Bolloré Transport and Logistics spends one million dollars on human capital development

Abdul Malik Bagura: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 September 2019:e

Captain Fabjanko Kokan, Sierra Leone’s Country Manager of Bolloré Transport and Logistics, a renowned port handler in France with branches in more than 105 countries across the globe, has said that investing in human capital is the key to their success in Sierra Leone over the last eight years.

Captain Fabjanko Kokan made this disclosure at a press conference held at the company’s Freetown’s headquarters of Bolloré Transport and Logistics, Queen Elizabeth II Quay on Tuesday 17th September 2019, where he confirmed that since 2011 when Bolloré Transport and Logistics started operation in Sierra Leone, the company has spent over a million USD on human capital development in Sierra Leone.

Captain Fabjanko Kokan (Photo) said that the one million dollars human capital investment in Sierra Leone was spent on training over thirty-five Sierra Leoneans, specializing in various fields.

He said Sierra Leone has benefitted from this investment because it reduces the number of expatriates the company employ, as most of their management positions are now occupied by Sierra Leoneans.

He said that “there are skilled people in Sierra Leone,” adding that since 2011 they have recorded success because majority of their managers and 98 % of their staff are Sierra Leoneans.

He expressed confidence in the productivity output of Sierra Leoneans, and said they have trained Sierra Leoneans to even operate cranes worth over 10 Million USD.

The Country Manager of Bolloré Transport and Logistics further spoke about the yearly marathon which his company staff undertake. He said as part of their commitment to humanity, three Euros is deducted from the salary of each worker and donated to the SOS children village to provide care for less privileged children in the country.

He assured that this coming year, they will support several more children and disability organizations. He confirmed that this year’s marathon will take place on 25th September 2019.

Photo: Bollore workers during last year’s marathon

Captain Fabjanko Kokan further dilated that Bolloré Transport and Logistics has very good relationship with the communities located around the areas where they operate.

He said that, as part of the company’s corporate philanthropy, Ballore has provided sponsorship and scholarships in surrounding communities.

Head of Human Resource at Bolloré Transport and Logistics, Madam Abigeal, said the company as a way of protecting the welfare of its staff, has insurance scheme and medical facilities for workers, their spouse and immediate dependents. She said Bolloré Transport and Logistics spends over two Billion Leones in medical care for their staff.

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