the Commonwealth provides support for governments to develop projects on sustainable and resilient landscape management, with the Commonwealth Climate Finance Access Hub (CCFAH) helping to unlock necessary financial resources.

Similarly, by pooling information into a streamlined platform for better and more convenient access to information, the Commonwealth Disaster Risk Finance Portal currently in development will help countries find suitable sources of finance and support to deal with disasters.

On behalf of citizens of all Commonwealth countries, I express my heartfelt condolences to all families and communities who have lost loved ones in the tragic events of recent days.

I commend the courage and commitment of firefighters, emergency service personnel and all others who are battling to rescue and protect people and property, wildlife and natural resources, or human infrastructure.

In these testing times, the wider Commonwealth family stands in solidarity alongside the Government and people of Australia.


  1. Mr. Thomas – apologies from me for stooping to a lower debating level, even if I had kept it minimal. It won’t happen again.

  2. And just when you thought they were going to put up a fight, or make a fist – they scrambled to their feet and began running like impalas being chased by hungry,merciless lions.(lmao) Its 2020, and we are keeping everyone honest and sincere on this glorious platform….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  3. Mr. Matturi – I’m not here to dispute whether a news source has credibility for being truthful or not. I’ve posted two sources – An AAP source and a Newsweek article – on here on this matter that I thought someone like you and Mr Saidu would consider trust worthy – for the simple reason that you both strike me as someone who always go with official narratives.

    And AAP and Newsweek are as official as they get. Furthermore, it would be senseless to go into the VOX article because the initial argument would’ve then shift from the recent fire outbursts in Australia were deliberated by people instead of the climate to whose source is more credible. It just wouldn’t make sense to navigate that path.

    • Frankly speaking, Mr. Kaloko has now become Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious on this matter.
      I believe, there is nothing more he can tell me and he won’t reply to my questions. God bless Mr. Kaloko. It’s time to move on. God help “get SALONE sorted”.

  4. Mr Kaloko – You got caught with your pants down(lol) Sad isn’t it? You came here hoping to spew out lies,and get away with it,and was totally taken unawares by my unanticipated questions,didn’t you?

    Be honest,you didn’t see them coming did you?Well,you are not the first to come here unprepared,and get totally disparaged,and surely won’t be the last to get dragged through sticky,icky mud by Saidu Conteh.(lol)

    What the hell is wrong with you man,brazenly,spewing out blatant lies like that? 200 people got arrested huh? You saw that first in an eerie dream,and then on SOTT didn’t you?(lol) Oh well,you can now run along,and tell your neighbors,and friends about your experiences here – tell them how you have been stripped from head to toe and exposed as an enemy of the truth.Climate change is real.(lol)

    And remember also to warn them saying;”There’s a merciless lion,seated on the doorsteps of the glorious Sierra Leone Telegraph,be mindful of your words,lest he rips,and tears you to pieces for telling lies like I once foolishly did.(lmao) This conversation ends here Amigo – Adios!.. Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Well except that I’ve responded to all the distorted arguments that you have made on this topic since yesterday, but for some odd reason one of my comments is still pending to be posted. There is nothing I can do about that.

      Anyhow, You seem bothered because you keep responding but you are not producing any thing tangible as it relates to the argument but personal attacks – a casual arguer.

      However, you keep totting your own horn over false belief of making more sense. I’m not fazed by it. You can have it.

  5. Its 2020,and Saidu Conteh has already began to showcase his UNMATCHED brilliance again. HE SAYS CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL,and I agree with him. I HAVE ALSO BEEN ABLE TO READ MANY REPORTS THAT BACK UP THOSE CLAIMS. I remember last year he literally destroyed all his opponents on this forum, one after the other he defeated them, and it has started all over again. THESE PEOPLE WILL NEVER LEARN HOW TO AVOID GETTING EATEN ALIVE. hahaha. Happy New Year, my friend GreatSayedna!

  6. I am quite sure that Mr Kaloko will agree with me that he has squandered the opportunities,I generously handed to him,to prove to us,that his words were credible and true.(lol) Saying you made mistakes, forgot,or were in doubt is amateurish,and just doesn’t make any sense to many of us on this glorious forum. Will you introduce a strange woman you do not know very well,as a friend or beloved to a close group of your family members? Of course not!

    So why did you come here Sir, and brazenly try to sell us an outright,pathetic lie on the Sierra Leone Telegraph that is considered by many prudent and discerning minds as a Pedestal of honesty, sincerity and Truth? Why? Now listen up, next time, look before you leap…tread cautiously when among merciless lions – for discretion it is said is the better part of Valor…Enough said! Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • SOTT is not a “strange woman” to me. I read SOTT on a daily basis, and despite the significant portion of their biased agendas, which I’m intelligent enough to detect whenever I read through their site, I’m able to find things on there that interest me all the time.

      Everything else that was said is merely tripe, and it fazed me not. However, you keep ranting though, for if it makes you sleep good at night then it’s more power to you.

  7. Good heavens! Mr kaloko,for crying out loud,I was expecting some authentic,credible sources,not links to a scamming online news source like the( Sign of the Times) also called, “Sott.net,online” Newspaper,that is owned and published by the Seventh Day Adventists,that believes, advocates,and promotes strongly held,highly cherished,Orthodox christian opinions, sentiments, and viewpoints.”

    Sott.net “comprises mainly of links to various sources,and it is a news source,that is hell bent on spreading,and promoting fake news,and right wing propaganda,They are supporters of the Republican Party,and Donald Trump who is adamantly,and totally against climate change. The Sott.net article you have proudly provided on this glorious platform,that was taken from “Summit News”,is just a total waste of time,biased,and completely worthless.(lmao)

    Now,let’s examine what Newsweek,a credible news source that has won numerous awards for outstanding news reporting emphatically says – “24 people are arrested and charged with arson ….Geez! Did you hear that Mr Kaloko.Those are the FACTS coming from one of the most credible news organisations in the world – 24 people, not 50,100,or 200 as you are delusionally,and erroneously claiming.(lol)

    The findings of environmental groups has always been crystal clear – Big Polluters like Exxon Mobil,Coal India,Gasprom Russia, Saudi Aramco,BP,and BHP Billiton,the mining giant mainly responsible for extracting Australia’s coal,are the guiltiest,unremorseful parties,responsible for the adverse effects of global climate change. Their eyes have been clouded by self centeredness,and greed….and polluting out air for personal gain seems alright with them,its seems just fine! Rising Sun will Rise Again.

    • “Mr kaloko,for crying out loud,I was expecting some authentic,credible sources,not links to a scamming online news source like the( Sign of the Times) also called, “Sott.net,online” Newspaper,that is owned and published by the Seventh Day Adventists,that believes, advocates,and promotes strongly held,highly cherished,Orthodox christian opinions, sentiments, and viewpoints.” You are bloviating. Tell me, what does this has to do with the gist of the comments that I’ve made?

      Why is sharing a link with you – merely to show you what ensue the entanglement of one article for the other – so important that you wrote two whole passage about it? Didn’t I show you the AAP Article you asked for? Didn’t I also give the numbers that you were stressing about by way of a Newsweek article? So what else is it? What else am I missing from the initial comment I made that you asked for, for the purpose of substantiating my claim?

      I believe nothing. So why are you ranting? You must like reading your own writings.

      You don’t know what you’re talking about, because SOTT is not owned by the Seventh Day Adventists (TSDA). You can find this out by simply typing the Seventh Day Adventists on the site’s search engine. You will then see a slew of anti-TSDA article appear on your screen.

      It doesn’t make sense for the owners to go against their own agenda on their own website – does it? No it doesn’t. And even if they were that, what does it have to do with the main point of this discussion? Nothing!

      What a strange trait to have – to skew something that is available to the public. The Newsweek article says way more than that, and it’s there – in public – for facts checking. Hence why are you going through so much trouble to skew something that can be easily accessed? That’s pathological.

  8. Mr. Matturi – Troubled? Why would I feel troubled by simply sharing information that I came across that subsequently relates to a topic that is being talked about? Mr. Matturi, with all due respect I don’t think what I did warrant a panicking reaction from me, whatsoever. To add to that, even if I somehow happen to miss the mark – which I didn’t – I would’ve still walked out of it without having to feel that I’m in some kind of “trouble”

    “I forgive you this time.” Oh please don’t Mr. Matturi. Don’t do that – let the cat out the bag, for you’re not dealing with a charity case here. But that is of course if you truly want to. Mr. Because you can best believe that I’m all the way intact – bulletproofed – and have nothing to shy away from. So, have it, Mr. Matturi.

    • Mr. Kaloko. Could you please read this article and explain your justification for saying that 200 people have been arrested for arson with regards to the wild fires in Australia? By the way, this information is from “vox”. Vox is very reliable in terms of accurate information. They are no fans of fake news and misinformation. Do you agree with me Mr Kaloko?


      God help Mr. Kaloko give a candid response to my question. God bless you Mr Kaloko.

  9. Mr Kaloko – where is the Associated Press article, that you claimed stated that 200 people have been arrested and are being investigated for participating in the burning of Australian forests. Where is it buddy?(lol) Those links you have hastily provided to prove yourself right are totally worthless. You said, you read in the Associated Press that arson was the root causes of those bush fires and now you sent us a link, that drags me to an article in the Brisbane Times,that clearly states that only a 16 year old had been arrested, for causing a fire that razed 14 homes. Where are the other 199 suspects?

    Oh wait they vanished into thin air didn’t they?(lol) The Brisbane Times has been known to be sympathetic to extremist views, and Right Wing Ideology, that frowns on the realities and possibilities of Climate change – and you had the nerve to cite them as points of credible references on this glorious and authentic forum? You can’t be serious!(lmao) Wake the hell up man!It’s dawn!
    Again, as if that was not excruciatingly bad enough, you transported me to the doorsteps of YouTube, to listen to Tony Keller, a Climate Change Commentator and skeptic. Where is the Associated Press Article, amigo, that you had me salivating and thirsting for?(lol) Well,since it doesn’t exist, let me reiterate emphatically that the extra carbon dioxide coming from the burning of Coal, Oil and gas are the biggest factors responsible for the adverse effects of Climate Change and for putting the ecosystem in danger. You can deny it like Trump, Tillerson, and all their other greedy, big oil polluting buddies and cronies,all you want,but it won’t change a damn thing – CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL – The majestic, incomparable, Rising Sun Will Rise again…and forever, as long as our blessed Earth continues to exist and is not allowed to be destroyed by arrogant Climate deniers and skeptics like Donald Trump, Tony Heller and many others. Rising Sun Will Surely Rise Again!

    • Well except if would’ve strolled all the way down on the article when you were reading it you would’ve seen that there are letters, in a big block format, that says, AAP. Hey Mr. Saidu. do you wanna play a lil guessing game with me and tell me what you think those letters stand for lol? Do you wanna, ‘buddy’ lol? Com’n, you strike me as someone who is capable of handling a lil leisure challenge, hence I believe that you have what it takes to pull this one off, Mr. Saidu lol. So com’n, help me out here lol.

      2nd. No, the article actually says more than what you claim it says in your introduction passage. You simply nitpicked what you wanted to nitpick – maybe for the purpose of wanting to win an argument – though I could be wrong – and claimed that those were the only viable information that you were able to get from the article. Although I’m not sure why you would do that, giving that the article is posted on the forum for anyone who is interested in reading it. Anyhow, there is actually an article that headlines “about 200 – not ‘200’- people – suspected of inciting the incidents – had been arrested and were being investigated.” Something along that line: https://www.sott.net/article/426887-Climate-change-Nearly-200-people-arrested-across-Australia-for-deliberately-starting-bushfires.

      I did however conflated it with the AAP paper. I did also read all of these papers in about four days ago; so, maybe, that could have been why I mistakingly substituted the one for the other. Nonetheless, all this is irrelevant, because my initial point was that people have been caught by law enforcers for arson, and that the so called climate effect of the fires in Australia really had nothing to do with the Climate. Whether about 200 people were arrested or not is really not the crux of the initial interject.

      Listen man, whatever friction you have with Barnes Times (a news outlet that is essentially a subset of Associated Press) that is for you to handle – not me. I’m merely sharing what you asked for. Furthermore, here is another article relating to the subject at hand. This one actually has the numbers that you’re stressing about, and it’s from Newsweek Australia – hope it is credible enough for you lol: https://www.newsweek.com/australia-wildfires-arson-new-south-wales-police-1480733

      “CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL.” Well unless you’re a scientist yourself, and dealing with the climate is your baby, then I suppose your assertion about the matter at hand is merely based on belief – not knowing. But as for me, I don’t have a stand on it. I’m not a climate scientist, so I don’t know. I never claimed to know, nor did I claim to be a sceptic or a non sceptic of climate change.

  10. Mr Kaloko – It will be a daunting,unnerving, impossible task for even more than a thousand people,with oceans of fuel,at their disposal to set ablaze 25 millions acres of land on fire in a matter of days. Do you agree,or not? Please be kind enough,to provide us with references and links to the Associate Press article you are citing that explicitly said,about 200 people or more have been arrested and being investigated for partaking in the burning of the forests.

    Arson is a serious crime,so if what you are saying is true,it shouldn’t be very difficult for you to provide us with the source of that story.The facts are clear and simple – hot,dry weather,and furious winds,caused by Climate change are what is fueling the bush fires in Australia…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  11. But except that the recent Australian fire outbreaks, which are being linked to the ever-present climate change happenings around the globe have nothing to do with Climate Change. I read an associated press article about three days ago that suggests that people had deliberately set those forests ablaze.

    The article further states that about 200 people – suspected of inciting the incidents – had been arrested and were being investigated by the police for partaking in the burning of those forests.

    • Mr. Kaloko is now in trouble with the wild fire incident he commented on. I believe that Mr. Kaloko is new to this platform and does not know how discussions can be challenging, especially when it comes to facts. My advice to Mr. Kaloko is this – make sure you fact check anything before you pen it down on this glorious platform. I forgive you this time because, you are new in my view. But as you can see, others won’t. There is no mercy for fake news here.

      Try very hard at all times to fact check before you write. Also, make sure to be referencing if you quote from others. I am saying all this to you because, I reckon you are new to this platform. However, welcome and may God bless you.

  12. Indeed. Australia is one of the biggest polluters of our world. With the wild fires ranging in different parts of the country, the government will from now on think seriously about carbon emissions reduction in my view. It’s hard to hear people dying. So, I express my heartfelt condolences and sympathy to the families of all those involved. What is happening in Australia is happening all over the world in different forms. Be it fire, flooding in my country Sierra Leone, less rainfall etc.

    The problem Madam the Secretary General of the commonwealth has not explained to me is this – how is her organization going to make sure that my country Sierra Leone and many other poor countries cope with this catastrophic and disastrous problem caused by wealthy and industrialized countries? Is the commonwealth planning anything in terms of incentives/protection caused by this disastrous monster by wealthy nations, who are the greatest polluters of our planet to Sierra Leone and other poor countries heavily impacted?

    Look at what is happening to the Binkongoh Falls in Kono, the Guma Dam in Freetown my country and the Victoria Falls in Zambia. These areas are very far from where the actual pollution is taking place but, they are feeling the impact of Global Warming caused by the wealthy polluters of the world. They don’t have the money and the technology, more or less say the solutions. Is that fair?

    I hope the Commonwealth Secretary- General will inform us the next time that the Commonwealth has succeeded in getting Billions of dollars in GRANTS from all the greatest and wealthy polluters of our universe to help Sierra Leone and all other poor nations to meet this dangerous, catastrophic and disastrous environmental change that will eliminate life on earth forever.

    Bottom line, all companies that fail to reduce their carbon emissions by a certain percentage from today, must be fined and the proceeds sent to Sierra Leone and other poor countries to improve on Green Energy Technologies for example. I am sorry to say that her article was published by this newspaper where as she can observe, Forumites on the Newspaper’s Glorious Platform are always ready to ask or give solutions to any problems. If the hard questions are asked, Forumites need the hard answers in return. Does that make sense?

    Thank you very much Madam Secretary General and may God bless you. God bless our Planet and God bless our country.
    God help “get SALONE sorted”.

  13. Here comes the Commonwealth again with its soft,tender,cosmetic,unintrusive,engaging touch.(lol)Well…sorry Madam Secretary General,on this glorious platform,it has become a steadfast,,compulsive habit of ours to embrace facts,honesty,and sincerity, by calling things as they really are. No trivialising, showboating,or sugarcoating of critical issues is permissible, or allowed here. The fact of the matter is that Australia’s biggest polluter, is its Massive Coal industry,that is notoriously known by environmental groups,for its attitude of ceaselessly burning various hydrocarbon deposits,and huge,mind blowing amounts of fossil fuels.

    Such iniquitous,irresponsible acts are the principal factors gravely responsible for the warming of our planet,and the adverse effects of Climate change.Again,although it wasn’t stated in this article,there are reports that are now explicitly claiming that about 480 million animals,potentially lost their lives,24 people have been killed so far,thousands of homes destroyed,and countless acres of forests,and habitable land have now been rendered totally worthless.What a disaster!

    All this anguish,and losses happening because of greed for profits that come from Coal.What the hell is going on! Good people,don’t just stand there – DO SOMETHING! Government has to listen to your ideas,grievances,and concerns. Again,it seems clear to me, Australian officials are still fast asleep,they still haven’t learned their lessons,from heartbreaking past events – In 2009 its estimated that 173 people lost their lives as a result of raging,horrifying Bush Fires,now infamously referred to as “Black Saturday” Its no secret either,that Australians are considered to be the worst Polluters per capita in the world.

    And to make matters even worse,they have.a Prime minister living in denial,downplaying,and brushing off the adverse effects, coal production is having in their atmosphere,and environment.Politicians – hate them or love them,it doesn’t matter;they are masters of greed,who are forever shackled in bonds,and obligations – inseparable they are,with lies and deceits.(lol)

    Lastly, I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to the families struck by this horrendous, heartbreaking tragedy,who have lost their belongings,and loved ones,and also would like to sincerely thank,all those deeply involved in ensuring that peace, calm, order and sanity prevail in these times of great trial..Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

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