Ernest Koroma visits Yumkella family 5

Ernest Koroma visits Yumkella family 5


  1. Fantastic unity stuff and display of true elderly STATESMANSHIP. Look at those pictures. OH BOY. It’s just amazing. Politics was just thrown in the BIN. Whether you like to see it or not, say it or not, believe it or not, former President Koroma has just proven to the nation and the world his leadership capabilities and skills .

    His leadership qualities is none to any living former President in history. DISCUSS/ARGUE. Bottom line, he will always remain and always be seen to be PRESIDENTIAL. Just look at how the former president is playing tough in those pictures. Pictures say a thousand words.

    One thing that struck me most is, he just looks like one of the Yumkellas. See the smiling faces and cooperative atmosphere between the former president and Dr. Yumkella. MARVELOUS. Please remain as LEADER of your party till you get one that has leadership qualities like you.

    We will try to make sure that we change our constitution so that we have a ceremonial HEAD of STATE and a PRIME MINISTER. The ceremonial President will always attend such events when the prime minister is not around or incapacitated. Finally, I thank the former President for paying his respects to our Grandma, Mother, Sister, Aunt and Niece.

    GOD BLESS YOU former President Koroma and may the soul of our dear MUM rest in perfect peace. AMEN AND AMEN.

  2. Good to see the former President,and other party leaders showing their genuine respect,and emotional support to a great woman,a mother,and grandmother to many. See,this is where the APC outshines others. We don’t hold grudges,nurse old wounds,and injuries,but respond with efficacy, empathy,and a sincere attitude of concern whenever the situation arises,and demands it.

    And there’s more: The APC keenly,and deeply understands that all life is transient; that we must celebrate our gains,and victories with great enthusiasm,and passion,and mourn our losses,and tragedies with overwhelming sadness,and tears. Now that’s the balance required in our lives; that’s what Existence herself,the ancient Prophets,and Buddha’s have always been tirelessly proclaiming for all of us to hear.

    I am quite sure,the honorable Mr Thomas,and others like just like him on this Platform,will agree,such an attitude is enviable,and admirable.This also is very important – I would like the Yumkella family to cherish,and hold sacred in their hearts,and minds the wonderful memories they have of their dearest mother,and pass it on to their future generations,through communal storytelling,and family discourses,with pride,laughter,and great joy.

    And remember,by so doing all good things will continue to live forever. They will remain perennially sacred,and become totally,completely, immersed,soaked,and drenched in the Oceans of immortality.

    So wipe your tears,and celebrate a glorious life well lived. The trickle that became a stream, and then a glorious river,must return to the boundless oceans that sent her forth,bearing glad tidings to tell, reminisce,and relate to anxious, expectant, Celestial ears, waiting joyfully for her return. Indeed,the inhabitants of Paradise are yearning to hear her colorful stories,and to check her bosom to see if she had lived life to the fullest.

    Yep,heaven itself is ever restless,and anxious for good,and pious souls to return to her untainted domains of Peace – Rest assured,they are happily waiting,to scrutinize, and find out, if she had laughed all her laughter given to her,and shed all her tears copiously like rainfall falling from the Eternal heavens…Blessings! Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  3. This is what is expected of “Political Sierra Leone” which was the spirit and should continue to be spirit. However, I pray that the present crops of people parading as SLPP who during the heat of the intra party Flagbearer campaign,this was the same all time SLPP dedicated,devoted,fanatic and loyal woman who was openly molested by rag-tag boys who are of no consequence right at the forecourt of the party office because her son Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella who himself like his family are untainted, unblemished SLPP foundation members, was running for the SLPP flag.

    With what the APC is seen doing, sympathising with the family of this pious woman, I hope the PaOpa/SLPP as a coalition will do same and not treat the late woman as they did to late Dr. Alfred Bobson Sesay, Mr.Abraham Okere Adams, Mrs. Isatu Kabaya Jalloh etc, etc, etc.

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