Are these the reasons why deputy social welfare minister of Sierra Leone snapped?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 March 2016

Disgraced ministers in Sierra Leone

After last week’s punch and Judy show at the ministry of social welfare offices, where two senior ministers in the Koroma government – minister KaiKai and deputy Attila (Photo), displayed their despicable gutter vocabulary and lack of respect for women, in advance of today’s celebration of international women’s day, the president is ironically being credited for sacking both ministers.

It is now a known fact that president Koroma was fully aware of the deep rooted animousity that existed between the two ministers. He did nothing to resolve the problem and failed to stamp his authority.

It is also common knowledge that he has allowed other senior ministers and officials to engage in similar abusive public rows, without any disciplinary action taken against them.

What is clear about this unacceptable episode at the top of government in Sierra Leone is that, when a president proves incapable of controlling his cabinet ministers and fails to exert his authority to bring order and sanity to his government, the question must be asked about his leadership and fitness to govern the country.

President Koroma must take full responsibility for the bad behaviour of his uncontrollable and wayward ministers.

president koroma end of the road - 220513He must unreservedly apologise to the people of Sierra Leone, for his weak leadership and inability to provide strong moral compass for those in his cabinet, and the people of Sierra Leone.

Tonight, it is understood that the deputy minister of the social welfare ministry has tendered his apology to the president, which raises the question: Why and what is he apologising about?

Journalist Editayo George Temple takes up the story, as he attempts to justify and excuse the bad behaviour of the deputy minister. Is this an attempt at damage limitation?

This is his report:

Former deputy minister of social welfare, gender and children’s affairs, Mustapha Bai Attila has tendered an official statement of apology to the government and people of Sierra Leone, including the international community, following the unfortunate misunderstanding between himself and the former minister of social welfare, Moijueh Kai Kai who has also been sacked as minister, by president Ernest Bai Koroma for professional misconduct.

However, as an investigative journalist, I want to use this opportunity to inform my readers and listeners about this audio message of apology and remorse, for the benefit of clarifying some of the issues that led to deputy minister Attila’s unfortunate rantings against minister Moijueh Kai Kai, which led to the present state of affairs.

Firstly, it is evidently clear that the ministry failed to provide a computer for a braille embossing machine donated by Helen Keller International, an international philanthropic organisation, in a bid to enhance Attila’s administrative work as a visually impaired deputy minister.

 Secondly, Attila has gone without fuel for his official vehicle, maintenance cost, and official driver supposed to be allocated to the deputy minister, including repairs for months, despite a series of requisitions.

Thirdly, the issue of maintenance and beautification of the deputy minister’s office is another bone of contention, including worn out furniture in a dilapidated building called an office, our investigation revealed.

Finally, the issue of minister Moijueh Kai Kai allegedly placing Miss Kadija Bangura of FM. 98.1 Radio Democracy in a list of potential travellers to the USA as Press Officer attached to the deputy minister of social welfare, gender and children’s affairs office, without Attila’s consent, all formed part of the brouhaha.

In a bid to debunk the issue of vandalism currently making rounds on social media, Attila has vowed and is willing to do a finger print with any investigating institution, to clear the air, adding that he did not touch any furniture in Moijueh Kai Kai’s office as alleged, thus considered such as an act of defamation. (End of Journalist Editayo George Temple’s report).

president koroma failedSo, a disgruntled employee goes berserk in the workplace and becomes uncontrollable and terribly abusive, because his boss fails to honour what he believes to be his employment rights; and that justifies his bad behaviour?

No, such behaviour is unacceptable in any civilised society.

An employee who feels aggrieved in the workplace for any reason, has a duty to follow complaints and disciplinary procedure. Failing which, they have a right to legal recourse.

Furthermore, government ministers and all public officials are bound by the civil service code of conduct that regulates the behaviour of all public servants – including the president.

The fact is that president Koroma has failed to provide the leadership and moral authority Sierra Leone needs. The buck stops with you Mr. President.

Your unreserved apology and resignation for the continuing bad behaviour of the people you have appointed to office, is what the people of Sierra Leone deserve.


  1. Please Sierra Leone is a credible nation. let us maintain her integrity. In terms of data processing the census was well conducted and non-political.

  2. LoL – after cataloguing the deprivations suffered by Attila at the hands of his boss, his apologist Editayo Temple characterised the unseemly resultant confrontation between the two as an ‘unfortunate misunderstanding’!!

    The fact of the matter is that in Sierra Leone these days, uncivilised and uncouth behaviour is common at all levels of society despite the denial by the haves and their readiness to give lectures about civility, decorum and anti-social behaviour to the underprivileged and disadvantaged.

  3. Abdul R. Kabia: You contradicted yourself without answering to any of my questions below. For you said:

    “…my comments had constrained you to pose questions, fair enough…But you should have stated your points of disagreement and why in your post, instead of asking questions.”

    Who are you that should make your comments constrain me from asking questions apropos of Sierra Leone? Please stop that!

  4. Mr. / Mz Moustache, your interest in my comments had constrained you to pose questions, fair enough. Well, as you know this platform is a forum for comments on issues of interest and you’re right to differ with any comments.
    But you should have stated your points of disagreement and why in your post, instead of asking questions. To be honest, I wouldn’t take your questions; I suppose you are well informed on Sierra Leone matters or you may find the answers to your questions through information sources.

  5. Attila is not from Pujehun District. Sylvia Blyden is just trying to show case her deep rooted hatred for the people of Pujehun.

    Attila is from Segbewema in the Kailahun District. He attended the Wesley Secondary School in that town before he was helped to relocate to the Blind School in Freetown.

    Segbewema like most former Railway substations was a cosmopolitan town before the war.

    Many non Mendes including prominent Themnes and Mandingoes like the IK Kamaras of ATC, Kakays of Commercial bank pinpoint Segbewema as their home.

    The Victor Foh that Blyden is weary of is from Bo and has a Limba woman.

    President Koroma himself has a distance root at Mona Junction in the Kenema district. Some Blyden diatribe about who voted for whom has no merits was considering that had her prayers be answered in 2007; Koroma and APC could never had come to power.

    Tribalism especially against the Mendes she has shown over the years!

  6. Abdul R. Kabia: In your piece above you made the following statements:

    “The uncontrolled venting of such invective doesn’t call for in a civilised society, moreover, assaulting a woman in public with the presence of onlookers. This is a crime according to the anti gender violence laws of the state.”

    Quick Questions: What do you mean? Which woman was assaulted? What criminal act was committed? What anti-gender violence laws of state are you talking about? Please be specific.

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