APC leadership accused of sell-out by its supporters for meeting president Bio

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 September 2019:

Many members and supporters of the opposition All People’s Congress Party (APC) have expressed their dismay at the decision of the APC leadership to meet with president Bio at State House yesterday to discuss peace and national cohesion. They criticise the former president and his executive, accusing them of betrayal and sell-out.

But are these criticisms and accusations fair?

Speaking to the APC party communications campaign group known as TAGMEN, the APC party Secretary General – Dr Osman Yansaneh said that the APC party will do everything within its power, to help ease political tension in the country and promote peace, including working with president Julius Maada Bio.

Dr Yansaneh said that it was in furtherance of this peace objective that the APC leadsrship agreed to meet with president Bio yesterday at State House, where they discussed the way forward for peaceful resolution of the current and historical differences between the two parties – SLPP and APC.

He said that  it was agreed by both president Bio and the APC party leadership at the conclusion of their meeting at State House, that a Joint Communique will be published today to inform the nation about what transpired at the meeting and what has been agreed by both sides.

Listen to the APC party Secretary General – Dr Osman Yansaneh explaining the reasons why the executives of the APC decided to meet with president Bio yesterday:



  1. The leadership of the All Peoples Congress (APC) party was wedged in the middle of a dilemma: of not going to State House to discuss peace initiatives with president Maada Bio, and thereby become the subject of blackmail by the paopa Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) outfit; and, engaging in peace talks at the detriment of their supporters’ ego.

    Time will tell, whether the decision they took, the latter choice, was the right one. Take your pick, for now. But, bear in mind that the rougish SLPP’s main political weapon is deceit and BLACKMAIL. It was a catch-22 situation rendered by the unscrupulous SLPP. The APC would have to be very cautious and smart in dealing with these clowns.

  2. The news is very good to hear but if only this good news will continue, and the peace of mercy be with us always. Thanks all.

  3. Let’s be United as one Sierra Leonean – One country and one nation. Let’s work together and develop the country and make it become like Europe. So outsiders will see the good works.

  4. I don’t think it’s appropriate when an ex ruler is under investigation, politically to be called for peace talks by a present ruler. It just does not seem right.

  5. In as much as I detest the APC, I applaud the party’s leaders for taking a meaningful step in the journey toward national cohesion and sustainable peace in Sierra Leone. APC leaders are slowly coming to the realization that thuggery and violence cannot be the path to assuming power in a democratic formation.

    Tellingly, The APC must reinvent itself by renouncing violence and accepting the tenets of democracy and the rule of law as the code by which party politics must function in a civilized society.

    Sending young men to have a confrontation with the police is a dangerous political strategy. Some of us who have relatives in the APC quite naturally become worried whenever the leaders of the APC succumb to their natural instinct – lawlessness and violence.

    Fact is, it is the young men that become casualties or collateral damages in the dumb decisions of power-hungry men. Accordingly, desperation for power is a strategy only for fools. Let president Bio chart the way forward for a prosperous Sierra Leone.

  6. I can feel the dismay of many APC MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS. They have every right to VENT OUT their DISMAY, FRUSTRATIONS and ANGER. Let’s not forget what have happened to most APC MEMBERS and their SUPPORTERS since President Bio came to power. The good thing is, they are expressing their anger and dismay peacefully and responsibly. That is why our governments must always desist from VIOLENCE, INTIMIDATION, TEARGASING, BARBARIC GROSS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS and the UNLAWFUL INCARCERATION of OPPOSITION MEMBERS and SUPPORTERS. Does that sound good and make sense?

    I believe that, with mutual respect between the President and the APC executives, things will get sorted. It’s not only the President who must extend the OLIVE BRANCH to the APC, but the SLPP executives also; so that the OLIVE BRANCH will become an OLIVE GARDEN, filled with sweet smelling YELLOW BELLS, HIBISCUSES and ROSES FLOWERS. However, I am still cautious about the success of this peace arrangements although I hope for the best. There was something of the sort few months back with all the political parties at STATE HOUSE.

    But soon after, the TEARGAS option went into full GEAR. I hope this peace initiative will last longer this time around.
    Another point of interrogation was, why were the other political parties not invited? The POLITICAL DIALOGUE PROCESS in the country is not only between the SLPP and the APC or between the APC EXECUTIVES and President Bio, but amongst every Sierra Leonean. I believe, all the political parties must have been invited. Nevertheless, the idea that the two heavyweights in Sierra Leone politics are sitting face to face talking and rolling eyeballs to each other is AMAZING and good news. GOD BLESS SIERRA LEONE.

  7. The reality on the ground is all this photo opportunity is just cosmetic without official statement on a podium in the presence of journalists. In every competition there is always winners and losers or in a fight you always have a victory or absolute surrender. Peace will always be welcomed but it must be built on solid foundation which is SINCERITY AND TRUTH.
    May the Almighty continue to bless MAMA SALONE WITH PEACE.

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