Building blocks for peace and roadmap for SLPP 2018 victory

Dr. Columba Blango

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 April 2017

Assuming that Julius Maada Bio and Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella were to meet, what will they discuss?

They have to still be on the high road and consider how to build an inclusive SLPP THAT WILL TAKE THE CONCERNS OF ALL STAKEHOLDERS into consideration. I put it in caps because being a responsible leader means you consider all concerns but also all the dreams and aspirations of the followers, and this includes the interest of the Paopas, Alliance and the Independents. They are all children of the SLPP.

Julius Maada Bio and Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella would have to develop a road map for the next two months. I give below some of what they can include in the road map.

But if this fails, then Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella may have no choice but to consider the other radical political pathways that the movement has presented to him, and may the Almighty determine our destiny.

So I wish to make an attempt to proffer the following possible building blocks to serve as the blue print for peace and unity. (Photo: Dr. Blango)

I am aware that many will not be happy; this is normal because peace means creative compromises and give-and-take; eventually what we lose in the short-term we make up in the long term through our collective SLPP victory in 2018. Here are my proposals:

1. Though the KKYM preferred option is that all parallel executives should be dissolved,

We may be willing to concede that in all constituencies and locations where parallel lists exist, fresh elections should be done by April 21, 2017  (this includes the 39 constituencies, plus UK&I). The SLPP-PRO conceded the same on Monollogue last night.

2. All institutional delegates lists (NGOs, CSOs, colleges etc.) should  be reviewed by April 21,  by a joint committee appointed by the Chairman and Leader. All spouses, girlfriends, house maids and drivers must be removed.

All organizations should convened by April 30 their annual general meetings through a public notice for all members to attend.  This includes all college delegates, CSO such as Heritage, Sumukab and Tiday etc.

3. We cannot have the national officers (whose term has expired) coordinating and overseeing elections where they are intending to contest against others.

The latter can lead to more litigations as JOB has already stated in his petition to PPRC two weeks ago. So we should reconstitute the independent elections body(as mandated by the Supreme Court)  to manage all the election. Such a body must be inclusive and credible.

4. The flag-bearer election should be separated from the election of national officers by at least 2 weeks. National officers election can be held on May 13 in Kenema, and Flag-bearer election in Freetown by May 27.

5. The SLPPNA and UK&I can contribute 50% of the cost of the convention which I estimate at $25,000 (assuming a total cost of fifty thousand dollars). I am sure KKYM and the Paopa machinery can contribute another $10,000 between the two groups, and the rest by all other aspirants.

Finally, if you don’t like my plan, what is yours?  Let’s save our party and pull our strengths to beat the APC in 2018.

We now have only ten and half months to go. Sue for peace now or we lose as separate entities.

Happy Easter to you All.

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