James Duddridge

James Duddridge

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  1. One of the UK cabinet ministers in prime minister Boris Johnson government, for foreign and commonwealth office is the right honourable James Cleverly minister of state for the Middle East and North Africa. He is half Sierra Leonean. His mother Evelyn Suna Cleverly is from Sierra Leone. So it won’t come as a surprise to see him take an interest in what goes on in his mother’s country. So whoever is toiling with the idea the British government will wash their hands off Sierra leone, they should think again. Tony Blair once said his affinity with Sierra Leone, was the stories his Father used to tell him about how nice and peaceful and welcoming the people of Sierra leone are. Leo Blair was a visiting scholar at Fourah Bay college in the 1960s. So for the British to express any concerns about human rights violence is nothing new.

    If any government of any colour creates any mess, it is the good old British that will clean up the mess. The military take over by colonel Andrew Juxon-Smith of 1968, was negotiated in London. The ending of the RUF civil war and the capture of Foday Sankoh was only made possible because of the British. The setting up and sponsoring of the international tribunal court for Sierra Leone, the Ebola crisis and the hosting of the first African president convicted of war crimes Charles Taylor as a prisoner, the British played their part in all this events. In other words, if they are playing the role of the fire fighter any time our country is in flames, they have the right to sound the alarm. So at least we Sierra Leoneans are prepared for what is coming, if we continue in the route of tribal and political differences in our country. No one knows this better than President Bio. He does not need reminding about the consequences of his actions.

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