C4C condemns political rally violence and calls for police probe

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 January 2018

The opposition Coalition For Change Party (C4C), led by the  former vice president – Sam Sumana, who was unconstitutionally removed from office by president Koroma, has reacted to the naked violence and destruction of life which took place at the ruling APC party rally yesterday.

This is what the C4C had to say:

“The Secretariat of the Coalition For Change Party (C4C) condemns the intra-party violence and intimidation of peaceful residents perpetrated yesterday by supporters of the All People’s Congress Party (APC) members in Freetown.

The incidences occurred in the course of the formal nomination of the APC Candidates at the National Electoral Commission (NEC) office in Tower Hill, Central Freetown.

The C4C Party on Thursday undertook and successfully concluded nominations with no recorded situation to compromise the integrity of the newly registered party even as it crossed paths with veteran opponents of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

The Coalition For Change Party thinks that the incidence may have been calculated to trigger a State of Emergency or, a basis for the restriction of public movement on elections day. Whatever the cause, the C4C calls on the stakeholders to take note of the ruling party’s lead in perpetrating violence and on the police to do the following:

• Make a statement telling the public what transpired, who were involved and why they disrupted the peace;

• How many suspects they have  arrested, who they are and when they will be charged to court;

• If they have not arrested anyone yet, let them explain to the public why that has not happened;

• Launch a speedy investigation into the incidence and bring the suspects to justice before the election campaigns are declared open.

The C4C Party further calls on the electoral referees, bi- and multilateral development partners and Elections Observers to take note of the sporadic violence that is said to have affected even the Police, claimed lives, and left scores of people with injuries; some seriously.

If the police fail to arrest any of the suspects, it shows that they continue to take orders from above or they protect supporters of the ruling party over opposition parties.

The Coalition For Change Party calls on the general public to document every act of violence as they may come in handy for the prosecution of those who bear the greatest responsibility of elections violence. And when you see something, say something. Speaking out helps us free our country from the hands of the wicked.”

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  1. Sometimes I wonder whether the government of my beloved country Sierra Leone is being run by smart people who are putting it on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.

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