Arthur E Pearce  arrested in Freetown over fake WhatsApp account created to have him arrested for cyber crimes 

Arthur E Pearce Movement -APC: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 June 2023:

The public is advised that Arthur Pearce, the former Western Area Chairman of NGC, who is now a member of the APC Communications and Media Team, has been the victim of a concerted and vitriolic campaign by members of Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella’s failed NGC party, which has betrayed the trust of Sierra Leoneans.

Yesterday, Mr Pearce played an instrumental role at the meeting of the Consortium of Progressive Political Parties (CoPPP), where Dr Samura Kamara and Hon Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah, were unanimously endorsed by CoPPP.

Mr Pearce subsequently held a meeting at which Executive and Members of NGC party in Constituency 125, resigned from the failed NGC and declared to join the APC.

Pearce’s rejuvenation, following a two-month break from the political stage has irked criminal minded individuals within NGC, a party which lacks discipline, values, and a moral compass.

A member of the NGC created a WhatsApp account in Arthur Pearce’s name, using his profile picture and photo of Dr Samura Kamara as a background. The account is then used by the individual to send messages, which are potentially likely to breach the Cybercrime laws of Sierra Leone, in a brazen attempt to get Mr Pearce arrested and charged with Cybercrime offences.

Screenshots of discussions among NGC members, including Theophilus Morrison (aka DJ Million), Tcho Gbabior (aka Laelow) and Abu Coomber (aka Abu Coomber), all prominent and active members within NGC’s Communications and Media Team have been obtained. In the exchanges, they discuss reporting Mr Pearce to the police, with the intention that he would be arrested, based on the false information emanating from the rogue account.

The public is advised that these messages do not come from Arthur Pearce, nor has he authorised by them.

The attention of the Inspector General of Police is also drawn to this rogue account and malicious and vexatious activity.

Kandeh Yumkella, Jesmed Suma, Amadu Sheriff,  Andrew Keili and leaders of NGC are being called upon to distance themselves from this malicious, vile and unacceptable behaviour within their party and to take immediate action to put an end to it.

It is very unfortunate how low some members of NGC, have chosen to conduct themselves and how they have lost sense of the real purpose of being involved in politics.

These desperate efforts will not deter Mr Pearce from his mission to mobilise support within the Western Area and beyond, to secure the election of Dr Samura Kamara and Hon Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah, as the next President and Vice President of Sierra Leone and to move the country in the right direction.

Photos of the fake account and the exchanges between NGC members are accompanying this press release.

Editor’s Note:

Commenting on Mr Pearce’s arrest, Alan Luke – former NGC chairman – UK said: “Mr Pearce was with his wife Rachel this afternoon on Siaka Stevens Street, when police swooped in on them, and requested that they accompany the police to CID, where Mr Pearce is currently detained, supported by his wife and family.

“His arrest follows the creation of a rogue Arthur Pearce WhatsApp profile, created by an individual of Kandeh Yumkella’s NGC. This rogue profile messages where shared on the NGC Global Forum on WhatsApp. Some members of the NGC Global Forum openly discussed reporting Mr Pearce to the Police, for the comments attributed to the rogue account in discussions on the NGC Global Page, which Mr Pearce had put a notice out, to alert the public, did not come from him.

“The Arthur E Pearce Movement released a Press Release on 9th June 2023, calling on the NGC Leadership to distance themselves from the rogue WhatsApp profile and to repudiate the act. The NGC Party has failed to take action.

“The public should be aware that Arthur Pearce resigned from the NGC in February 2023, and so has no reason to be admitted to the NGC Global Forum and to make comments there or engage in exchanges with members of NGC.

“While Arthur Pearce remains in detention, the Police have gone to his home, where they are conducting a search of his home. I hope the NGC Leadership do not have a sleepless night and that their consciences are not pricked, but I do hope that that their members are reminded that this is all just collateral, in NGC’s pursuit of governance.”

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  1. I am made to be aware this morning that couple of items were taken by the police during the search of Arthur and Rachel Pearce’s home, yesterday.

    These include documents, ID cards, APC registration Certificates of members that declared with Arthur and a list that includes names and telephone numbers of people that declared and registered with him for the APC party. The attention of the APC is drawn to the seizure of these items, so that they can take action to protect their members and retrieve the seized items.

    As the list may include names of people on this forum, please take note and do not be surprised or alarmed if you find yourself in a similar position as Arthur, in the coming days.

    These are the desperate actions of a failed regime in its last days. The redemption of the people of Sierra Leone from economic catastrophe, extra-judicial killings and rampant kleptocracy, is 13 days away.

    Please remain focused and resolute and continue with mobilising support for change on 24 June 2023.

    I was assured last night that a number of measures are being put in place today, to effect his release. Hopefully, he will be released today, although I do not want to raise anyone’s hopes, as release from CID at weekends is near impossible.

    Keep faith and keep him in your thoughts and prayers and remember that we are all *ARTHUR E PEARCE*.


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