APC secretary general is in business partnership with First Lady Fatima Bio – Op ed

Foday Morris: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 July 2021:

This is a rejoinder to two audio messages I published on social media on the 14th and 15th of July 2021, respectively. My messages were directed at  the general membership and supporters of the APC party, especially the youth and young adults who are the future leaders of the best political party in Sierra Leone.

Perhaps, that future is already here for our young comrades to act and protect their real future leadership roles – they must begin to lead now.  Today, tomorrow is already here!

The audio messages I alluded to above were influenced by the actions of the APC Secretary General (SG) who prevented a legal luminary, a veteran APC Comrade, the learned Dr. Abdulai O Conteh (AOC) from holding a meeting at the APC Party headquarters in Freetown.

AOC was and his entourage were not even allowed to use the bathroom (toilet) at/in the APC office.

In response to mine, and other reactions from party members, supporters and sympathizers, the SG published a letter in which he claimed that he did not allow AOC and others to use the party office because he was concerned about security.

He said that he had intelligence that some people intended to plant dangerous arms and ammunition at the party office in efforts to frame the national executive members of the APC. Bogus, I said.

In response to the SG’s bogus attempt at damage control, on my second audio, I categorically stated that the SG’s excuse was fake – falling short of calling him a pathological liar, even as I know he is a very dangerous senior comrade. I have now confirmed that I was right.

Please do not take my word for it but read on; because for the best interest of our APC – here, there and everywhere, I will leave no stone unturned, even if the stone becomes a diamond.

SG Yansaneh as the sole proprietor of African Link (a Ghanaian-based) company was instrumental in creating a company in partnership with Ghanaians while he served as High Commissioner representing the government of Sierra Leone in Ghana under the leadership of former president Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma – aka World Best.

Immediately after the African Link Company was registered in Ghana, SG Yansaneh (Photo) abandoned his diplomatic post and returned to Sierra Leone to register the new company. Soon after he arrived in Sierra Leone, he set his eyes on the national executive position of Secretary General of our APC party, while Hon. Victor Bockari Foh was the party’s SG.

Yansaneh wasted no time to express his strong desire of serving (serving?) as SG of the APC party a second time even as he continued to collect a salary as High Commissioner. However, that was not his main reason for abandoning his diplomatic post. He wanted to be in Sierra Leone to ensure that African Link had a sound footing in Sierra Leone.

Yansaneh knew that as SG of the then ruling party, the sky would have been his only limit as regard doing anything he wanted.

By the way, Yansaneh became the APC SG by selection and undemocratic means. As soon as he became SG, he corruptly used his office to violate our Local Content policies  and laws.  He advocated, lobbied, and sometimes bamboozled his way through any obstacles to ensure that African Link, a sensitive revenue generating company was under his control – 100%. He enabled Ghanaians (non- citizens) to collect revenue in our country without due process or respect for our investment and local content policies and laws – corruptly and illegally so.

After SLPP’s Maada Bio was elected president, Yansaneh became jittery in line with the guilty, always being afraid. He knew that it was obvious the new government would terminate the contract or operations of his corrupt African Link Company in Sierra Leone.

It was glaringly clear that he (Yansaneh) was going to be in serious trouble as talks of commissions of inquiry loomed and reverberated around the four corners of Sierra Leone.

SG Yansaneh quickly began to play ball with the new SLPP government. He begged, he pleaded, he cried and at some point, it was reported that he telephoned president Bio via video. He laid on the ground for the president to see him begging for African Link and being convicted by the COI.

A deal was finally struck between the two parties

Yansaneh wanted to do everything possible so that he could remain SG of APC party. He promised president Bio and his wife that he will divulge sensitive information about senior APC comrades who are former ministers, MDAs etc. He agreed to play serious ball with the SLPP.

Yansaneh did not like Hon. Alimamy Kamara, former minister of youth affairs and later ambassador to Iran (who has now been charged to court for corruption by the ACC).

Yansaneh’ s hatred for Miatta Kargbo (former health minister who lost her corruption appeal case last week at the courts) was even worse.

By the end of 2018, to save his egocentric financial status desires for more, Yansaneh decided to sell the APC and the party’s  senior members, especially those who had challenged him one time or another. Yansaneh does not forgive his perceived political enemies, no matter how long it  takes him to revenge – payback.

The final agreement…

When it was rumoured that First Lady Mrs. Fatima Bio was interested in the African Link Company, SG Yansaneh contacted the First Lady, suggesting an offer that: His son, nicknamed Mugabe should be offered a job at African Link and that he should work closely with the First Lady. He should get a certain percentage of shares in the African Link Company.

A deal was almost struck

There is photo evidence on Facebook of Mugabe, Yansaneh’ s son with the First Lady and President Bio.

After the African Link contract with the Sierra Leone government ended in 2019, First Lady Fatima Bio took over without due process of the country’s procurement regulations. SG Yansaneh begged again. He pleaded with the First Lady to give him more shares.  He insisted that his son Mugabe must be employed by the company – another deal again.

Yansaneh made a promise that he will leak sensitive information about senior APC comrades to president Bio.

To ensure that Fatima Bio maintained her side of the bargain, our nefarious National Secretary General agreed to, and has been leaking sensitive APC information to Mrs Fatima Bio, the President and SLPP Stakeholders.

Hon. Alimamy Kamara and former Health Minister Miatta Kargbo are the most recent victims of Yansaneh’ s political trading business. With Yansaneh as SG, even our Chairman and Leader Ernest Bai Koroma is not off the proverbial hook of the SLPP.

Here, there and everywhere, stones come to mind. The cock will crow.


  1. Mr Foday Morris – I’m CALLING YOU OUT; Its been over a week since you made some shocking allegations on this glorious forum in your article against the Secretary General of the APC Mr Yansaneh. I asked you to provide us with additional evidences of his allegedly corrupt dealings with the First Lady of Sierra Leone but since then we haven’t heard even a quiet whisper or loud words from you. Where are the additional credible evidences Sir of his wrong doing? Mr Morris you threw a net into the vast seas now its time to haul it in so that we can all see if anything was caught – Where are the proofs? The boomerang has returned to its sender – Provide us with concrete proof of the SG’s strange underhanded ways against APC members or we will never take any words of yours seriously again.

    I was born and raised in a Den of fearless APC lions and betrayal is something we do not tolerate – let me reiterate once again;Some APC loyalists are still waiting for further clarity from you on this important issue at hand. Comrade Morris – This could be your finest moment to positively advance the objectives and goals of the legendary APC or it could also easily become the ugliest and most heartbreaking moment that will remove all our doubts that you Sir, are indeed the Traitor and not Mr Yansaneh as you claimed. (There is a Sun that rises and never sets,look for it and in its brightness you surely will find serenity and bliss.) Ya heard! (lol)

  2. Ignatius Papadulous a Billionaire that owned one of the worlds largest cargo ship was told by some of his dedicated crew members that his ship was being used by the Captain, sailors and engineers for the purposes of trafficking illegal aliens and illicit drugs discreetly behind the scenes. The old Billionaire was shocked to the bone and marrow to hear such a thing was happening under his nose; He wanted to find the truth so he planted some spies in his ship; And so after months at sea they returned in haste and told Ignatius that the stories were real and provided him with video recordings and credible evidences to convince him that their words were true – The old Billionaire was totally devastated; “Where are they now?” he roared angrily, and rolled his sleeve for a fight. “In the Gulf Of Aden,Sir;” an assistant replied. “Get me the Chopper,I need to get out there NOW…ASAP…” he commanded.

    In a few hours he was on his way – an angry eagle fuming and sharpening his beak,soaring above the clouds. The Chopper descended smoothly and landed on the front bow of the ship, followed closely by another one – The Billionaire step out of the Chopper, called out the Captain and crew and fired them right there,and ordered them to be removed from his ship; What a pragmatic and brave man he was Ignatius! Gentlemen – The APC is just like cargo ship in this story;Its only a vehicle for making our peoples dreams and aspirations come true – There is nothing at all wrong with the party itself – the blame for all its inadequacies lies on the folks steering its course of progress.

    The ship called the APC is just a vehicle – Perhaps, just perhaps its time for us to consider changing SOME of its crew members. The NGC cannot rule Sierra Leone; They are political amateurs, puppies still being suckled and spoonfed with fresh warm milk in a ruthless unforgiving terrain ruled by wolves and merciless lions that crave for the flesh of timid and the blood of the cowardly.(lol)

  3. The allegations of Foday Morris are quite serious. If true, they should provide another window through which we can get a glimpse of why in sixty years of independence the nation has made hardly any remarkable progress. Osman Yansaneh may just be the latest political figure to amplify the treachery, nepotism, greed, selfishness and a lack of love for one’s country which threads the political establishment, be it under APC or SLPP. Foday Morris exposes what many of us have always unambiguously known ,that the likes of Yansaneh carve their way into the political scene not to do something about the country but about themselves. Whenever someone breaks out of that circle to let the public know the real truth, it’s as if he has released Hell on Earth. Right Honourable Ngevao is the latest example of this when he dared to tell the world that Parliamentarians were corrupt. Almost down to a man/woman Rt Honourable was criticised and ostracised. And Bio the NEW DIRECTION President did not open his mouth to defend him and shower him with praise. Why? Because Bio himself and his wife have been engaged in deception to steal the nation’s resources.

    The fraud and corruption allegedly perpetrated by Osman Yansaneh have their teething phase in the Siaka Stevens era. What we are now seeing is quite simply a continuation. Hell is being visited on us everyday by both SLPP and APC, there’s no difference between them, hence the rather strange partnership between Yansaneh and Fatima Bio. Our so-called public figures would sleep not only with each other but with the devil too if it advanced their personal interests.

    Unless we the voters come to our senses to discern that both SLPP and APC are not good for us we shall remain where we are, or even worse until the Trumpet is blown, heralding the end of the world. The Commission of Inquiry (COI) educated us on how corrupt APC were in governance. No one needs to educate on how corrupt SLPP are because we see it everyday. Yansaneh is operating under that umbrella. What’s new or strange? The only hope we have is to abandon our emotional ties to SLPP and APC and bring in Dr Yomkella and NGC. APC have not had a sip of water since April 2018 ,let alone a spoonful of rice mixed with meat and fish. They are phenomenally hungry. Can anyone tell me what their first order of business would be if they came back in 2023? Yansaneh would clap with his feet. Many thanks to Foday Morris, but we’re going nowhere. I am sorry for the defeatism.

  4. Mr Brima Sesay, thank you for pointing out my total and utter repulsion about the state of affairs with in the apc party. And my pain and anger about the greed and self serving behaviour of Bio and his SLPP government. Maybe this sentence might give you a clearer indication I am not weeded in any political dogmas, or support any political party that have brought nothing but suffering to us as a country and people. My only political party I support is called “TEAM SIERRA LEONE UNITED PARTY “. Maybe you’ve never herad of us, but everyone is welcome to join this party.We are the single largest party with millions members that try to make a living in Bio’s hellish Sierra Leone every day. If you want our vote, you have to do the right thing for our country. Our only intrest is to better our country for all not the few. We field candidates for election ,but we are there in the shadows supporting our country with out making a big deal out of it.

    Mr Seasy you might be one of us, but you are unaware of it. We have to leran to educate our fellow Sierra-leoneans to learn to vote with their heads not their hearts. Voter education and what we expect from our elected leaders, is crucial if we want to see Team Sierra Leone perform well in the economics rat race of the world. We want our country to race to the top, not a race to the bottom as Bio and others are currently leading us to. I can tell, Unless you stand to benefit on any of this alleged under the table dealings between Mr Yansenah, and Mrs Famitma Bio’s buiness deal, which I very much doubt you are, because you come across in this glorious forum as a well educated young, which in the context of Sierra Leone, and the levels of the illiteracy rate, me and you and others will say we are the lucky few to have managed to acquire any formal education , I can assure not so for the vast majority of your fellow countrymen and women. Which is a shame. It should not have happened. Education is a right not a privilege. And given our countrys natural resources, every Sierra-leoneans is entitled to Free education.

    Now for the record, I am not a member of the APC party. My Father was and still is from it inception to this day. Like you I cannot understand why we as a nation continue to live in abject poverty, but still allow this sort of greedy, and corrupt politicians to manipulate us, to sustain themselves in power for their selfish ends.The four missing pillars that our country needs to address, before we talk of development are:Fighting Corruption, given our nations abundance natural resources, and the illiteracy rate in the country, we can only reduce it if the government can invest in Education for all from nursery, to University level. And before we achieve that we need to embark on a massive infrastructure projects, like roads, electricity, housing, water, health, and dismantle, and reconstitute our civil service from scratch, because we can pass all the Laws, but if those task to implement them are willing partners in corruption activities, we might as well turn of the lights in Sierra Leone, and say we are not yet ready for developments of any kind. income countries.

    • Thank you very much my prof, A.A. Jalloh for considering and inviting me in to your new group of organization to become a member of,(TSLUP). TEAM SIERRA LEONE UNITED PARTY. My brother, I was born APC, and my two respectable parents are APCs till the death of my late father. I will remain as an APC but, my vote and colleagues won’t be cast without having the right the candidate on the ballot box. Brother, on Sept, 17th after Alhaji Samuel Sidique Sam-Sumana was unlawfully dismissed as the country’s Vice president and replaced with the wrong Ex-convicted felon, you can’t believe it what I have done; on Sept 19, 2015 Saturday morning,I walked to my late dad’s grave and told him” I wish Issa peace be upon him(Jesus)was here today, let me ask him to resurrects my father and tell him not to vote for APC anymore”. Don’t you think if Chief Sam Sumana was “LIMBA”by tribe he won’t be treated that way?. I inherited my dad’s assets and property, so nobody can convince me with anything, I am totally disappointed with the APC party period.

      In April 1992, after J.S. Momoh was overthrown and removed from office by the junior gallants NPRC soldiers, including the sitting President Bio, headed by late Lt, Sandy the one that was shot by “Sim Turay”, APC party was already dead. Nobody was thinking about APC again to come to power, that gallant Kono man, Samuel Sam Sumana was the man that brought back APC to power. I am not campaigning for him and I won’t let him know me for any reasons period. I don’t need money from politicians as some do, no, I gat enough, thanks God.
      I never met with Bio in person and I don’t want to, may God protects him and provides him more wisdom to lead. So my brother Professor Abraham Amadu Jalloh, your Excellency, thank you so much for your honorable invitation, but I am still APC party member. May God bless you…

      • Fantastic stuff and brilliant argument there by Mr Brima Sesay. From Kono City to State House will be like from Delaware to the White House by the grace of God. It’s time to take the presidency home. Period! History is in the making whilst the all powerful Committee of the Progressive National Alliance is fired up and ready to go, but waiting for the leadership outcome of the summer sun. God bless Mr Brima Sesay and the Voters of Sierra Leone. Yeah.

        • My Prof. S. Maturri, I believed that you are in some where in the universe wherever you are I pray that may the divine God protects you. I am always with the truth, the whole truth nothing but the truth, and God will surely guides me. Let me say this to you; we will only come back to power if we unite and appoint the right man or person for the job or else, RIP…. I love you so much brother we are one persons and we will remain as that if we remove all grudges. Former President of Nigeria, H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo costly failed third term bid in 2007. Can you remember when he was trying to mess with his Vice President, H.E. Atiku Abubakarr? but he never succeeded that, what we were looking for our country to do as well, but brother we will remain paying the price.

      • Thank you Mr Brima Sesay. May the soul of your father rest in peace. I supposed when your father, and my father and many others like them, joined the APC party, their aim was to campaign for the party to be trusted by the people of Sierra Leone, so they can be in government. Like you, I was shocked and saddened when Mr Sam Samana the fomer vice president was unceremoniously sacked in the middle of the fight against Ebola, and replaced by Mr Victor Foh. Now to me that was the beginning of the end of the APC party, or be it for few more years exiled in the wilderness of political despair and opposition screaming at each other instead of taking the fight to Bio and his incompetent government. If you ever wondered why the APC party presidential candidate Mr Kamara, and that was despite all his qualifications for the job lost to the SLPP candidate, Bio the no hopper going to that presidential race in 2018, look no further.

        That single act by EBK, to fire his vice president, what was he thinking, who ended up taking refuge at the American Embassy, was the single act of political sucide pact the APC leadership at the time made, with out thinking about the long term consequences. But back then because of political driven brinkmanship, were content to satisfy their egos for the short term. What that single act of the APC leadership achive, was to shoot themselves on the foot, and expect to win the fist prize for the 2018 presidential election.Time and again, political research have shown, voters don’t like political parties that promote disunity. If you can’t unit a small membership of a party that makes up a tiny fraction of the population, what hope is there you will not repeat the same egoistic politics, across the country, in the event you are elected to power? Rightnow the APC seems to have lerant no lesson from the their past mistakes.

        Bio is not doing well, even in his Southern district strong holds. He has one of the worst human rights record for any sitting president, the Economy have tanked, he have literally sold the country’s asset to foreign investors that only exploit our natural resources to develop their own countries. All the while Sierra Leonean own business are having to deal with tax rises and poor dilivery of service, interms of infrastructure and a level plain field to compete. The APC party needs to go back to their core values, and present the country with a variable alternatives. Unity in diversity with the single aim of getting rid of Bio’s government that is driving rough swords on the population of Sierra Leone. “Unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation” is what they should be aiming for. Or Bio is happy to to be reelected in 2023 without sweating for it. The Chicken heads of the APC party will do all the campaigning for Bio. An other five years of Bio, not every one is ready to countenance such diabolical outcome.

        • My dear Prof. A.A. Jalloh, thanks for your wonderful prayer that you offered genuinely for my late dad, I appreciate it and may the mighty God accepts it. That received a tremendous humiliations, about his college certification degree, religion etc. Just see how how Samuel Sam Sumana was overwhelmingly welcomed by the Ghanian gov’t and it’s people. In 2007 after he was selected as EBK’s running mate you can’t even imagine how exited we were, I am not a Kono by tribe but I was born in Kono, and understand” TUMBODU” village well, even the late Paramount chief(PC) Sahr Fanya. Brother, the current APC leadership is ungrateful, this is not the APC party my dad left before his death. I hope they come to their senses, again thank you so much for the prayer.

  5. Forget it man..If Mr Moris had gotten all these so called “audios” and facts as he claimed all these years,the only question I could ask is why now? Foday Morris could have brought these secrets to light long ago, and not wait till Abdulai O Conteh got rejected from entering a political party office.And besides guys,this whole piece is a rejoinder just like any other opinionated piece. Writing a rejoinder does not make it credible as the writer purports. If this had come from ART of the Sierra Leone Telegraph then we will pop our eyes out in shock! Because we all could be assured of reading a piece that is coming from a non partisan man.

    But some of these folks these days are mainly partisan,have decided to politicize everything especially when they disagree or don’t like there political party opponent. To believe this piece we need more evidence! Until then, it stil a rejoinder just like everyone else rejoinder of opinions..

  6. All I can say is Mr. APC sorry, Dr. Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh, indeed you are a very smart person and thank you so much for helping President Bio’s decisive second term victory come 2023. Folks, this is what we call a survival of the fitted. Mr. Yansaneh is an old man do not blame him, time is running out, how could you imagine for someone like Mr. Yansaneh to wait for the empty boat until 2044 before APC smells the power again? and how old is he going to be then?. I can understand that my two professors, Mr. S. Matturi and Mr. A.A.Jalloh are not happy at all with this sad surprising news.( man lives by man, even Jugga lives by toe). I previously told you in one of my article that” In reality really, the major parties led by APC asking or questioning President Bio to explain how he spent the monies?. Well, read my lip; if you guys the APCs can take Dr. A.F.O.Yansaneh to guard room and force him to speak you would be surprise with another some prominent names coming out, I’ve been saying this for long ago, there is a major problem in the APC leadership, period.

    I got a question to ask; can APC leadership forget about all tribalism go meet Chief Sam Sumana genuinely and apologize, also selects him as their flagbearer for 2023 without condition?. Does APC really ready to win state house come 2023 or it become tough on Bio? sit down and search your soul, go for the right person. But as long as the former President EBK’s influence still overshadowed the party, I will say RIP to APC come 2023. As for SLPP right now, the shape is an exiting moments for the president, we are confident that he is victorious no doubt. Yes of course the first lady must makes Mr. Yansaneh a business partner to upset APC. she’s smart.

  7. This is serious and disappointing stuff. You are right, Mr Brima Sesay. I don’t even know what to say or where to start. You have every right to laugh as much as you like. This is damaging for the APC if it’s true. But as we all know, every article on this globally read and respected online Newspaper is one hundred percent true. But, read one of my comments on this article –

    This quote was part of the comments I made “The opposition have some blame to carry in my view. My question now is this – Are parliamentarians from the opposition not involved in any corrupt deals? Don’t they have businesses or associated with companies that are involved in some of those bogus corrupt government deals?”. We can’t be hammering and shaming President Bio for corruption whilst some members of the opposition are complices in this corruption jungle. Make no mistake; they will face the same faith as those corrupt officials in the Bio government. Thank you very much, Mr Brima Sesay and may God bless you. TBC.

  8. When you read this sort of depressing stories about our corrupt politicians, you don’t have to be Einstein, to conclude to yourself, that Sierra Leone for all its human, and natural resources, is slowly but surely sleep walking to becoming a Mafia state in the West African region . Its like for the first time in the history of our young Republic, an elected leader of our country is swapping his role as the head of the executive branch of government, abandoning all pretence of acting like one,instead acting like the head of a Mafia crime Family. The Boss of all Boss. Where rivals, in our case our opposition members of Parliament, are cajoled, threatened to follow the script, or Bio and his family will used the powers of the state to take over business or worst order a shake down . Pay off of eles. Even a Hollywood script writer will not come up with such a thriller. We will call it that, had it not been it falls on the shoulders of this wicked and corrupt people masquerading as politicians that are also doubling as the people who decides the destiny of our country.

    As long as we have this sort of people at the helm, our country will forever stuck in the wilderness of despair and political and economic uncertainty . I mean where do you starts. The APC secretary General, striking business deals with the first family. If this allegations are correct, members and grassroots supporters of the APC Party, who are out there every day trying to make the case for Preident Saika’s Stevens party, SI koroma, Hon. Kawusu Conteh,SB Marah, CA Camara Taylor, Hon ABM Kamara, Former President Momoh, Hon Thaimu Bangura, Sierra-leone Labour Congress Leader Kandeh Yillah, to be electable.Back then the APC party was spelled with capital letters. Today under this disfunctional back stabbing leadership,acting like headless chickens, has transformed the party and it has become a shadow of itself, identified with small letters. This was and remains the party of my father. The original members. Back then it wasn’t fashionable to be an APC card carrying member. Those were the days.

    And today a reincarnated APC party is led by lights weight like Yansenah, Who? that seek curry favour from Bio and his wife Mrs Fatima Bio. It appears Mr Yansenah will stop at nothing to make the APC party unelectable. This is an other mile stone we have reached in the sifting sands of the political tectonic plates that has become the hallmark of the disgraceful behaviour of some of this people that sits and decides the future of our country. Money talks,this is taking it to a whole different level. I think it is time the fraud investigators gets involved in this murky dealings.

  9. Hahaha! hey folks, I can’t say nothing for now as I am waiting my boss men to speak out first. Uh, wow, I like this one. I believed that” the Shakespearean phonetic languages awaiting. hhhhh, let me clear my throat.

  10. knock knock! Seems like someone is spilling the beans here. APC secretary general and our first lady in ‘yukie yukie’ business, hmmmm. We are waiting to hear more….

  11. Secretary General Yansaneh an enemy within? A mole? A Trojan horse? A corrupt and vengful party executive? A nepotist? If these accusations are true, then we are in for a seismic change within the APC Party; a change so consequential that it may not bear fruit in time for the party to heal its wounds and mount a serious and credible challenge to the Bio administration in 2023. This will leave the door wide open for Bio to walk leisurely into a second five-year presidential term. Unless of course the NGC Party or the C4C Party manages somehow to spring a surprise, toppling Bio.

    As for Secretary General Yansaneh, the accusations are so serious that if indeed they are true, his time as a powerful and influential party executive will be well and truly over very soon. He will walk into a political wilderness never to return, leaving a trail of corruption, nepotism, untrustworthiness and betrayal unique in Sierra Leone’s political history. The very idea of him being a sell out, an enemy within, a mole, a Trojan horse will haunt his party for a long, very long time. Mr Foday Morris may have spoken out in order to rid his party of those threatening its very existence from within and to pave the way for a reorganised, healthy, battle ready political organisation that is fit to take back power in 2023. The fact still remains that non-partisan observers of our country’s political scene will most likely marvel at some of the revelations he has made. If Secretary General Yansaneh is so egregiously egoistic, ccorrupt and vengeful to the point of seeking to ruin the very organisation he administers, why has he been allowed to stay in his post up to now? Or is it the case that his behaviour and personality are the rule rather than the exception among other party heavy weights?

    And if Mr Foday Morris has known all these years that Secretary is so flawed and dangerous a character why is it only now that he is spilling the beans? Additionally, when he claims that the position of Secretary General gives its holder powers beyond limit, is he admitting if unwittingly, that those in leadership positions within the party are laws unto themselves? If so, are Mr Kaifala and his Anti-Corruption Commission justified then in investigating former ministers and other public officials that served in the Koroma administration for alleged corruption? Obviously, Mr Morris’ article raises more questions than it answers. Whether his virulent excoriation of Secretary General Yansaneh’s stewardship of his party will help to advance or hinder the party’s aim of gaining back power will depend on whether the accusations he has made are true, how quickly they are dealt with and what damage they do to party unity and cohesion.

  12. A million thanks to you Sir, Honorable Abdul Thomas I never imagined a day would come when there will be traitors holding positions of high authority and influence in the legendary APC party; THERES A SNITCH IN OUR HOUSE? These are seriously gut-wrenching allegations that are now causing emotional and mental anguish to friends of mine who I have already informed about this article on your glorious news outlet. Most of my closest friends and associates were born in the den of lions and raised by deeply loyal APC families and before making any critical decisions on this matter we would like Mr Morris to provide us with additional evidences that will help prove that his words against the Secretary General of our party are credible and true.

    And it will be highly appreciated also if the Hon.Mr Alimamy Kamara,Dr Abdulai Conteh and Madam Miatta Kargo can bravely put on their badges of patriotism and validate or disclaim those shocking allegations by Mr Foday Morris because it will certainly make drawing pragmatic and adequate conclusions quite easier on this matter of great importance. The issue at play here is one of credibility; What is the truth and who is going to tell us in the interest of struggling Sierra Leone, what exactly is going on behind the scenes. Are there really Traitors in our midst? someone, anyone bring us concrete evidence and information about disloyalty and betrayal and then the fearless young cubs in the APC will do whatever it takes to dispose of the Filthy Trash from our backyard. There’s a storm brewing.

    In the interest of our POOR PEOPLE I implore our Comrade the Secretary General of the APC to let supporters and well-wishers of the APC know what exactly is going on here. Is there a SNITCH IN OUR HOUSE? And Please DO NOT…remain quiet Sir; Because your indifference and silence on this critical issue at hand would be considered by many pragmatic minds as a clear sign of your Guilt.

  13. Let me get this right, Is the author of the piece implying that supporters of both parties should not interact with each other. If that line of thought is explored, that means if the restaurant is owned by a supporter of the S.L.P.P, the business should not be patronised by any A.P.C supporter. If he suspects the SG of selling secrets, albeit that the A.P.C should not have any secrets which should be adverse to the nation, then that is an internal party matter. If I was the SG, a claim of libel would be in order.

  14. Hon.Abdul Thomas…please help me out here who is the writer Mr Foday Morris? I heard the name somewhere before and I can’t just quite recall where it was;I need further clarity on this issue because these are serious allegations that demand urgent action in the interest of Sierra Leone. Thanks.

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