Poverty in Sierra Leone3

Poverty in Sierra Leone3

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  1. You can’t just tell me two years plus after you came into office, with no serious development projects in the country and less than three years before the next general elections, with reckless government and leadership policies, that Mr A was corrupt and acquired properties by stealing from the State, Mr B “Daymiah”, friend and party sympathiser was not involved in any corrupt activities and Mr C a would be Bio SLPP kakistocracy supporter, sympathiser and candidate for the next general election was not even mentioned in the white paper. Are there more white papers to come? Why was the clause, that former President Ernest Bai Koroma should not be prosecuted because he was a former President? We will prosecute and confiscate the money and properties of any rogue former President after President Ernest Bai Koroma, First Lady, Chief Minister etc, if we win the next general elections. “MARK AM”.

    Am I right to say that all future Presidents starting with President Bio could steal from our people and go scorch free? No Way. Am I also right to say that this white paper is the same selective justice formula that we have seen carried out by the ACC? Please give me a break.

    Bottom line, all the accused should be given the right to appeal in order for this process to have any credibility. Also, this process must continue for any future government but must be transparent with people given the right to appeal in the court of law. My question now is this – what happens if a new APC takes over in 2023 or whatever date and establishes a COI starting from the NPRC Junta days till the end of the late Dr Tejan Kabba era? Will I hear them saying the time has lapsed? or will they say; what about the late Dr Siaka Stevens era? We shall see? God help provide justice for all those affected by this white paper in our courts of appeal. TBC.

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