Arrogance paves the way for the downfall of politicians – Op ed

Alhaji M. B. Jalloh: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 December 2021:

The first sin ever committed by a creature was arrogance. Lucifer, otherwise called Satan, displayed its arrogance to its Creator, the lord of the Heavens and Earth, when the later ordered it to prostrate to Adam, the first human being created by the Sacred Hands of God. But because of its arrogance, conceit, Satan disobeyed Allah, the Most High, the Most Exalted, thereby incurring the eternal divine curse and wrath.

Consequentially, all its thousands of years of worship were rendered to nothingness.

In Islam, arrogance is one of the most abhorrent and loathed sins a Muslim would adopt. On the contrary, humility is one trait that elevates one in status here and hereafter, for it is one of the highest forms of conduct that could easily lead to Paradise. The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh) said ‘No one shall enter the Paradise with arrogance worth of an atom in his heart’.

One of the virtuous attributes of the Prophet (pbuh), as depicted in the Holy Quran, is that he is on the greatest standard of good manners and conduct.

That said, it is disheartening, or even disgusting, to see some people in high positions behaving arrogantly as if they are saints or exceptional. Leaders, in my view, should be role models in terms of humility, modesty, sociability and kindness so that they would be emulated. I always admire leaders who are humble, modest and accommodating to the core.

Many a time, some people in high positions, especially politicians, are seen exhibiting a superiority complex, as if they have been assured or guaranteed of holding such positions in eternity.

Such persons living in oblivion and ignorance tend to forget that the seats they are currently occupying were deservedly occupied by others before them.

And as a consequence, they shall vacate those positions for others, sooner or later. Thus, the wise are those, when appointed in a position of authority and responsibility, would realize that as they have climbed up the tree so shall they climb it down, for the upper space is no permanent dwelling point for anyone, regardless of the height and power that one may have attained.

Therefore, those in high positions today must not use their positions to victimize or mistreat their subjects for any reasons whatsoever. Rather, they should be just, fair and considerate thereby leaving and bequeathing a legacy to be admired and emulated.

Historically, arrogance, pomposity and conceit are some of the worst forms of misdemeanours that have invariably resulted into evil and undesirable consequences.

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