APC presidential candidate Samura Kamara to appear at Commission of Inquiry

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 June 2019:

2018 Presidential Candidate for the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party – Dr Samura Kamara, has been summoned to give evidence in the inquiry into the sale of government’s shares in the Sierra Rutile Company Ltd., which is alleged to have been sold by the former president Ernest Bai Koroma to his nephew – John Sisay at a knockdown price.

Sesay is reported to have then gone on to sell the company to an Australian mining group for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Samura Kamara is believed to have been the finance minister in the Koroma government, who would have either signed documents for the sale of Sierra Rutile to Sesay, or had knowledge of the sale.

Photo: President Koroma unilaterally declaring Samura Kamara 2018 APC presidential candidate.

Samura has been summoned to appear in front of Justice Biobele Georgewill next Monday, 10th June 2019, after the former Secretary to President Koroma – Mr. Emmanuel B. Osho Coker who served in that capacity from 2008 to 2018., denied any knowledge of the sale of Sierra Rutile.

Giving evidence at the Commission of Inquiry led by Justice Biobele Georgewill yesterday, the former secretary to president Koroma said he was not aware of the sale of government shares in Sierra Rutile Limited in 2012.

Questioned by lead state counsel – Mrs. Khadija Zainab Bangura, the former secretary to the president revealed that not everything that went to State House passed through him.

Giving evidence for the State, Mr. Sahr Lahai Jusu – government Financial Secretary, tendered a document at the COI which he said he obtained from the Bank of Sierra Leone regarding the sale of the shares that is of interest to the inquiry.

Sahr Lahai Jusu told the inquiry he could not find trace of record regarding the sale of Sierra Rutile in the ministry of finance.

“I requested the Accountant General to provide details in respect of Sierra Rutile shares and the Accountant General came back and could not provide details of the sales…….From the Minister’s office, we could not trace any record regarding the sales of the 30%,” he said.

Asked to confirm who was the minister of finance at the time of the sale of the government’s shares in Sierra Rutile, Sahr Lahai Jusu said it was Dr. Samura Kamara.

Without any further ado, Justice Biobele Georgewill ended the proceedings and ordered the former finance minister and 2018 APC presidential candidate – Dr. Samura Kamara to appear before the inquiry next Monday 10 June 2019. The inquiry was adjourned.

Dr. Samura Kamara is the most senior former APC government official, so far summoned to appear at the Commission of Inquiry, with many expected to follow suit in the coming days.

Former transport minister – Logus Balogun Koroma as well the former minister of energy – Henry Macauley, were summoned to appear before Justice William Annan Attuguba yesterday, Thursday 6 June 2019, to give evidence in the matter regarding the illegal awarding of contract amounting to over $5 million to Barrows Construction Ltd for the Lungi Airport Terminal Building Rehabilitation Project.



  1. Mr Moiba – Firstly, I owe my loyalty and allegiance to no one but Almighty God; For who is it that can give the breath of life to all living creatures other than Him. To even suggest that a majority of Sierra Leoneans will agree with your standpoint is outright preposterous.

    Do you really believe that people would rather see a tribal war instead of peace over filthy stolen monies? Absolutely not! After carefully giving Bio a second critical look, that was the only credible and logical conclusion we could settle for. You can disagree all you want but it is nothing but the irrefutable truth. And remember it was Kabbah and Koroma that cut him loose, not me.

    If you have an ethical, moral and political axe to grind, then those two would have been the ones for you to confront, challenge and admonish. SLPP supporters who think Bio is a saint, whose hands are squeaky clean, in my opinion are as naive as little children going to school for the first time, thinking it will be only just for one day. Truly laughable.

    And there’s more – they aptly resemble mumbling, raving and ranting old men without any teeth, whom their wives were able to convince can chew and enjoy roasted corn on the cob, not knowing it was just a clever trick to keep them occupied, mute and quiet. Outright hilarious!

    Here’s a reality everyone must deal with, most politicians have personal agendas, goals and motivations that supersedes in their eyes the interest of the State. Citizens having no running water, lack of electricity, hospitals and schools is of no consequence to them at all.

    As a fly sitting on an elephant cannot break it’s back, so also are the cries and complaints of the poor masses – they don’t make even the slightest impressions or get the attention of our leaders at all. Let me reiterate myself, they cut him loose in order for Peace to Prevail – so Anthony, deal with it! Rising Sun Will Rise Again!

  2. Mr. CONTEH – I’m indeed surprised and shocked to read your comment. I disagree with you and I think the majority of Sierra Leoneans would too.

    “LET PEACE PREVAIL”- at the cost of the poor and underprivileged in Salone?

    “LET PEACE PREVAIL”- so that EBK and his Clan can live a comfortable life?

    “LET PEACE PREVAIL”- but we as a Nation can be deprived of good schools, good health care, good infrastructure and sufficient food supply.

    Your loyalty to the APC and EBK in particular trumps the loyalty to the Constitution and the Rule of Law in our country. We as a Nation cannot afford to let go those who have pushed our country down the drain!

  3. Mr Moiba – If you would just take a minute and read through my comments again, you will be able to see that there are many questions I’ve asked you that you have still not yet answered. In spite of that, I will answer yours. Three words – LET PEACE PREVAIL – that’s the reason why Tejan Kabba and Koroma never brought charges against Bio.

    Those two men were matured and discerning enough to know it will become a long drawn out process that could breach and compromise the security of the State, and destabilize the nation as is the case right now. So they let him off the hook. Like a big fish that got caught in an ocean, whose weight could flip and capsize their boats if hauled on board, they let him out of their grips.

    I must confess that he got lucky, the scales of reason and good sense of judgement weighed and valuated him correctly, and decided for logical and expedient reasons to cut him loose. And there you have it – the answer to your question. Clear enough? Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  4. Mr. Conteh, my question you’ve not answered and I’ll repeat it…Why did EBK during his 11 years in office not brought charges against then private man Bio? Was it because he was convinced that there was no evidence to back up his claim; or corruption for him was just a game which all politicians have to play?

  5. Personally I believe that people sometimes pity most APC members especially when they are going through mood swings – sometimes angry outbursts and sometimes they become very emotional by just keep on whining which is so irritating that they tend to get under your skin.

    But the unfortunate thing is that they are all men, because if those whiners were women, they should have been ignored. Since it seems that the net is now closing in on them, I hope from Monday they will choose to swing back to the emotional mood (complaining and even crying) because the security forces has always been accommodating with them during that process.

    Even if they prefer to be sprayed with some baby milk powder (Lactogen or Cerelac), I believe that the police will be ok with that in order to pacify them to be peaceful and law abiding. But if they choose to be violent and lawless again, then tear gas or water canons should to be used instead of bullets to bring them back to their senses.

    My advice to most of the leaders (men) of the APC is to make use of their “ Adam’s Apple “ by talking less, because saying the wrong things at the wrong time always have consequences.

  6. Mr Moiba – do you have any idea about the implications of what you just said? I am quite sure you don’t, otherwise you would never have uttered such an outrageous, poorly conceived statement. Who says he cannot investigate himself? Firstly, If he was truly serious about fighting corruption, he should have released all his administrative records during his Military regime. Fair enough!

    Secondly, for the purposes of credibility, good governance and transparency, without being asked, he should have provided evidence of all his financial holdings and obligations for the world, the media and the general pubic to be able to assess and carefully examine them. Everything, no holding back – every cent and penny, assets, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, entitlements, cash in hand, investment and business ventures.

    And who said that he cannot investigate himself? It was you, wasn’t it? Well, think again, there’s more. If he wants to be taken seriously he should provide the citizens of this nation concrete and valid proofs and documentations of unliquidated liabilities, debts and damages that are responsibilities, he alone must bear – for who knows, he may be tempted to “Reap Off” a fragile, struggling nation just to pay off his debts, if indeed he is owing any.

    Had he done any of the things mentioned above, I would have been convinced that he is serious about moving our nation forward. But the truth is that he hasn’t – he is holding out on us, playing us for Suckers and I’m not having it!

    There’s nothing legitimate in an agenda with shady, ulterior and hidden motives; absolutely nothing! Count me out, not buying any of it! Sell that to men who are gullible like mice being caught in traps made of cheese, over and over again. Count me out Anthony, I have better things to do with my time…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  7. MR. Saidu Conteh, it is becoming crystal clear that immediately we leave the hot waters of the “raising sun” (of course with the help of the Sierra Leone Telegraph) we happen to agree on almost everything.
    Just a reminder; the COI is not here to molest or humilate any hard working Sierra Leonean but to sharpen the importance of accountability of our elected officials towards the silent majority and try to halt corruption.

    As Mr. LASANAH SACCOH (…hidden truth) has repeatedly said the average small thief is sent to jail whereas the majority of the politicians go free…..this brutal injustice we all have to stop!! You will agree with me as a Salone man, that it is not fair.

    Finally concerning the allegations against President Bio during his first term as head of state to have embezzled monies belonging to us, my question is: why did former President Kabbah and former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma not prosecute him?? Of course President Bio cannot prosecute himself so let us wait for 2023 in order to know more – but for the present time let’s lay it to rest!!

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